It’s Tonight (in the U.S.)

A reminder…

Awakening to Awareness debuts this evening. Broadcasting live on the RockStar Radio Network , it will air every Tuesday evening from 8:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern (U.S.) time. You can learn more about the show by visiting the network website or by “tuning in.” If the time slot isn’t convenient, you can listen to full podcasts (which will be available on my show web page) any time, for up to one year post-show.

Awakening to Awareness intends to provide “chronologically gifted” people (a.k.a. Baby Boomers) with timely information as they approach or are transitioning into life’s Third Act. By focusing on passions, possibilities, and purpose, listeners will learn ways in which to embrace choice, gain clarity about their intentions, and shift their life from traditional measures of success to one of greater significance.

Listen to the show, even if you’re not a boomer. Each week there will be plenty to share and learn. I look forward to having you join our listening audience!

16 thoughts on “It’s Tonight (in the U.S.)

  1. Hi Eric, Congrats on your show. I think you have a great idea. I like the foci and core of your new show; choice, self trust, and living our values and purpose. And I like the live and interactive format. I’m not a fan of commercials and wonder if you explored the idea of using a podcast or some other live webinar format that people opt-in versus a radio show supported by ads. FYI, I left after at the second commercial break. Brad

    • I am honored that you chose to listen. Thank you, Brad! The network’s format for shows is “hard-coded” which if good for the live/interactive format. I hear your preference for commercial-less yet three of the six minutes of show commercials are mine to use. Once I get the show on its own legs and can demonstrate a listening/podcast download audience, I can approach sponsors and advertisers. Either would help to defray my investment in the show, so obviously, I’m biased toward the commercials. 🙂 I’m sure there are other internet based vehicles out there that are formatted more toward the scenario you describe. I’m okay with this one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. They have merit!

      • You’re welcome Eric, It’s certainly your show and choice what format to use. I imagine your content will determine the success and I’m betting on great content and success for you. Be well.

  2. Congratulations and glad to hear it went well! Tried the link but as usual the internet in this country can sometimes suck big time..not all the time…just sometimes..
    Will check it out soon!

    • Thanks for trying, Shree. 🙂 And for the record (if it’s any consolation), technological glitches are by no means the sole domain of your home country. 🙂 The show podcasts will be “out there’ for posterity.

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