Why Wait?

          Dr. Glenn Miya

Dr. Glenn Miya

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy.” ~ Unknown

Glenn Miya, M.D. is a double board certified physician (in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) in Claremont, CA. He graduated from the University of Southern California and received his medical degree from the University of California, Irvine. He completed his medical residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Dr. Glenn’s focus on wellness can be attributed to his years of gymnastics and karate competitions, and he was my guest of this week’s Awakening to Awareness Radio Show (podcast here).

Dr. Glenn acknowledged that he always wanted to study the human body yet he’ll readily admit that we don’t have a manual for what to do with the body “as time goes by.” (He prefers this phrase to “aging.”) Once we turn 50, it’s anybody’s guess (these are my words). šŸ™‚

   This is not a colonoscopy.

This is not a colonoscopy.

During the show we learned about the importance of having routine colonoscopies; how men experience hormonal changes as do women and that the male version of menopause is called andropause. We learned how fatigue in men can be attributed to lower testosterone levels. Dr. Glenn also addressed the loss of muscle mass and bone density, both of which are vital for skeletal support, as people grow beyond 50.

Dr. Glenn emphasizes three fundamentals to basic and sustained wellness: 1) diet; 2) rest – as in sound, restorative, oxygen replenishing sleep and; 3) exercise. He also advocates open and clear communication with your doctor at annual physical exams. Does the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” ring a bell? He recommends going into your annual exam prepared to discuss your three most pressing/problematic concerns with your doctor and to start with the top or first one.

We learned about the need for and value in planning for “the inevitable” and preparing advanced directives with family/caregivers well before a need to invoke them arises. A catastrophic situation is not the time to have people guessing about or challenging your personal wishes.

Dr. Glenn highlighted three significant takeaways from what he shared on the show:

  1. Schedule and have an annual physical exam;
  2. Have an annual colonoscopy post-age 50 and;
  3. Never hesitate to talk openly with your doctor about anything – candid communication is key!

If you are interested in following-up with or contacting Dr. Glenn,Ā here is his website. His weekly radio show, “Smart Health,” airs on the RockStar Radio Network, every Friday at 3:00pm EST.

It was an informative show! Consider listening to it.

17 thoughts on “Why Wait?

  1. Very important. I was married to a man who never went to the doctor, it was a badge of honor almost and guess what, he died of an aortic dissection one day. Had he been more proactive as to his health, he might still be with us.

    • I have heard others share “badge of honor” stories. Many are equally sad. Our health is a gift and privilege, not a right. I appreciate Dr. Glenn and the power in his simple message. Thank you for your sharing.

  2. Seeing the doctor is very important, but people also need to remember to ask questions and learn as much as they can! I actually have a quick question, but can’t find an email address. If you have a moment, drop me an email. Thanks!

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