The Opposite of Scarcity

“Think about any attachments that are depleting your emotional reserves. Consider letting them go.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Do you remember the last time you were driving down a road and noticed that your gas tank was on “E”? How did you feel? If you’re like most of us, you started feeling just a little anxious.

You probably began thinking about how and when you would find a gas station. You might have even wondered (for a few seconds) what it would be like if you ran out of gas. Lots of uncomfortable visuals.

Now switch scenarios. Recall how you felt when you just filled the tank. You are confidently driving with an ample reserve of gas. No worries about fuel (okay, maybe the cost!); no anxiety about running out.

To have a reserve means that you have more than you need, often so much more that you essentially have no needs. In today’s world, most people are running on fumes. Their reserve tanks are empty. With a reserve, all of life, including choices, becomes easier and more natural.

Let’s get something straight first. Building a reserve of something you need in your life is only one part of the puzzle. The other piece is to identify what is draining your reserves. If you’re pouring into the top of a leaky bucket, you won’t make much progress.

And if you’re a person who has a to-do list that is so long you can’t see the end of it, you certainly are not in abundance with regard to time. If you are someone who is under a great deal of stress that is imposed by others demands on you, you will deplete your energy and emotional strength as you meet the demands. If you are someone who never has time for themselves, you are not living an effortless life.

We need reserves in many areas, a few being:

  • Opportunity. Having good ‘stuff’ coming at you so that you can trust the future.
  • Energy. Having enough oomph to get through the day consistently and rest well at night.
  • Wisdom. Having access to someone and some place where you can grow and develop yourself easily and naturally.
  • Space. Having room to think and be, without pressure, obligation, or adrenaline.
  • Money. Having cash in the bank or solid investments to fund your present and future.
  • Integrity. Living your life with higher than necessary standards, a high-quality lifestyle (if that’s what you choose), wholeness, etc.

Who do you know that always has time for what is important to her? Who do you know that has reserves in all areas of his life? How would it be for you to have reserves in every area of your life? Can you sense the shift here from being a “spender of time and money” to being “an investor of time and money?”

We have been conditioned over our lifetime to have certain beliefs that limit our lives. This conditioning becomes an internal motivator and creates scarcity in the areas we most crave reserves. How then can you turn this around and create abundance where there has been scarcity? How??

Consider this: Be aware of what scarcity patterns you are living with. As you build your reserves, your ability to make decisions and weather life’s challenges will be strengthened. You will become more free to know, express, develop and integrate your business and personal lives.

It is still true today – the strong and the wise survive. With reserves:

  • You have freedom from worries.
  • You gain space to grow and be at peace.
  • You have greater ease and comfort in emergencies.

Depleted or full? What does your personal gauge read?

8 thoughts on “The Opposite of Scarcity

  1. This strikes a chord with me Eric, having recently made that shift. Removing things I did not need from my life and replacing the time, energy & effort they took with more positive things like time spent doing things I want to do has revolutionised my life. And I like it!

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