The Very Real You

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

I help people to create shifts from success to significance. It’s how I earn a living and it’s immensely fulfilling work. One of the essential principles in that shifting process is discovering and being who you are at your core – the authentic you.

A while back I made a commitment to myself to live authentically. When I made this decision, I knew within my heart that it was time to shed anything and everything that was not in line with who I felt I truly was. I wanted to just be me and to live my life as I envisioned. This meant letting go of many old habits and beliefs. I gave up trying to change myself in order to win the approval of others. And I stopped giving my time and energy to activities that did not fulfill me or align with my dreams and values.

But the biggest change was when I decided I was going to use my personal gifts and natural talents to do work I loved. So I quit my cushy corporate job, cold turkey, and launched my Professional Coaching business, 7+ years ago. I now live a life and work with purpose and meaning. But many people don’t. They have a monotonous existence and will continue to do so for ‘x’ years until they’ve saved (hopefully) enough money to finally stop.

When those individuals conclude tenured working lives (even if they’ve been successful) they’re often unsure who they are or what they’ll next do. Many wonder how the pursuit of success got in the way and blocked their hopes and dreams of a different, more fulfilling life.

But promise and possibilities await each of us. And with good reason. We live in a world that is calling us into a search for authenticity, a quest for balance. In our work, people are searching for meaning as much as money. In our relationships, people are asking for spiritual and emotional connections, not just the physical presence of another. In our families, people are looking for ways to grow happily and love deeply.

In our finances, people want to spend money mindfully, achieving abundance and moving beyond greed. In our world, people want to live in harmony with the environment. In our daily lives, people are looking for ways to make a difference. In our hearts, people are looking for their essence, what makes them unique, and what it is that we hold in common with others.

More and more people are redefining what success means. They’re shifting from traditional standards of work and money toward a more significant life focused on personal fulfillment, social conscience, alignment with personal values, and creating a better future for everyone.

If you aspire to a more significant life, even if you’re of a younger generation, there are simple actions you can take today to live more authentically, Here are five:

  • Accept yourself for who you are, don’t deny it or discount yourself.
  • Get completely honest with yourself. Make a commitment to be true to yourself.
  • Discover who you are born-with, the core-self in you.
  • Ask yourself: What are my personal gifts and qualities? Then use them, fully!
  • Don’t let the world turn you into someone who you are not.

12 thoughts on “The Very Real You

  1. Very authentic Eric, sounds easier than it is, to me it feels like looking for that core self is a long and winding road…..

  2. I hesitate to put a generational decade to this blog, but I really believe that your post becomes a real reality as one reaches the late 50’s and the sixties. The experience gained up until that age allows you to access and really probe those critical queries and crystallize the answers. That has been my experience and it has been such a wonderful illumination for my being.
    Thanks for a great blog – notice I said GREAT!

    • I’m smiling with your reply, Dale because I know how authentic this work and realization is for you and your being. I won’t tell our mutual friends that your find the blog “great.” That can be between us. 🙂

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