Antidotes for Inaction

 “Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours.” ~ Richard Bach

For nearly a decade, the coaching field has been my playground. Not sports coaching (though I had the privilege of serving in that capacity, earlier in life) but personal and life coaching. To date, I have pretty much heard it all. And you have likely heard the echoes of my clients claims. In fact, I’d wager many of you have wrestled with some of the same challenges.

Coaching is unique to each individual. The client sets the agenda and determines the focus for our conversations and collaborative efforts. Over time, I’ve found that much of what each of us wants can be found in clarity about possibilities, choice, and self-belief.

Rather than dwell on limiting beliefs (because the common ones are known), what if we considered antidotes that can shift one’s mindset? That prefaced, let’s explore three…

1. People are accomplished at creating excuses for staying stuck. They comfortably default to being fearful of making mistakes, invoking an unwillingness to embrace the unknown, and expressing concerns about appearing “less than” to themselves and others. I’m sorry to break this to (the proverbial) you but that’s life — uncertainty, uncontrolled, and unlimited.

What to do: Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone (here’s a related post). Determine what an exciting and enriching life would be/is for you and accept the challenges involved to create and live that life. If you choose not to ‘go for it,’ then the inaction is yours. Disallow your ego to rule and ruin your dreams. You have a choice: stretch yourself or become comfortable with your status quo.

2. My financial resources aren’t enough. And for some people this is true. Yet for many, it’s simply a convenient excuse. Regrettably, people choose to live life in scarcity. I’ve posted about this, too. It’s an easier position to take than to access and use your trove of capabilities, skills, and personal gifts. In addition to fear, claims of financial scarcity are often what anchor people and prevent them from exploring and effecting change. Potentially exciting change!

What to do: Dispel the “I can’t” belief. Vanquish it! It’s more empowering to let it go than to hold onto a limiting belief. Understand that the more you allow yourself to take control, the more you tap into your ability to be of service and be compensated from what you enjoy and do naturally. Know this: each of us has something important to offer that others need, and will pay you well for.

3. What if I fail? Well who hasn’t? 🙂 Doubt is the bane of self-confidence. It drains us. Many people doubt outcomes before they have even launched an initiative. If something doesn’t work out, deal with it. You will become stronger, more confident and more capable than you were before you tried this new approach.

Self-belief is powerful. It’s intoxicating. When you see it, feel it, and know it, there is often no stopping people. This post sheds light on and explains the strength that abounds in confidence. And there’s nothing new or magical about choosing to take action. What action yields when coupled with self-belief can be transformational.

Why not push, now? Can you accept the notion that if you want something different in your life, there is no better time than now to take action and bring your desire into being?

18 thoughts on “Antidotes for Inaction

  1. Hi Eric, greetings from Malaysia and thank you for following my infant blog and liking my post ‘The Truth is Out There’. I am excited to discover great blogs like yours and am flattered by the ‘like’ from an accomplished blogger like you! Will be dropping by your blog again for sure! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and liking a post–I’m grateful to have found your blog. I love your writing style and your thoughts. Your courage in life is inspiring. I can’t wait to read more!

  3. These are three very strong limiting beliefs that I think many people ignore or do not want to come face-to-face with (well, at least it is the case with me). Really important to think about these and find where there are opportunities and try to move forward. Thanks Eric again for such a great post.

    • Unfortunately, many limiting beliefs are strong. Separating from them takes intentional effort. I would not have thought these would be challenging for you. What you have shared via your extraordinary blog, your business success, your global travel, etc. – portray a thoughtful individual with clarity about his strengths, beliefs and actions. Kudos for acknowledging the opportunities within and the forward movement focus. Onward! 🙂

      • Onward indeed, Eric. I think that is the one thing that while every battles such limiting beliefs at stages in life ~ the idea that taking that extra step and forging ahead can help work things out is not a bad way to respond.

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