Blogging Award

There is a thoughtful blogger Down Under. He hails from Melbourne, his Gravatar is “That EJ” and he posts as The Whimsical Eclecticist . He has kindly acknowledged this blog for the above recognition.

If you’re interested in some equally honest, humorous, and “real deal” thoughts, check out his eclectic mix of posts. Personally, I like his refreshing openness.

Thank you, EJ. We’ll make you baseball knowledgable, yet. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Blogging Award

  1. This isn’t an award post; this is a shameless plug! Haha, thanks Eric. Generous as always.

    Unfortunately, that baseball knowledge may take a little time…

  2. Thank you, Second m! I am honored by and appreciative of your action. I am going to pass on your kind gesture and decline the nominations. I find myself struggling with posting daily and replying to many kind readers who leave thoughtful comments. I just do not have the bandwidth to engage in the awards process, even though I recognize its objective and value. Thank you for (hopefully) understanding.

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