It’s Your Story

With this, my first post, I’ll share two disclosures: 1) It’s Mother’s Day and what follows is dedicated to my Mom. She lives 1,800 miles to the East yet I appreciate her “presence” in my values and beliefs as I chose today’s focus. 2) I haven’t owned or watched television in 13+ years. Nor have I read newspapers during the same time period.

Call me cave man. 🙂

Yet I’m attuned to what’s happening in the world. If you spend any time on the Internet, you can’t help but see headlines.  And whenever I glance at screaming titles, I am reminded as to why I “gave up” sensationalized news reporting.

Just to set the stage, what’s trending over the past 24 hours in “news” is: Benghazi; the IRS Debacle; CO2 gas thresholds; 19 shot in New Orleans parade; Impeachment – to name just a couple. Inspiring and motivating, right?

Here’s my spin on this negativity: All the pain and suffering in the world do not prove that existence is meaningless and absurd. Instead, they confirm the importance and value of your life in dealing with the nature of infinite existence, and in opportunities to provide comfort and relief to others who are suffering.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy working to identify and align with my core values. (Think: Walking the Talk.) One value that I learned at an early age (thanks, Mom!) is compassion. Over time, I’ve coupled this with a verb. I now embrace and practice Compassionate Action. And it’s a beautiful choice!

In today’s world, it’s not just about comforting physical pain and suffering. Mental and emotional anguish is equally rampant. What action are you taking to make someone – even if it’s just one individual – feel safe, valued and worthy of existing?

What’s your story? Is it a good one?

12 thoughts on “It’s Your Story

  1. Well put! Funny you should ask – I reached to someone at work today and told her that I found value in what she did. I am not in her chain of command nor do I dictate in anyway what she contributes. I wish I did – because they are missing something!

  2. Good morning Cave Man –

    I hope it’s a beautiful day in NM.

    Good advice. Would that everyone would/could be so purposely thoughtful. Here’s another wonderful bit of advice for when you are feeling anxious, upset, depressed or on your way to those emotions: Take a deep breath and let those feelings “prompt you to experience amazement wherever you are just by truly [focusing on} and contemplating something wonderful: the sun, a bowl of soup, your own hand.” This am with sun streaming through the trees in my back yard, flowers a abloom in my garden and wheat fields turning gold beyond, I am feeling amazed and becalmed. Thank you for starting my days with your words of wisdom.

    • And thank you! for taking time to read and comment. I hear you clearly on simple mindfulness. It’s taken me years to get to and appreciate those spaces and experiences – and I love it! Continue to be in those amazed and becalmed moments. 🙂

  3. Glad you are writing and sharing again. Thoughtful and profound- Thank you. Please tell your mother I said hello and pet the doggies for me.

  4. I maintain my friendships and thereby assure that people know i ll be there whenever they need, no matter how busy our daily pursuits keep us.

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