In Six Hours!

                        Larry Broughton

Larry Broughton

Veterans, boomers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, tonight’s Awakening to Awareness radio show is for you! My guest will be Larry Broughton. His journey from the Battlefield to the Boardroom is amazingly inspiring. Named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Larry is CEO of Broughton Advisory Group, industry trendsetting Broughton Hotels, and Broughton Philanthropy. His accomplished bio is linked below.

Join us live at 5:00pm Pacific time and learn invaluable lessons about fear, failure, potential, and energy vampires – as well as what it takes to create personal and professional success.

Here’s a link to the show with Larry’s full bio. You can listen simply by clicking the “Live on Air” button. If you’re interested in calling in with a question for Larry, the studio number (in the U.S.) is 866-404-6519.

This will be an enlightening and informative conversation!

5 thoughts on “In Six Hours!

  1. I hope the show went well, Eric! Been lost in winter wonderland here in Illinois, doing 24 hour updates on our agency’s various social media pages as the winter storms have been coming almost daily it seems, but I try to catch up on your posts every time I can as I always enjoy them. Kudos to you on doing this show. The people who hear it will no doubt be blessed by your insights.

  2. It went very well, Brian. Thanks for your kind words. Larry is an amazing being; the real thing and inspiring. If you ever have a free hour, I’ll suggest downloading and listening to the podcast. A lot of good ‘stuff’ shared. Stay warm and safe in nature’s blanket of ice and white. While visually beautiful, we know it can be dangerous too.

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