“Our aspirations are our possibilities.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Yes, the title is intentional. It illustrates the post’s focus.

From birth onward, other people and our personal experiences shape our lives and especially our possibilities for every situation. Over time, our personal view of possibilities narrows and we begin to see each day, each challenge and each desire through the same eyes. If we have become pessimistic and cynical, our view is that no matter what choice we make it will turn out the same. Even if we are optimistic, the possibilities are likewise limited. Each day we repeat the same choices and the same responses, confirming the view we held yesterday. Is there more?

The answer is a resounding, yes. Mucho mas. In the universe of endless possibilities are the seed of new relationships, different work environments, and personal creation beyond anything dreamed or imagined before. All that is required is to see with “new eyes.” As idealistic as this sounds, those who open themselves to it are richly rewarded with new inspiration, insights, and choices. I know some of you can attest to this.

So how can you expand your view and expose those endless possibilities? Here is a 9-step process that provides endless possibilities. Think about a situation or concern with which you’ve been challenged, whether you have become pessimistic or continue to be optimistic about it. The key is that it seems to be static or going nowhere.

  1. Clarify what you want or desire. What would you like to experience, feel, or have happen next?
  2. Change the angle from which it is being seen. Ask yourself what an admired individual would do in the same situation? What would they say?
  3. Smile and laugh about it. Very little in life doesn’t have a level of humor under it somewhere.
  4. Stop making it personal. Remove your attachment to your role in the situation and the implications for your ego. Just look at the facts.
  5. Let someone else take a look with you. Fresh eyes look past the obvious. Ask them what other possibilities exist, especially the absurd ones?
  6. Pray, meditate, or reflect. There is always a much bigger source of knowledge and perspective available to us, if we just ask and listen.
  7. Walk away, do something else, and return to it. A change of focus often provides new possibilities. Recall the Leonardo da Vinci quote in yesterday’s post.
  8. Make a bigger investment. Some situations require more time, resources and energy. Many possibilities manifest when there is enough support for them as solutions.
  9. Quit or give it up. Move on; some situations, problems, or issues aren’t worth the energy or time given to them. When you are no longer attached to the situation OR the solutions, new possibilities will present themselves.

By following these steps, new possibilities can be seen for the situation. Action has been taken, energy has been generated, and solutions are now possible. Consider all possibilities as valid. By considering them equally, momentum is created and other possibilities may appear that could not have been considered without considering the ‘unworkable.’

If you will stay open and patient, possibilities will soon present. If they don’t, it may not be time yet (there is a right time). Or you may need to repeat the steps above. Just by following this process for creating possibilities, your view and possibilities can and will change.

6 thoughts on “seitilibissop

  1. Thanks Eric. Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve been sick as a dog the last few days as my body has decided to repair itself from the marathon experiment I put it through. Your process has really helped me cheer up and see the possibilities- that being sick can mean a reset and return to greater health. It’s a little thing but I appreciated your advice anyway 🙂

    • You are most welcome, Christian. I trust your resilience will soon have you at full strength. I like your term “marathon experiment” and how you chose to see being sick as a possibility. Almost any experience can be seen as such – depending on how one frames it. Be well!

  2. Thanks for this. I’ve been stuck on what to do with my writing – continue plodding along, devote more time and energy to it, give it up? In looking at your list above, I can see I don’t have an answer for #1. That’s a good place for me to start. So thanks.

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