Doable Change

Of Course I Can!

Of Course I Can!

Ever wonder how to get started? How to shift a dream into motion? How to convert an idea into positive action?

The world is full of people in transition; people who want to change some aspect of their lives or to pursue a vision. Many, however, are unsure of how to proceed. Others too easily accept the status quo, resigning themselves to live unfulfilled lives. Then there are the daring; individuals who are committed to making change in their life but not quite sure about the first steps to take.

Sure there are countless self-help books, motivational speakers and support groups that offer ways to effect change. And often, these resources are constructive. In many cases though, the more you read and the more you listen to others espouse what you should do, the more complex the process of change becomes.

I believe in keeping matters as simple as possible. In that vein then, I’ll demystify the challenge of change and offer one easy action. (And yes, there are other actions.)

Dispel the “I Just Can’t” Belief

Everywhere you turn there are characters, our ego included, that work very hard to convince us that we are incapable of getting what we want. Words like “limits,” “boundaries” and “can’t” are frequently placed in front of us. Unfortunately, many people accept these words as insurmountable barriers.

Viewed positively, these obstacles can be seen as opportunity to eliminate a limitation and in its place, introduce choice and affirmation. Sure there may be some sacrifice involved, and self-discipline too, but once you acknowledge the “you can’t” voices as mere challenges to overcome, you are already making progress toward your desired outcome.

Granted, some limitations do exist: human beings can’t fly. Yet when you choose to believe you can and there is conviction, the door to change begins to open. Just look at the above photo!

7 thoughts on “Doable Change

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    • Zechariah,
      Thank you! for creating time to read the post. I’m always warmed when a message resonates with a reader. To you and others, another question to ponder: What constructive purpose does it serve to focus on one’s limitations? 🙂 Be well!

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