How Do You Know?

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Many of us believe we know where we’re going, how to get there, and what we need to reach our destination or goal. We have the tools (maybe even mentors) to help guide us. But when it comes to life, we may be less sure we’re on or off course. It’s a longer timeline with significant challenges, potential and reward.

Fortunately, there are clues that tell us if we’re on or off track. While we journey along our path, we’re assured that if we are true to ourselves in who we are being and what we are doing, all that we need to do to be ourselves will be easily provided, including money, opportunities, and relationships.

Here are three clues to knowing you’re on course and some realistic hints that will alert you to being off your chosen path:

Clue #1
You are open and accepting of differences in others and especially different choices and wants. You allow other people to have their experiences knowing there is a path for them too, and they are the only ones who can know and follow it.

You make judgments, want to change others, and have many expectations for them. You have to be right and defend your opinions, sure that you can save or fix others, even calling it helping or loving them. You make assumptions and are confident in making them.

Clue #2
Gratitude is your nature and you express appreciation to people, experiences, and things that enter your day. You know that all you need is either provided for or will be provided to you if you are on your path and following clear plans.

You want to get, acquire and own what you think is missing in your life and days. You focus on doing “what it takes” to get what you think you need or want and you struggle, overcome and remove whatever is blocking your progress.

Clue #3
Each day you look for purposeful actions that naturally arise of expressing your life purpose. These are the “best and right” decisions for you to share your message for the world. Such decisions are grounded in your personal values from which you make choices, interact, and behave. You look to be in integrity in all situations without the permission or approval of other people.

Your thoughts and actions are based on have-to, shoulds, and musts. You are afraid of not “following the rules” in society and being punished. Your mind is constantly assessing what will get what you need and avoid what you fear.

Consider taking a moment to reflect on these clues and the hints that a clue may be eluding your daily experience. Think of them as beacons or a compass to help guide you. Navigating unchartered paths is something you need not do alone. Three more clues and hints will follow in another post. Stay tuned…

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