“We can change the world… Rearrange the world. It’s dying – to get better.” ~ Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)

They were a folk-rock super group. All four members of CSNY pre-dated the baby boomer generation by only two or three years. Yet they were part of ‘our’ generation. 🙂 People related to their musical social commentary. Every now and then they get together for a gig and people still pay to hear their message.

But I digress.

This week’s Awakening to Awareness radio show (podcast here) explored the rapidly growing Encore Movement and the encore concept. My guests were Amy Duggan, Executive Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence (United Way Central New Mexico) and Barbara “BJ” Jones, an Encore Innovation Fellow. Their bios are available online via the above link.

In 2011, Amy launched the CNM Encore Fellowship Program and in 2013 an Encore Innovation Project to bring encore led capacity building to grantees (associations, organizations) addressing education, health, and self-sufficiency.

                    Amy Duggan

Amy Duggan

                Barbara "BJ" Jones

Barbara “BJ” Jones

“BJ,” an Encore Innovation Fellow, is undertaking a one year pilot program with the CNPE to develop a sustainable year-round structure for increasing Encore talent engagement (people over age 50) to further UWCNM’s Community Impact agenda. Redefining retirement, Encore programs align baby boomer skills and talents with nonprofit agencies across communities.

There are amazing ways in which ‘win-wins’ are being created between passion, purpose and community involvement. The Encore Movement is a growing network, nationally and internationally. Never before have there been so many ways for people aged 50+ (the “chronologically gifted”) to re-engage, contribute, and in many cases, earn a paycheck! As one encore.org Purpose Prize winner said, “Engaging in your community inhibits the aging process.”

To learn more about related opportunities, consider listening to the podcast, reading the Encore Career Handbook by Marci Alboher, or going to the Encore web site.  It’s a fascinating world out there for those who may wondering, “what’s next?”

20 thoughts on “Encore!

  1. With such efforts undertaken, retirement will be really interesting by the time my generation retires. I am sure it is interesting now, it will only grow more. Yes it is true that engaging inhibits aging process. We just bought my parents an iPad so that they can stay connected with extended family on social media. They just found ton of other apps interesting to keep themselves busy.

    • I wouldn’t worry about what retirement may look like for your generation, Yatin. Each previous generation successfully moved through a retirement phase. Yours could be quite fascinating with all of the advances taking place at ever increasing rates. One of my siblings gave my Mom an iPad for this past Christmas – and she is a member of the ‘forgotten generation.’ The curious and resourceful will find ways to keep themselves engaged.

  2. I love the whole idea of changing, rearranging the world to make it better than what it is, Eric. You do that in a large way, and some of us do it in small ways. But it’s the trying that counts most. I’m just happy to be following your work. Most impressive.

    • The botton line, dbb, is that each of us is doing something. It doesn’t matter whether it is large of small. We are contributing to our own and others’ experiences. Thank you for your kind comment. I am but a small contributor in a very large blogging community. 🙂

    • Indeed, for those of us who choose continuous learning. And when the exploration is accompanied by pleasure and discovery, it makes the learning even more meaningful. Good to have you back online.

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  4. Cutting edge. You are there. Always something here that is good. By the way: the first, the very first, “LP” / album I owned was Graham Nash’s album “Song for Beginners”, which had that cut on it, “Chicago”: “Though your brother’s bound and gagged
    And they’ve chained him to a chair
    Won’t you please come to Chicago/ Just to sing.” T

    • You flatter me, Tim. 🙂 I do not find my messaging to be cutting edge. To me it’s grounding perspectives, sprinkled with some practical application considerations. Glad the Nash words rekindled what seem some good memories.

    • Thanks for sharing, Rainee. At the risk of sounding like I’m promoting my blog (which I am not), you may also find interesting my posts from October 25th and November 5th. Both address Encore related developments/opportunities. What I’m really doing in highlighting these is trying to augment your blog launch with helpful/related content. Please feel free to link them if they might be interesting to your growing readership. 🙂

      • Thanks Eric. I appreciate your support and will re-blog some more of your articles. They are very relevant. I also included your blog in my blog roll 🙂

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