Extraordinary Places

                Deborah "Atianne" Wilson

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

“Your wealth is a measure of your service to others.” ~ Jewish Proverb

Significant in the coaching profession and in life is the word “shift.” I’ll refrain from defining shift as we each have our own meaning for it. We’ve all experienced shifts – directly or indirectly, voluntarily or involuntarily. My friend, Deborah, having faced abuse, abandonment, rejection, divorce, dis-ease, infertility and financial fears was invited to shift from a place of depression, physical pain and ego misunderstandings to extraordinary places of peace, empowerment, joy, authenticity and love.

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson is known as The Intuitive and Spiritual Wealth Coach. Everything that has shifted, healed and transformed in Deborah’s life has come from the fundamental knowledge that it all matters – we all matter. I know Deborah personally and she is not a ‘woo-woo’ person. She is a grounded woman with uniquely gifted intuitive abilities and thoughtful perspectives. She shared some of her story and her wisdom on this week’s Awakening to Awareness radio show (podcast here).

I invited Deborah to talk about her new book: It’s OK to be Spiritual and Wealthy: 19 Essential Keys for Living a Joyful, Prosperous & Abundant Life… something to which I believe we all aspire. During the show Deborah spoke about important life lessons including: practicing true forgiveness (challenging for many people); the value of expressing and living our life of freedom; divine connection (though not necessarily in a religious sense) and; giving and being in service to others from a joyful place in our hearts.

If the concepts of prosperity, joy, serving others, inner work, and personal responsibility resonate with you, consider listening to the podcast. If you are interested in learning more about Deborah, here’s a link to her website.

21 thoughts on “Extraordinary Places

  1. Wonderful stuff as always. “Practicing true forgiveness” is one of the hardest things: I find it almost impossible to forgive the bas***ds who have hurt me. I shall definitely be looking at Deborah’s website.

    • Thanks, Bruce. I suspect if all were honest, we’d find many of us in that challenged category with practicing true forgiveness. As my Austrian piano teacher used to say, Ees nah so eesy.

  2. What an honor to know you Eric and then to also be honored to share some of my light on your very bright and awakening show…and a blog to boot! Thank you beautiful being and should friend for the love!

  3. Awesome post! It’s difficult to forgive others who have hurt us but not impossible! With God nothing is impossible! She’s a great women! We should learn from her ! Excellent stuff! I’ll surely check out her blog! Thanks for sharing this Eric! God bless!

    Good work dear!

    • Thank you FLnD. It is difficult and not impossible. It simply takes character, a commitment, and focused intention. Indeed, Deborah is a wonderful being. Thanks for choosing to visit her site.

  4. Wealth is a relative term….as I suppose “woo-woo” is as well. I am grateful for the shifts that occur in my clients that I am privileged to witness. Thank you for sharing such interesting topics and people here, Eric.

    • I agree that both are relative terms, Carrie. It was interesting in that, despite her spiritual focus and angel work, Deborah is the one who referenced “woo-woo.” Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  5. Great show and interview. You seemed to really have fun and Deborah is inspiring. I’ll be checking out her website. And twice today I’ve been nudged to embrace the unknown as I work on what next so I’m listening! Thanks Eric.

  6. You do have terrific posts. I apologize for always getting behind in them, I think I’m trying to accomplish too much for my pea-brain to handle!:)

    • Thank you! I understand and very much relate to “getting behind” with the wonderful posts that we choose to follow. As for thinking you’re trying to accomplish too much… never! 🙂

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