Pinholes or Caverns?

“At the end of the day the questions we ask ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.” ~ Leo Babauta

In my profession, every time you ask a question you create an opening. In the space of an opening can come inspiration, insight and illumination about what is possible, or an echo of what has already been. How you think and feel about the question determines the size of the opening and what can enter through it.

If the opening comes from doubt, fear, and disappointment the opening is small and little can enter, except what is already there. This is why we have the same thoughts, make the same choices and get the same results over and over again. What has happened or has been felt is not relevant to what is wanted to happen or feel now. The beauty and power of openings is that they are in every moment and how big they are is totally our choice.

To create a bigger opening, you have to ask a bigger question. A question coming from wonder, anticipation, and trusting of the unknown creates the biggest opening. This takes courage and curiosity about what is wanted next. You have to be willing to want what you don’t know or especially don’t know how to get. All that is necessary is to ask the questions of “what” and “how.” These are big questions that invite the full field of possibilities to enter about a current situation or interaction.

Change can’t occur and especially permanent change, without a large opening. The changed behavior, experience of activity has to be thought about, felt, and chosen. To change we have to ask what can be done differently to get a different result and imagine ourselves doing it.

To change we have to be willing to leave behind previous choices and previous ways of doing. Leaving the familiar behind and opening to what is newly possible and choosing it is the only way change can occur because it is the only way to have an opening big enough for the amazing to enter!

In every moment you create openings through your thoughts, feelings, and choices. If you want something different, then you must have a larger opening. In an instant an opening can set the path for something bigger, better, and more fulfilling. You can create the openings. How big are they today?

4 thoughts on “Pinholes or Caverns?

  1. Well said, yet quite challenging for many. And even more difficult for those unaware of their purpose. Even a gradual enlargement of an opening allows more light and more energy to enter. Thanks for wisely commenting.

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