Being Purposeful

“There is always a gap between intention and action.” ~ Paulo Coelho

How do you feel about new beginnings? I like them, whether it is a new year, spring, summer, or the morning. I like them because with each new beginning comes new possibilities. One way to make sure you see and experience those possibilities is to be purposeful and take purposeful actions.

For some time I have believed that having a purpose was the foundation for success in everything. Purpose provides a clear focus for effort and actions, and taking purposeful actions works much better than goal setting. When someone faces a crisis of confidence or a loss of direction, establishing a clear purpose for defining who they are going to be or how they are going to respond, is important.

While this image reflects a three-part cycle, here are four steps that can be used by anyone to be successful at anything:

  1. Clarify the purpose as the Intended Experience. Determine what is possible with the people, opportunities, and resources now available? This can be made easier by looking at what you have done, where you have been, and what you want to experience next. Write the purpose in a sentence so you can memorize and repeat it as your preferred experience. Display it prominently where it can be seen constantly.
  2. Commit to Purpose and Purposeful Actions. Once a purpose is clarified and stated, you have to commit to it. Commitment is more than words. The commitment has to come from the heart. This includes caring enough about the purpose as an experience to want it above all else. A continuing focus on the purpose continues the clarity.
  3. Identify the Actions that Support the Purpose. With a clear purpose and a commitment to the intended experience, it is essential to identify the actions that support the purpose. What makes it possible and continuously expands possibilities, especially when a detour occurs? It is also time to identify the actions that interfere with the purpose and remove them quickly by refocusing on the purpose.
  4. Take purposeful action, Evaluate and Repeat the Steps. A purpose without purposeful actions is only a thought, a bunch of words, or a wish. By executing the first three steps, possibilities become probabilities through action. Act and continue to act while evaluating the congruity of actions with purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled, begin a new and bigger purpose.

Having a purpose and taking purposeful action makes anything desired possible. Following these steps makes taking action easier. The result will be experiencing both near-term and continuing success with each new purpose.

8 thoughts on “Being Purposeful

  1. It is always about purpose and intention…always goes back to that. Got to thank Edgar Cayce for opening my eyes to that…now it’s all about that! Oh..and of course…doing the Nike 😉

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