Are You Wise?

“We are not provided with wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness which no one else can take for us, and effort which no one can spare us.” ~ Marcel Proust

As with art, pornography or unforgettable destinations, people generally recognize “it” when they encounter it. Unique experiences are filtered through personal bias, taste and interpretation. The same might be said of power.

The usual definition of power is to control or force something or someone. When it comes to our lives this definition is troublesome and even dangerous. Our true power is not what we can do outside or even what can be done to us from the outside. Our greatest power is within us. It is the power of our own thoughts and our wisdom.

It is generally accepted that our thoughts create our experiences through our perception, expectations, assessment situations, other people, and happenings. Reality is the one we create and we are quite good at doing this. We give a lot of power to what we think is happening or could happen. We then use our power to make choices, think, and feel to continue the reality we have created. For example, the more afraid someone is of what they believe is happening or could happen, the more they react to protect themselves or act to find safety and security. All this because of what they feared, which was nothing more than a thought in anticipation of an event.

Wow. Long paragraph.

Wisdom comes from what our experiences reveal about our possibilities and our self-imposed limitations. Experiences are our teachers, not our jailers with the value in what is learned.

While wisdom is practical, useful and abundantly available, wisdom is measurably about what matters and what we do about it.

The most powerful aspect of our wisdom is our access to universal wisdom. This wisdom is available to everyone at anytime. It’s not dependent on our being good or worthy. It has no limitation or restriction. To access this wise guidance we need only open our hearts and minds to hear its whispers. It speaks to us as an insight, intuition, or an answer to a question. It also quietly nudges us with an inspiration or the illumination of a situation’s possibility for resolution.

We are powerful and how we use our power determines the quality of our experiences and our lives. We can rely on the power of our limiting thoughts and especially fears to guide our choices. Or, we can rely on our personal wisdom to show us what is best in us, others, and our possibilities.

The greatest power we have is the power to choose.

Choose between the illusion of outside power or the truth of the power within.

I am relatively smart. I possess a decent intellect. But I often wonder… Am I wise? Do I always use the power of my own truth? And allow it to prevail?

What about you?

6 thoughts on “Are You Wise?

  1. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post Eric…. “I know I’m smart. I possess a decent intellect. But I often wonder… Am I wise? Do I always use the power of my own truth? And have it prevail? ”
    There is no more powerful rendering of an answer, than to (re) watch the splendid movie “The Edge”, and find your allegiance swing from Hopkins to Baldwin and back, right through the insane and stunning wilderness of Alaska…. An epic battle of ” the illusion of outside power and the truth of the power within “. (and explaining on the sidelines what friends are for, and what (who) we are without them……

  2. I know my knowledge is limited


    I find this freeing …


    I allow myself to move

    continually make mistakes

    continually learn


    how much I don’t really know …



    there is a freedom

    in my


  3. Well written as always 🙂
    Wisdom is not knowledge, it is knowledge tempered with the heart…someone famous said it better though 😉
    Knowledge can be taught but wisdom comes when we temper such knowledge with the spirit of our true self.
    For now, I take the first steps towards wisdom which is to hold to a spiritual ideal and also to learn that silence can be the best way to hear the truth 🙂

  4. Effort and a journey are needed, definitely to reach any sort of wisdom. It is not ‘given’ but earned. I liked this post, Eric and you gave us ‘food for thought,’ too. I had not really thought about wisdom being an internal and intrinsic quality before.

    • Thanks for perusing my blog archives, Robin. It’s a good feeling when fellow bloggers choose to sift through past work. 🙂 Wisdom, to me, is precious. It’s one of the aspects of why I appreciate spending time with and learning perspectives from elders.

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