Money – Part II

“If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.” ~ Dorothy Parker

It is a mindset, my friends. Thinking about money in more positive, abundant, and deserving ways changes our relationship with money, making it easier to attract and enjoy. Could it be that simple to get more money? Many people dismiss such thinking about money as unrealistic and too idealistic. Such doubt is understandable, but it can be tested.

Here are three tips that can significantly change the way you think and feel about money. Try them for a few weeks and see what happens with your money.

Tip #1
Visualize the money you receive and spend as energy in a circular process of exchange. For example, the value of your work, expertise, or skills is exchanged for the salary or fees from an employer or client. You then exchange the money you have received for the value of a product or service you can purchase. These exchanges go around and around with each creating value. Seeing money this way changes your perception of the value of money. You value more of what you exchange to receive it and you value what you exchange it for. This means more conscious and positive choices about money.

Tip #2
Be grateful for the money that comes to you and that you can exchange it with other people. When you receive money, tell yourself you have received a “valued” gift and feel the positive energy that comes from honoring that gift. When you give it to others be grateful that you can give a “valued” gift to someone else. Gratitude for money as a gift taps into the Law of Abundance, which says there is plenty of money for everyone and allowing money to flow to us as a gift and away from us as a gift, means more will flow to us. The more grateful you are for money, the more you will have to be grateful for – it’s that simple.

Tip #3
Continually remind yourself that you deserve money and that it provides you the freedom to live, play, and enjoy. Everyone deserves wealth and what it can provide. Most people doubt they deserve it and almost see it as a curse. In doing so, they feel trapped by it, desperate for it, and hoard what money they have. Money will be harder to attract if your thoughts about it stop it from flowing to you. If you see it as scarce, it will be, especially if you believe it should be scarce for you. You deserve lots of money and so do others and by receiving it and sharing it, we affirm that.

Money is the most constant concern for all of us, since without money life is limited, sometimes even hopeless. How we think about it determines how much we attract and the level of freedom it can provide us. If you think of money as an energy to be exchanged, express gratitude for it, and know you deserve money; your experience with it can change dramatically. Not only will you feel better, the probability that money will flow abundantly toward you will increase.

15 thoughts on “Money – Part II

  1. Your Tip #2 reminded me of a story from years ago. A friend of mine from work would always have plenty of cash on her. If one a day I didnt’ have any, I would ask if I could borrow $10 for lunch and pay her back. She would give me the $10, and the next day I would go to pay her back with a $20 bill. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t have change, so I would tell her, “That’s okay. When you have it you can pay it back. A day or so later, she would give me the $10 change. A couple weeks later, this would play out again. After a while of doing this, she said with an exasperated laugh, “You know, you’re the only person that can borrow money from me, and I’m the one that owes you!”

    But it always reminded me of Shakespeare’s quote, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” They were very insightful words after I really learned the true meaning – he wasn’t talking about neve loaning money to people. What it really means is to not give it if you expect it back (e.g., if you can’t freely give it not expecting it back). As you aptly mentioned, it should be seen as a gift (and received as such). If we think this way, the money will always be there, and we will never make enemies with people who haven’t paid it back like we were expecting.

    Great post! 🙂

    • One of many wishes I have for humanity is that (I believe) we are here to give freely of all with which we are blessed. I love being a channel or conduit through which others gain value, knowledge, love, wealth, etc. I credit and appreciate my mother for this character trait; one she still personifies. Thank you for creating time to share your poignant and thoughtful views, CB. They resonate, nicely, here!

  2. Thanks for the posting. And any quote from Dorothy Parker is the quote of a genius – which doesn’t of course detract from the wisdom of your posting! I appreciate it – and I’m becoming a bit of a “groupie” of your wisdom…

    • You are most welcome.

      Wisdom and my post – in the same sentence. I am both warmed and appreciative. Thanks, BG! And it’s always encouraging to have “groupies.” 🙂 Know that I, too, am a fan of your writing prowess.

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