Big Dreams

“If you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?”

~ Jiminy Cricket

I don’t know about you but I’ve got them! Big dreams are not only for the young or naïve. Everyone needs big dreams because they inspire, guide, and enhance our lives and performance. Unfortunately, big dreams take time to fulfill making it easy to become distracted by doubts, frustrations, and setbacks. Staying positive and managing the distractions will keep the focus on the dream rather than the distractions. Two strategies used now and when distractions arise can maintain your focus and support the realization of big dreams.

  • Paint Your Dream – Imagine and visualize a detailed vision of the dream as if it were now fulfilled. Where are you and what are you doing? See yourself easily and joyfully living your dream. Fill in the color, sounds, feelings, and activities. The more detail in your painting the more powerful the dream and the more attractive the path to living it. The more often your dream is painted in your mind, the sooner it will be realized.
  • Act on the Dream Today – A dream is fulfilled with time, committed effort, and persistence. Taking at least one action (small is best) each day keeps the dream in focus and moves you closer to its fulfillment. It will be the accumulation of daily actions that create the reality of the dream.

I’ve learned a lot about dreaming big through my own journey (including my missteps) and from coaching others. Big dreams give purpose and meaning to life and performance. Big dreams do come true and they can come true for you.  Take a moment to review your big dreams. Then, apply focused action, increased self-confidence, and these two strategies to bring them into your realm of possibilities. Feel the hope and motivation that only big dreams can inspire.

Now go and live those dreams! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Big Dreams

  1. Enjoyed your post Eric. I often wonder what we mean by big dreams. I suppose the size of dreams are relative. My life has tended to be a litany of small dreams which I’ve worked away at. If I were to represent it symbolically I would say my life has been more of a circle than an arrow. Probably got a lot to do with one’s disposition. Thanks again for a great post. So enjoy your blog.

    • Thank you, Don. When I read “circle” my first thought went to a Native American medicine wheel which, in my mind, is deeper and more significant than an straight arrow or linear trajectory. I appreciate your thoughtful perspective as it has prompted me to view dreams through yet another lens.

  2. Hi Eric – I know you don’t do awards, but I have put a link to your site from my “awards” page (I have only the one award!) I hope you don’t mind. It’s not per se a nomination; it’s the nomination one gets when one is not getting a nomination. I can always take the link off if it is bothersome. You don’t have to do anything. Bruce

    • Bruce, this is kind of you. I am both appreciative of and humbled by your action. The thought of acknowledging a ‘passive’ blog nomination is enjoyable (all the glory and no guts, if you will). 🙂 Thank you for your kind gesture.

  3. This post is significant for me because I have fulfilled so many goals in my life that I am now settling into a less stressful day-to-day existence. I don’t feel guilty about no longer having big dreams. I’m happy to have small, personal daily ambitions.

    • In the aggregate, I believe your small, daily ambitions are as significant as a big dream. It’s perspective and significance that yield meaning and enjoyment. I’m warmed to learn that you’re settling into a less-stressful life. 🙂 Carry on!

    • JS, to an earlier commenter reply, one need not have a big dream. If what is significant for you is setting targets and the achievement of goals, then good on you for having them — and for rewarding yourself when they are attained. Your opinion is valued and appreciated!

  4. Eric, this post is a great piece that makes your blog one that draws people in. You write about dreams, and empowerment, and goals, and dealing with real-life issues. I really liked this post because I am (don’t panic) going through a … slight mid-life crisis. And the whole dreams thing is hard, because I feel as though I’ve missed out on so much, etc. And I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little like self-pity, yes? I hate self-pity, especially when I might be sliding into them. So, the “paint your dreams” piece, I need to sit down with my wife and talk about that one. My blog picture – – – you may not recognize it because I have started a third blog, and I think that is the one I am still logged in on, at this time. Nothing to get alarmed about. T

    • I truly appreciate your thoughtful comments, Tim. The fact that the posts resonate with you lets me know I’m sharing useful perspectives and recommendations. So you’re going through a mid-life crisis… welcome to the club. 🙂 I’m warmed to learn that you are going to sit down with your wife to talk about your dreams. That is a healthy (and perhaps, timely) exercise. Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting.

  5. OMG excellent. Amazing! This is a fantastic post to me – thank you!!

    I am struggling, REALLY struggling with going for 9-5 jobs when IN MY HEART I DON’T WANT TO. I want to do something worthwhile, not file mountains of paper. I really want, in this transition period, to find something worthwhile FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE.

    Thank you so much, Eric. You’ve been on the money for me today 🙂

    • First, I need to reply with a 🙂 – for you and from me. Thank you for your encouraging comment. I am warmed that you have found something of value in the post. My fervent wish for you is that you are able to follow your heart and channel your time and energy into “something worthwhile.” Listen to the whispers, have clarity about your passion, believe in yourself, be patient (in the flow) and take action! We’re rooting for you. 🙂

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