Those Who Are Friends

This post struck a nerve. I often wonder what our world would be like if we were just our authentic selves – being honest, caring, expressive, and grateful. Thanks, James Browning, for sharing your feelings about a friend and fellow being.

Good Morning Gratitude


Twenty-three days and I will officially be retired. Friends say “you’re too young”, but I’m hanging it up while healthy with a lot of years left to enjoy being the full owner of each day.

The company I am leaving has provided me with meaningful employment for close to a decade. There have been lots of good times and some not so wonderful ones, but the overall experience will always be positively remembered; cherished actually. Not sure I will miss the work a great deal, but I will miss some of the people a lot.

The last two days were spent in Milwaukee doing some consulting work for one of the company properties and visiting my counterpart here. We became friends quickly eight years ago. Our count tonight was we have hung out together at 32 company meetings. Knowing each other well as we do I am confident contact will…

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8 thoughts on “Those Who Are Friends

  1. Luckily I learned the benefits of honest, heartfelt communication many years ago in my work with men’s groups. Though sadly, many men are still not comfortable expressing their deeper thoughts and feelings, especially the ‘mushy’ stuff.

  2. It is sad, and unnecessary. I understand being cautious and/or guarded at times but in the situation that James shares, there seems so much more – so much left on the table. What purpose does that serve? I see/hear this often with male clients. To your comment, “mushy isn’t comfy.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brad!

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