A Little Wordplay

“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.” ~ William Arthur Ward

When elected individuals or trustees convene to vote on matters, a clerk will often tabulate results and report the vote. “The ayes have it,” is a common way of announcing agreement or consensus in a group. Similarly, the “I’s” have it too when it comes to guidance, growth and change.

In this version the “I’s” include: inspiration, illumination, insight, intuition, inquiry, introspection, intention, and imagination. The best qualities of these tools is that you don’t have to learn anything to use them and you don’t have to be worthy to open them. They are always available to you. All you have to do is listen to them.

The “I’s” have it when you have a question, face a decision or are overwhelmed by living. They have it when you desire a change in yourself or a situation. Think about the challenges of your life right now and the ones you anticipate in the future. The “I’s” have everything you need to change something now and in the future.

The “I’s” rarely occur by themselves. They operate in tandem and often inseparably. It doesn’t matter that you know which one or ones are speaking to you, only that you are aware enough to hear them. For example, if someone was faced with a decision to leave a relationship or specific job, these tools could provide guidance. The formula for inviting their guidance is:

Questions + Experiences = Possibilities

Asking questions that include what or how, invite guidance. A why question does just the opposite. Also, when asking questions, you can’t be looking for the answers. The questions are only an invitation. If there is an answer looking for a question, there is no question. The tools of inquiry, intention, and intuition will provide the answers when it is time.

The second part of the formula is to focus on the experience desired. This is getting clear about what is wanted. Look for what is opposite or different from what is felt now, and you can know what you want. Change is most often about feeling different, not about things! The tools of inspiration, insight, illumination, introspection, and intention are all tools available to guide change.

Finally, the questions plus the experiences open up the field of possibilities. With every question and increasing clarity about desired experiences, the field of possibilities expands. From those possibilities will be choices that will answer questions and provide new experience. Which choice to make? The tools will supply the insights, inspiration, and intuition for choosing from the possibilities.

The “I’s” are the most powerful tools available to us. Whatever is before us or even behind us can always be successfully navigated by letting the “I’s” have it.

11 thoughts on “A Little Wordplay

  1. I confess that I have never heard about this before. Did you come to this yourself? This post is written in a way that encourages and stirs up some interest to try what you are talking about. I really like the basic piece of equipping your clients with useable tools to work with in life’s challenges / connundrums. Good job, Man. Keep writing. I’ll keep following. T

  2. I did not come to this myself. It reflects work and a process I went through with my first Life Coach in 2005/06. I’ve since used variations on the “I” tools with clients in my coaching practice. They are understandable and relatively easy to relate to for many people. I’ve also reinforced my belief in using these tools through related readings (eg., Wayne Dyer’s “Inspiration” and “The Power of Intention” works). Thanks for your kind comments.

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