An Inadvertent Omission

My Irish grandmother loved the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” She was big on adages and over the years her grandchildren affectionately referred to them as Nanaism’s.

But I digress, somewhat. I had a good intention! It was to include this video clip in yesterday’s Probing Probity post.

For several years, Liberty Mutual has promoted its Responsibility Project. It’s the insurance company’s effort to bring awareness to a myriad of issues, initiatives and thought-provoking stories.

Yesterday’s post focused on Integrity. This 6:47 minute video is a touching story about ethical behavior and how it can make or break a budding or established relationship. It’s not new and made the internet rounds four years ago.

Oldie aside, it’s a goodie.

It’s disappointing that even minor questionable actions can be ruinous. Being in integrity, beyond reproach, is such a good place to be.

Your thoughts?

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