Treating Yourself Well

“The price tag you put on yourself decides your worth. Underestimating yourself will cost you dearly.” ~Apoorve Dubey

Being honest here. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today. Then I saw the above photo.  Disclosure: While I love Italian food, it has a close rival in fresh seafood. And at the top of that list are: 1) Buckets of steamers and cold beers and; 2) Baja Fish Tacos with good tequila. It doesn’t even matter where they’re being ingested, though on a dock or at a beach certainly enhances the atmosphere.

So my frequent readers are wondering, where is he going with this one? Stay with me; there’s a message here.

Most of us work hard. Some of us, really hard. It’s our choice. Yet what many of us don’t channel comparable time and/or energy into is rewarding ourselves – for our achievements, our successes or the courage we tapped to step out of a comfort zone and to stretch ourselves.

When we work hard, we sometimes beat ourselves up. While it certainly isn’t the intention, pressures and stress tend us in that direction. For some, it can derail forward momentum. For others, it can be oddly energizing. For most, however, it just saps energy.

If/when you find yourself in this setting, take a look at the language you use when you think about yourself and compare it to the way you talk to everyone else. If there’s a disconnect, try to treat yourself in a kinder, gentler way. We’re often kind to everybody else but we beat ourselves up. We lose sight of genuine progress or how close we are to goal attainment. Don’t beat others up but do find a way to get off your own back.

Despite adhering to strict budgets, onerous diets and nail-biting deadlines, we still hesitate to give ourselves pats on the back. But here’s an eye-opening truth: Even prisoners are rewarded for good behavior. Rewarding yourself is rejuvenating, inspiring and as necessary as tequila with fish tacos.

If you’ve been spread thin lately, your much-deserved reward is likely overdue. Give your diligence proper recognition and reward yourself. Lavish praise on yourself. Spend some time and money on yourself.

You know you deserve it!

7 thoughts on “Treating Yourself Well

  1. I just poured a 2008 Malbec Terazzas from Argentina before I opened your piece, living the words and savouring them even more. And by the way, I did make a pasta for the family in the afternoon, maybe not strictly Italian, but very honest and fresh ingredient wise (eggplants, carrots, ham cubes and mature Dutch Cheese). Work hard, live well….. Thanks for your kind advice Eric, as always.

  2. Sometimes I think that we are so programmed by the societal norms and what is expected of us we just feel that we truly aren’t worthy OR that we will have time to relax after this, that and everything else gets done! Our priorities seem to be mixed up!

    • So what can one do to deprogram? How clearly can one articulate their priorities? Suggestion: think clarity and purpose – then channel your energies into that direction. Perhaps you’re not among this challenged group, yet it’s helpful to put “it” out there for others’ consideration. 🙂

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