It’s Already Present Within You

“They were seeking out the treasure of their destiny without actually wanting to live out their destiny.” ~Paulo Coelho

In between one of our (years ago) sessions, my first Life Coach emailed me. In it she remarked, “I used to be a seeker and in some ways still am one. Society teaches us that living is a linear and progressive path to getting and having; so we seek and we seek. The first half of my life was spent doing just that, but no longer. Still, I encounter seekers each day, so the message reached most of us. Are you a seeker too? If you are, what are you seeking?”

I had to dig deep to find that archived note. However, when found, I knew I wanted to share some related observations.

We live and have always lived in a world of seekers and seeking. The traditional reason for our seeking has been for something better, needed, or achieved that can make us happy. But what are we seeking and how are we seeking it?

As traditional as seeking is, it is also at the root of so much distress, dissatisfaction, and hopelessness. In our seeking we fail to see what has already been found or created. Yet we continue to seek:

  • Wholeness, completeness and fullness, often through relationships and the perception of love within them.
  • Answers to life’s questions and directions for our challenges.
  • Understanding of ourselves and others, our lives, and circumstances.
  • Peace and calm and the happiness they embellish.
  • Abundance, including more money, more things, a bigger house, a new label, and material possessions.

Just the belief that what we seek is missing in our lives, continues us looking outside to obtain or experience it. Such seeking often lasts a lifetime, punctuated with disappointment and the sadness of what we are missing or lacking. Even when we think we finally have what we seek, our mind reminds us that there is more, and our seeking continues.

The end of our seeking comes with the realization that what we have been seeking has been and already is present or at the least, readily available. Whether it be wholeness, direction, understanding, peace or abundance; we can experience them all immediately. All that is necessary is to see, love, and enjoy what we have now. When we stop looking at the horizon, we will see the ground below us.

The irony is that through our appreciation and gratitude for the life, relationships, and opportunities here now, we open up the possibilities for more. When we stop seeking, we will find that what “we sought” was always here.

11 thoughts on “It’s Already Present Within You

  1. I see that you are familiar with The Alchemist 🙂 Loved the book…and a very apt quote from a book about seeking what was already there.
    I agree with you that we tend to seek on the outside what we already have on the inside. Interestingly enough, when we start seeking within, we will find, but we won’t stop because as we discover what is within it peels another layer of us and we go deeper and we find more…until at one point we realize that we are but one with everything. (I’ve been reading the book Journey into Emptiness and this was what I came across! and to think this is the second time I’ve commented on a blog that I’ve read this book…that’s so cool!

    • I am not familiar with the book but will add it to my ever growing pile of works to read. Thanks for the reference. Deepak Chopra also speaks frequently to this topic. Enjoy your current book!

    • I believe it is simple. I also acknowledge that each of us is evolving at our own, unique pace. In this context, I agree, it is a matter of time. Both being in the present moment and contentment are elusive for many. I appreciate your thoughts! Thanks.

  2. I really do wish that I can continue to find true contentment and satisfaction with my life. I’ve always been keen to compare my life with my peers and see what’s lacking. This attitude continues to create a hole within my self that I strive to fill up. But circumstances happen that creates a bigger hole. I really should start seeing my life as half-empty instead of half-full. 😀

  3. What is preventing you from finding true contentment and satisfaction? What purpose does it serve to compare your life to others? How does it feel to visualize your life as ‘just what it is, with all of its blessings’ – rather than putting a half-empty or half-full label on it? Rhetorical questions, yet feel free to answer them to yourself.

    In another post today I read a quote. It reminded me of your circumstances. Forgive me if it mischaracterizes your situation. “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” ~ Tim Robbins

    All will be well.

  4. We’re socialized to believe that “who we are” is dependent on what we do, what we have, and what others think of us. We’re trained to look “out there” for the next shiny gold star to add to our resume.

    Look deep . . . the answers lie within. 😀

    • It’s so obvious, it sometimes hurts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if society just let each being be? A prime example of where complexity has masked simplicity. “Look deep” within, indeed. Appreciate your spot on comment.

      And I realize from yesterday’s commenters, it was your birthday. I hope is was a fantastic celebration.

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