Your Wellness is in Your Hand

“The individual has the right of his own wisdom to choose methods for his well-being and longevity.” ~ Arthur L. Kraslow, M.D.

With more than $350 Billion spent annually on health care and an estimated $100 Billion on unnecessary procedures, it seems safe to assert that there is significant waste in medicine.

A friend emailed the above video today. Having watched with fascination, I am compelled to share it, especially with fellow Baby Boomers. At the same time, I recognize the enormous significance in the future of medicine for all generations. So I invite you to watch the video and marvel (maybe even be amazed) by the scientific and technological developments that are emerging – today!

In the interview, Dr. Topol talks about wireless digital technology as it applies to medicine. He refers to lifestyle changes for the patient of tomorrow (that’s you, me, your children and subsequent generations). He speaks to patients taking ownership of data and their wellness decisions.

I did some exploring after viewing the video and was energized by seemingly endless articles about sophisticated digital solutions that are used, now, on iPhone and iPad apps. Not surprisingly, there are countless digital medical innovations that are rapidly coming to market. They are intended, in part, to offset unmet physician demand and include:

  • home monitoring devices for diabetics, epileptics, and patients with serious cardiac complications
  • emergency alert devices for myriad chronic conditions
  • remote diagnostic testing including EKGs and sonograms
  • DNA sequencing tools
  • technology to conduct remote checkups
  • abilities to match specific tumors with targeted drugs
  • even previously invasive procedures

The list of potential and actual uses is mind-boggling. And I only skimmed the surface with my quick reads. While doctors and scientists in the U.S. are active in related research and design, the real tests and application are taking place in India and Japan. Science and medicine are clearly players in this dynamic arena but even more so, it’s technologists who are accelerating innovation; creating new and unbelievable solutions.

There are no tips, steps or actions to accompany today’s post. Instead, I believe this exciting glimpse into our wellness potential offsets that void. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Your Wellness is in Your Hand

  1. Mind, Body, Spirit……. Being Unwell has become Big business, when you begin to understand our minds help create our dis-ease within our spirits causing blockages within our energy centres, which then create imbalances within our bodies creating many diseases within the body … Learning that Mind over Matter helps heal… Our wellness then truly is in our hands…

    Wishing you well Eric and forgive me that I have only time to comment upon this post today… But I have loved your recent posts

  2. Very interesting. It’s both encouraging and scary at the same time – especially with the dawn of computer hackers. On a positive note, I’ve used my iPhone to communicate with my doctor one time when I thought I had shingles. I took a picture of the small patch and sent it to her, and she immediately recognized it and prescribed the medicine for it. It was a success, and I got through it (this was the second time) very quickly.

    • As I was reading and typing, the “scary” didn’t penetrate. Now it has. But I’m fairly certain this massive train has already left the station and is quickly gaining speed. Hackers and technology will unlikely uncouple but if they find ways to alter medical transmissions, processes or procedures – lives will become vulnerable. Not a pretty possibility. On a lighter note, how cool that your doctor was able to recognize from a digital image and (accurately) treat your affliction. Glad you’ve successfully moved beyond it.

      Your comments are always thoughtful and appreciated!

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