Advice from Your Ego?

“How to get rid of ego as dictator and turn it into messenger and servant and scout, to be in your service, is the trick.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Your ego-mind needs no introduction. It knows you perhaps even better than you know it. It does such a good job that you are likely unaware of its guidance. But there is more intended for you than the ego-mind can provide.

When you are being you and making choices to live and share your life with the world, everything is easier, clearer, and enjoyable. You can follow your own plan or the default plan of your ego-mind. They will both work but the results will be quite different. The differences are between struggle, stress, and pursuing happiness (though never fully getting it) of the ego’s plan or the ease, peace, and joy of your plan.

The ego-mind limits your possibilities by its own limited purpose. Each day to the ego-mind is another day of survival, filled with thousands of moments needing your responses (thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and behavior patterns). Even when you are sleeping it continues its interpretations and responses with one objective: survival. This means always protecting and defending the ego-minds longtime held identity and reality. This narrow perspective on your experiences guides every aspect of your life through your responses to those experiences. Think: easiest and fastest.

To make different interpretations and utilize different responses you must have a purpose that guides you to be more than surviving, instead thriving, sharing and loving. But to change your purpose you have to know your plan and the beliefs, needs, and fears the ego uses as the foundation for choosing responses. Without knowing all this, the ego-mind will continue in the background to be your guide and be totally convincing at doing so.

Consider these three tips if you are interested in liberating yourself from your ego-mind:

  • Start questioning. Question what you’ve been told by your parents, your teachers, your religious leaders, your romantic partners, the media, and your friends. Check in with your intuition and ask yourself, “Does this feel right to me?” If the answer is “NO,” take some time to figure out what does resonate with you.
  • If you demand more, then getting less feels like a loss; so stop asking for so much from life. Stop demanding attention, loneliness will come at times, Stop demanding friends, separations come along, etc.
  • Make friends with the unknown. What if the unknown is simply what you haven’t created yet? You create moment-to-moment from a field of infinite possibilities. If you are really afraid of the unknown (as the ego-mind would like you to think), you should be screaming right now because you’re in it! It’s when you are constantly projecting a known past into an unknown future that you get stuck in your fears and limiting beliefs.

38 thoughts on “Advice from Your Ego?

  1. At work, I have tried adopting this and suppressing my ego-mind dictats. But lately I feel like losing my self-respect and dignity in doing so. How to resolve this dilemma.

  2. “It’s when you are constantly projecting a known past into an unknown future that you get stuck in your fears and limiting beliefs” – sound words, Eric. Couldn’t say it better. You’re right. It’s only when you really begin to question that you see and grasp just how tight and small the world of the ego-mind is.

    • So many think the objective is to obliterate the ego-mind and, of course, it’s not. Understanding its smallness and purpose does help to manage it. I actually have fun when mine presents, unwelcomed. I acknowledge it, thank it for feeling it needs to intervene, and then tell it goodbye. It’s a nice co-existence arrangement.

  3. How do you come up with such wonderful (and down-to-earth) stuff all the time? Each time, I think “I shall take that in”, and then tomorrow there’s another insight! It’s really quite terrific. I think if I just quietly take one theme at a time and work on it…. Congratulations on your postings.

    • Don’t jinx the run. 🙂 There will likely come a day when the topical ideas cease to freely flow. Some of the posts are repurposed material from past writings; others are new thoughts. In any case, thank you for appreciating the shares. I get more out of reading and replying to comments than I do with what I post. It’s validating and gratifying.

  4. Allowing the Ego-Self to have its way is akin to putting a toddler in charge of your life with all its incessant demands . . . Gimme! I want! No!

    When we understand who we really are, we free ourselves from the illusions that hold us back.

  5. Wonderful Post Eric, and Question Question Question! …. We rely all to often on what we are told instead of seeing what ‘Feels Right’ We listen far too often to the Ego our heads, instead of following our Gut instincts and our hearts….
    Thank you again for an enlightening post

  6. …still working on a plan…’s like I’ve managed to hang a rope from a gigantic tree in order to get myself to the other side of a deep ravine, but am afraid to swing across….what the heck?!

  7. The inner voice is a bit like a child that needs to be educated a bit to make friends with 🙂
    By the way, I just love the cartoon at the beginning!

  8. This is great. The biggest one for me was ‘the unknown’ I liked to be in control but once I realised that if I just let it go and relax often times the result or what I recieved was 100x more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

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    • I agree! And it’s truly as simple as choosing to, concurrent with adjusting one’s mindset and attitude. Besides, those new doors that are opening are so worthy of exploring! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful views.

  11. It is clear that the Egotic Mind operates throught time and thinking.

    Although I have this very clear, I am still caught in this Ego drama, I am still in its grip:
    My real sense if I-ness as it were, cannot release itself from this inertial energy.
    Whatever I do, I encounter this conditioning in unnumerable guises.

    It seems an inhumanly impossible task to arrest these insidious energies.

    Sometimes I “manage”, – in the sense that all of a sudden I am set free, but not knowing how I came there, and most of the times not…- when I try to free muself from it, that is.

    There is no method, as whatever method is reinforcing the ego´s cursed agenda.

    • Perhaps, to your comment, there is no method. Yet there is choice, focus and intentional action. If you see and allow it to be “impossible” then your limiting belief will merely reinforce and keep it as such. Just my humble yet encouraging opinion.

      • Thank you for your answer.

        You say:
        “You can follow your own plan or the default plan of your ego-mind”

        When you make whatever choice, it´s very hard to differentiate whether the ego-mind is in charge, or your “true” voice. How do you know which one talks within you…?

        What I meant with “impossible” is the senslessness of trying to challenge the ego-mind directly. In a direct confrontation, It will invariably win, as this entity is incredibly cunning and disposes over an incredible arsenal of psychological setbacks.

        I guess Krishnamurti puts it very well: you have to learn to heed it with a very alert, yet, passive atention. Not always an easy task…

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    • I guess that depends on how we filter and choose. Once we can discern which is speaking or attempting to guide our decision-making, then we can figure out how to act on what’s being whispered. The challenge, therein, is to know your self well enough and to be grounded in who you are, concurrent with being your authentic self and living your values. And we each figure out how to best do this – our own way. Eric’s view, of course. 🙂

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