What Makes You Significant

“I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” ~ Pablo Casals

Each of us has a sense for or a definition of what makes a successful life; a significant being; a magnificent you. Yet all three have some common denominators: family, community, values, career, relationships, integrity, charity, authenticity, happiness, and personal enjoyment.

It’s fair to say that our primary relationship in life is with ourselves. No one else goes through every experience in life with us. We are our one permanent companion, yet we are often our worst critic. To remind ourselves of our successes, our significance and our magnificence, we can conduct a simple exercise. Let’s call it “Things I like about myself.”

Sans modesty, write down at least five things that you like about yourself. If coming up with five is a challenge, this exercise is going to definitely benefit you. 🙂 Include more than just physical attributes on your list since your body is only part of who you are. If you’re really stuck, think about what you like about your favorite people, because their traits could well be qualities you possess too.

If you need a hint or a clue, watch this video…

Think about the qualities exhibited in the story. Is there something therein that resonates with you? Something you see in yourself?

Stick with this process for a full week, thinking of (and writing down) five new things you like about yourself every day. At the end of the week, read the list aloud to yourself while standing in front of a mirror. Instead of looking for flaws to fix, allow the mirror to reflect what is significant in and about you. Yes, the thought of standing in front of a mirror and reading might seem silly. Yet it might just bring a smile to your face and change the way you see yourself.

Remember, it is when you feel the most resistant that this exercise can benefit you the most. Because we are constantly looking at the world, instead of looking at ourselves, we don’t often see what’s successful, significant and magnificent about ourselves.

When you take the time to experience yourself the way you love and admire others, you become your best companion and supporter on life’s journey.

21 thoughts on “What Makes You Significant

  1. Fascinating article, but from my point of view it was equally as fascinating to remember that most people don’t know themselves, which may sound a strange thing to say, how can you not know yourself. I consider myself very fortunate that at the age of 17 I left home and live in my own flat for 11 years and I didn’t realise that it was happening at the time, but now when I look back it is a period in my life where I got to know who I was. I think everyone should have a chance to live on their own (perhaps not 11 years) for a short while, because I think it is a very liberating experience. Hence the reason that I was quite surprised that you said “If coming up with 5 is a challenge”. But saying that I could come up with 100 things that I like about myself and just as easily match them with 100 things that I don’t like about myself so I suppose it’s about finding some kind of balance. You’ve really got me thinking now actually, which is always a good thing.
    Thanks for the article Eric, I very much enjoyed it.

    • You comment found me smiling, Mark. You have experienced and are getting to know aspects of being that many will not or choose not to. To know thine self… I am grateful that I (with considerable awareness and effort) am learning more about who I am, though not at an early age as yourself. Kudos for recognizing the value in your “liberating experience.” You seem comfortable with who you are. I’m warmed that the post has you thinking. This is usually a good exercise. 🙂 I appreciate your taking the time to comment and share.

  2. Nice post Eric. Many of us, myself included can be shy or blocked about self acknowledgement. It’s a good and hard assignment, but I’ll work on it. And the video was excellent. You keep borrowing from my playbook! But it’s OK, because I like to share.

    • I believe, in part, it’s because self-acknowledgment can be frightening. When we’re completely honest with ourselves, we’re usually exposed and vulnerable. Congratulations on choosing to take on the exercise. I’d love to learn about it’s outcome down the road. Video’s seem to be on the rise in WP blogs. You were/are just a pioneer. 🙂 Which reminds me, I need to properly thank the Facebook friend from whom I borrowed the clip. Thanks for openly sharing; you would have been one of my recess buddies. 🙂

  3. I’ve always been taught to walk with head bowed – and I practise it till today. Some call that false modesty – but they know me not.

    I know a few good things about myself and a lot more which needs improving.

    Your article got me thinking – and yes, I’ve never written the good and the bad down on paper. But can rattle them off quite easily – but only for my own benefit. If others discover my good – well and good. If they think less of me – that’s their burden.

    Love of God and Love of Neighbour – “neighbour” starts with self, I reckon. What a journey!

    • Eric, what would reframing your comment to ‘I acknowledge many good things about myself and a few which need improving’ change? It is a journey and mindset is a significant part of the exploration. We often (easily) default to what’s diminished in and about ourselves. I encourage people to change the lens. I always enjoy your posts and relate to Daniel’s challenges. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

  4. Love this post– it resonates with my belief in the magnificence inherent within each of us.

    thanks for connecting — and btw — on my system, the video you share has a message — this video is not available as the uploader has closed their YouTube account.

    Not sure if that’s because I’m in Canada (sometimes videos aren’t available here).

    • Hmmm, maybe it is Canada. I’ve not had reports of others experiencing viewing difficulty. I’m sorry you were unable to enjoy the video. And yes, what is inherent in each of us is uniquely beautiful. We just need to be and appreciate what it is with which we’re blessed. Thank you for sharing, Louise.

  5. 5 things a day?! Mate, I only just managed to think of five things right now. Haha. Every day for a week may be a challenge.
    Actually, there’s more coming now, so maybe I am starting to get it. Love it, and the message you’re spreading. Not so long ago I would have really struggled to acknowledge anything I liked about myself. But that’s changing. I think you’re a lot to thank for that. Cheers, Eric! 🙂

    • You see…I know that you know you can do this; if you choose to. Might you be hesitant to see the exercise through because what you find/learn just might wow! you? The you who you already are? From your posts alone, there are many out there who would easily vouch for your qualities and significance. Crikey… just do it, mate. (BTW, did I use crikey correctly?) 🙂

      • Haha! Perfect use of ‘crikey’ my friend. Very nice indeed. Thanks for the votes of confidence. I wasn’t searching for them, but I should have known that was what I’d get. You are an extremely supportive bloke. Sure I can do it. I think we can do anything if we choose to. Doesn’t mean it will come easy. I’m not sure the list is that long. Though I do know those qualities are present, I just have trouble defining them.

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