Aligning with Truth

Yes, sometimes the truth is painful.

Yes, sometimes the truth is painful.

        “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

~Henry David Thoreau

It wasn’t long ago that I learned the definition of a maxim. Today, I create and communicate them with regularity. It’s interesting to watch people when they’re espoused. Some greet them with open arms as if to say, oh, that is so me. Others roll their eyes, mumbling something about another Facebook-like platitude.

Undaunted, I’m sharing a few that I believe align with living a life that embraces and expresses your potential. So stay with me.

No matter how we think or feel, there are some fundamental truths operating in our lives. Most experiences come from these truths. Which of the following truths explain your experiences and how can they change your experiences?

  • You are really doing the best you can with what you know at this time. Regretting the past or fearing the future only keeps you from doing what is possible now.
  • You know what is right and best for you. You just don’t always act on that knowledge because you trust the voices outside of you more than you trust the voice inside – yours.
  • You teach people how to treat you. There are no mysteries in how others treat you; you have given them permission to honor or dishonor you.

  • Your life is happening in the present moment. This moment is the only point at which you can make a decision and take an action. At any time you have the power to decide or act differently than you did before without consideration to past decisions or actions.
  • What matters most is what you give to others and the world from your gifts. You have been given priceless gifts to share with others to enhance their lives and increase joy in the world. This personifies being in service to others.
  • The life you are living is the one you have chosen. No blaming, no excuses, no explanations can change that. If you are unhappy with your life, choose a different one and choose it now. Happiness is nothing more than satisfaction and contentment. Unhappiness is nothing more than the motivation to choose differently.

  • You are not your body, your feelings or your relationships. They are just messages about what is happening inside of you. Don’t get the messenger (you) confused with the messages about who you are being.
  • You have a magnificent potential with the gifts, opportunities, and resources to fully live that potential. It’s up to you to know your potential and choose what honors and expresses it. This includes eliminating situations and relationships that don’t honor or allow you to express your potential.

How well are you aligned? Do you need an adjustment?

10 thoughts on “Aligning with Truth

  1. Like the four wheels on a car, we can always do with some alignment to run smoother through life Eric. I love the “Don’t get the messenger (you) confused with the messages about who you are being.” So powerful, and hard to grasp in a world where reality is continually shaped by superficial media such as Facebook. Your thinking and practice are providing an essential service, thanks for sharing it so frequently!

    • Thanks, Chris. It’s taken time but I’m now at a space where I know, like and value the messenger. He’s emboldened by the authentic me. So many are misaligned with who they are – at their core. I love to learn about fellow beings who lean (if not transform) toward greater truth. Appreciate your feedback!

  2. Hi Eric, so many of these maxims resonate with me. Particularly the point that we do the best with the resources that we have at a particular point in our life. I’ve accepted this idea recently and its allowed me to let go and forgive myself for past mistakes. Its also allowed me to judge others less and unconditionally love more. Inspiring as always. Thank you

    • Love that you acknowledge accepting and allowing, Christian. You know you’re on the right track and I applaud how you’ve chosen to act on your awareness. Thanks for reading, commenting and most importantly, sharing how these truths resonate with you. Stay well!

  3. Oh yep..I do need some adjustments! However I’m glad to say that the adjustments are occurring as I type this. It’s a process and a journey and I am taking it one step at a time – well learning to 😉

  4. A most excellent post Eric and it could not apply more fully to myself. I laughed at the quote “The truth will set you free. But first it’ll piss you off” and found so much truth in what you say. A turning point in my life has been the death of my twin, such a tragic event and yet it has revolutionised my life at the same time. Well thank you for this post Eric. MM 👣

  5. MM, Appreciate your thoughtful comment. As I invited James (above), would you be open to coupling any one of the maxims with your revolutionizing event and sharing how it now applies in your life? I’m obviously a fan of practical application and hearing how others grow. Thanks for considering the invitation.

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