Transforming Yourself

“The word “Action” frees me – the transformation is something I cannot explain – too much analysis might destroy it.” ~Sophia Loren

The word transform is a verb. As with bread, pizza or apple pie, no matter how you slice it, transformation is about change in character or condition. You can liken it to metamorphosis or conversion, yet personal transformation has a lot to do with whose life do you want to be having – yours or someone else’s? The bottom line: it’s going to be one or the other.

The concept is fairly simple: We ought to be living life with a single-minded purpose with the intent of getting out (and putting into it) as much as we can manage. So how clear are you about what you’d like out of life? What’s hindering your ability to answer that question?

We’ve all read or heard: What would you actually do with a million dollars? If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you attempt in life? Or perhaps, what would you do if you knew you were going to be on earth for the next 150 years? Ask yourself, how much time have I dedicated to determining what it is that’s actually important to me? If you’re fortunate to have clear answers, how much time do you focus on the goals in support of what you want? Are the results materializing?

The process of transforming your life, so that you are more closely aligned with who you are and what you want – can be easily structured. Change can be as simple or methodical as you choose. But as Ms. Loren states above, it is important to take action not only now, but consistently over time so that you can see/touch/feel and savor the progress you’re making.

As you achieve goals in support of your dream(s), you’ll find you gain confidence. You’ll realize that the only thing holding you back from living “the dream” was your own limiting beliefs. You’ve undoubtedly heard this phrase countless times. Yet how many more times will you hear it again and defer becoming that amazing butterfly? Consider stepping out of your cocoon; you’re cozy comfort zone.

To earlier posts, “It’s About the Doing” and creating “Doable Change.” What are your answers to: Are you a thinker or a doer? And, what are you actively doing to personally transform yourself?

5 thoughts on “Transforming Yourself

  1. Achieving our goals always depend on one’s choice. If the person wants to change and is determined to do so , he will work hard for it. There should always be a motivation for a person to work for something. Unfortunately, not all have this fire inside them.

    I love your concept. I nominated your blog for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” More power to you in all that you do.

  2. Once again good stuff Eric. I like what Tony Robbins says. The pain of not doing something must be stronger and more real then the pain we will go through to change our actions.
    To answer your question Blogging is what I’m doing. It is painful to put your flaws out in the great unknown for the world. At the same time it is changing me and giving me fresh perspective.
    Be Blessed

  3. Eric,

    About your blog: I used to sit across the table from you every week, wondering what was going on in your head. Then you cranked up your blog. 6 weeks, 30 posts, 400 followers and 2 awards later – now I know what you are thinking! Thanks for sharing!

    About this post: I had a mentor named Dr. Andy Fuehl. He used to say, “How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING”. I didn’t want to believe him! I was sitting there thinking, “It doesn’t matter if I’m goofing off in the small stuff, I’m doing my best in the BIG STUFF!”. Then Andy would follow up with, “When you catch yourself doing something that is not moving you toward your goal, ask yourself, ‘Where else is this showing up in my life?!!!!'”. I still fight this battle every day – I allow myself to do less than my best in something small, then wonder why I am doing less than my best when it really matters. Why am I not following through on the big things? I’ve already set up a pattern of failing to hold myself accountable in the small things. The self-delusion is that the little things don’t matter. Change is a tough row to hoe!

    What am I doing to transform myself? No surprise here, still speaking. Picking up a few “outside” gigs.

    Hey, Eric, I didn’t mean to do a whole blog post here. Congrats on the success of your blog! I’m on your email list, keep ’em coming.


    Darrel Anthony

    • Darrel,

      Surprised and delighted that you found the blog, read some posts and then shared wonderful comments. I’m not sure I fully agree with you that the little things not mattering is self-delusional. Few, if any of us are perfect and IMO, it’s okay to not cross every ‘t’ and dot all the ‘i’s.” The fact that you are aware of what you’d prefer to be doing is a big acknowledgment.

      May I suggest you go easy on yourself? I know I do with myself. Not every little thing has to be propelling us toward our goals. I’m as guilty as the next when it comes to ‘slipping’ occasionally. Progress isn’t always linear along the same trajectory.

      Good to hear from you!

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