Choosing the Right Words

“Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.” ~ Unknown

You have unlimited power. You can choose what to do with your life, and with your day. You have influence over the people around you, over your daily schedule and daily activities. You can control many things in life – not all things by any means, but many things. Whether you take charge, choose a direction and move forward or not, is largely a choice. Remember the saying, “use it or lose it?”

Do you use negative, limiting, and critical words to talk to yourself, especially when you make mistakes or are frustrated? Most people do and if you do you probably have the same old feelings and make the same old responses. Words matter and if you want different results, new responses and especially more positive feelings, you will have to choose power words rather than limiting words.

Whatever you aspire to in business, health, fitness, family, spirituality or other areas of your life, you get to choose and unleash the words that will power you! And the best quality of power words is that you don’t have to believe them or be confident of their truth. All you have to do is keep using them and through repetition you will believe them, confidence will increase and most importantly, you will set-up more success. Think of power words as words that:

  1. Focus responses by directing your mind to the present task and how to complete it. These include words such as: how, commit, and yes.
  2. Lower anxiety by keeping responses and choices in the present where actions occur. Anxiety is always about the future, so words about the present reduce or prevent anxiety. These words include: calm, now and present.
  3. Increase confidence by keeping the task within the framework of what can be done right now. Confidence comes from doing, not hoping or wishing to do. Confidence feeling words include: done/do, happen, and can.

In your ongoing self-talk you make a choice. You can use limiting words that never are helpful and supportive of getting you what you desire, want or dream about, or you can use power words that are always supportive. When you choose power words you expect and continually set-up success.

44 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Words

  1. “I can do this!” gets you everywhere. Good one, Eric. I especially like your reminder as to how anxiety is always about the future, so when faced with it, dig into the present and pluck out the things you can change/manage and accept from the whole situation …

    • We agree on a lot! So much of what we can be doing just take a little bit of focused thought before we blurt. I like your “asking good questions” (of oneself?) action as well. Always appreciate your alignment in both thinking and practicing terms.

  2. A few years ago, I began working on eliminating phrases like “I hope to…” or “I’m going to try to…” and replaced them with “I’m going to…” and “I will…” It made a huge difference in the way I approach things by not starting a plan by giving myself an “out” right from the start. If you approach something with the forgone conclusion it will happen, it usually does. When it doesn’t, often times it’s just as well. Either way, you’ll never be left wondering “what if…”

    • So very true, Ned. Thanks for sharing your poignant thoughts. Positive…commitment…conviction…constructive…they’re all powerful words that lead to action and often, desired results. Love your perspective on this!

  3. Thank you for leading me to your blog – now among my favorites. The truth as you say is that you don’t have to believe it …all you have to do is use them. I have been trying to find a way to express that very thought and you just put it out there so nicely. TY!

    • Repetition is a powerful learning and training tool. I’m so glad that the post’s message resonated with you, Chris. Thank you, too, for your kind remark about this blog. Words such as yours keep me inspired to write and share.

  4. I’ve read in books too that all you have to do is just keep saying the words and sooner or later you will feel it. For me personally I find it is true for certain things…not all the time though. For me it’s easier to do it for others or something external…and it could be because of old thought patterns and memories buried deep inside that sort of sabotage it when it comes to those personal beliefs. BUT what I am doing is clearing those old patterns so that these new lighter versions take over 🙂

  5. It’s a process that takes some commitment, not an overnight silver bullet. Acknowledging the presence of patterns and choosing to clear them, is admirable work that will yield desired outcomes. Some of those patterns are entrenched (as you state) and have taproots. Kudos on your efforts, Dr!

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