Attractiveness and Aging

Susan K. Wurzelbacher

Susan K. Wurzelbacher

“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.” ~ Anonymous

My guest on this week’s Awakening to Awareness Radio Show was Susan Wurzelbacher, a Los Angeles based expert on attractiveness. Susan shared some ‘tip of the iceberg’ insights into why attractiveness is important, not only in physical cases but in assessing potential business partners/relationships.

We explored how attractiveness and aging go together; how we are being viewed just as we view others; what our facial lines tell/show and; the three components of the Attractiveness Success Factor:

  • Glamour – which is fairly obvious and actually accounts for the least of the three factors;
  • Survival Indicators – which focus on one’s health; biological and cellular growth and; the critical importance of drinking water, good hygiene and eating well;
  • True Beauty Equation – which emphasizes the value in finding and living one’s joy.

Susan cites Shawn Rosenberg, Director of Graduate Political Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, who has been studying the convergence of PA (Physical Attractiveness) and politics for 15 years. Rosenberg claims that “Physical appearance is a significant part of the election equation for voters. Although people will never admit it, appearance can rival issues in the decision-making process.”

Susan also recommended the book, The Wisdom of Your Face by Jean Haner, for those interested in learning some basics about what our faces tell others. Additionally, she shares a favorite study of hers entitled, The Scale of the Trustworthy Face . Her food for thought with this visual analysis is: When we think of humans as a commodity-driven race (meaning we depend on our community affiliation for survival), which of these two faces would you rather in your community? Which would you be more likely to trust? Obviously, there is considerable science behind what most of us see ‘on the surface.’

I added this woman’s photo because I believe it expresses a depth of beauty, a warm being, and someone who has experienced a wonderful life journey. But what do I know? 🙂

The key to aging gracefully isn’t waiting until you need to have work done to turn back the hands of time. It’s about taking measured steps early and throughout the entire aging process, along the Continuum of Beauty, to look your best at any age.

And I think you look darned good!

16 thoughts on “Attractiveness and Aging

  1. This is so interesting! Is there a way to hear the show, like a podcast? And what a coincidence. Today I was having a conversation with two friends and we started to discuss how it is true for most people that they get better looking with age up to a point of diminishing returns. Interesting that I read this later on in the day. Nice piece.

    • Coincidence, serendipity, alignment… it all means something! To your question, Ryan, yes! In the post’s opening sentence is a link to the radio show page, on which you can search and download all of the Awakening to Awareness show podcasts. Thanks for your kind comment and interest is listening to what Susan shared.

      • Of course you have selected the one podcast which experienced technical difficulties (a lost connection). The show’s producer ‘cleaned it up’ but it threw the show’s guest, focus, and momentum off. Still, thanks for considering listening.

  2. I choose to continue to remember seeing the beauty within, when I allow my heart to feel a person rather than my eyes appraise the superficial physical features. I still admire beauty…what I consider beautiful, because that is something very subjective but I wish to go deeper within. In the book the Autobiography of a Yogi he meets with his guru who has passed on from this world. In that part of the story his guru describes to him the astral world and I remember reading the part when he explains that yes souls do take on physical form but beauty is seen as what radiates out from within…

    • And we both know the importance in choice. 🙂 Rarely singular or uni-dimensional, I believe there are a multitude of ways in which beauty can be expressed and experienced. Ergo, I sense you and I are on the same page. Yes/no? From deep within, absolutely. And there is also ‘surface’ beauty, which is not exclusive to physical appearance. Always enjoy and appreciate your thoughts, Shree. Thanks!

      • Ha! Ergo…I like that word..makes me feel like I’m talking to a professor..and yes you are right. This world though it takes us to relearn about the simplicity of life does not mean it isn’t deep..and therefore contains many layers 🙂

  3. Thanks for the follow – without which I never would have stumbled upon your blog 🙂 I’ve just had a quick peak, at first glance we appear to be of like minds – not having had the chance to dig too deep, particularly on topics of religion or politics – two subjects that I discuss often, yet never in a million years judge a person by – if you have the time or inclination – a few of my posts that sum up my outlook on life….

    Argh! I have to stop myself, I’ve published nearly 500 posts and apologize for getting carried away. Looking forward to pondering your blog and learning about your slant on life.

    • Do I detect a slight bit of sarcasm, Brian? 🙂 If you lived in the High Desert, you’d find that most all of us have been moisturizing for years. It’s a way of life here. We’d be leather hides otherwise. It’s not too late to start!

      • No sarcasm, I promise! Bought my first bottle of the stuff about a month or two ago and have been applying daily. I’ve been noticing some wrinkles around my eyes and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. So yep, count me in as being on board with what you wrote today. Made me smile when I saw this post 🙂

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