Your Inner Voice


“By accepting the idea that I am the effect of a subtle buffeting between hereditary and societal forces, I reduce myself to a result. The more my life is accounted for by what already occurred in my chromosomes, by what my parents did or didn’t do, and by my early years now long past, the more my biography is the story of a victim.”

This excerpt from James Hinton’s, The Soul’s Code, allows one to wonder, if all the beliefs you hold within you were abolished, what might be possible that you don’t now believe to be?

What is it that creates energy for you? What fuels you? Quite likely it is an inner urge or a strong impulse. I like to think of it as the search for authenticity or more simply – a calling.

Each of us is “called forth” throughout our life in ways that enable us to create deeper purpose and meaning. In one context, calling can be defined as getting to one’s essence by discarding unnecessary layers. Often, we become disconnected with essential aspects of ourselves; the result of pressures to conform; low self-esteem or fear of losing control. Are you nodding your head?

When we think of callings, we tend to think of extraordinary experiences. In reality, callings usually present themselves subtly, even quietly in our life – so subtly that you may not notice them. Over time, callings may get stronger or they may appear more frequently if ignored. Recognized or not, you’ve experienced callings, whether in the form of intuition, coincidence, dreams or the result of transforming life events.

For example, how many times have you said to yourself, “I just got a hunch or a gut-feeling to go there.” And so you did; you went there and found out it was a good thing. You don’t have to be launching a grand plan to have hunches or insights. All you have to do is pay attention to the signs and trust them. The point is to get off auto-pilot and pay attention. Listen!

Most of us don’t let ourselves believe something can happen unless we can see all the pieces are going to fit together. But a calling needs to find expression either within the context of the life you’ve already created or by pushing out in a new direction. We all know the consequences of ignoring that inner voice; frustration, anger, feeling trapped, finding yourself at a dead end. The fruit of heeding your true callings are quite different:

  • You express yourself as authentically as possible
  • New possibilities become apparent for the first time
  • Your calling becomes actionable
  • You begin to feel fulfilled

Consider reconnecting with your essential self. Whatever you do, I hope you pursue it with passion. And gain that quiet knowledge that life no longer has you in a stranglehold.

One thought on “Your Inner Voice

  1. Hi Eric,
    I’m definitely wondering how your Italian lessons are going. By now you might have even started a new blog written with your new Italian language faculties. I’m judging this based on how big and fast your blog grew – at least to the appearances I am aware of. I’m on my Spring Break right now, so I’m catching up in blogland – even though I never fully stepped away. It’s a Master’s/Doctorate program in Traditional Chinese Medicine (and I don’t have any intentions of writing about it – not for years down the road). Anyways, I really feel like I am living my calling.

    I loved sharing this moment with the words you have written here. As I told you on your ‘Adieu’ post, I would check in with your older writings.
    Stay blessed,

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