Tapping Into Your Wisdom

“Those who know are wise. Those who know themselves are enlightened.”       ~ Laozi (Lao-tzu)

One of my sisters is a ‘go to’ person. She is an impartial sounding board, grounded in integrity, and she serves as a lens through which I can see matters differently. She is intellectually and emotionally wise and she possesses a solid sense of self.

Throughout our lives, we encounter people who presume to know what is best for us. The insights they offer cannot compare, however, with the powers of awareness and discernment that already exist within us. Even my sister.

Like most people, I have spent much of my lifetime looking for answers, direction, and solutions. This meant always looking to change something or acquire something to improve my life. Society conditioned me to focus on improvement, getting more, and fixing what kept me from getting more and better. Does this sound familiar? Over time I have learned that I always knew what was best and right for me. The answers, direction, and solutions were always inside, while I was often looking outside.

When you couple your innate knowledge with every experience, sensation, and process in your life, you accumulate wisdom. The longer you live theoretically, the more wisdom you possess. So when the tables were turned and this sister asked for my thoughts on a matter, I suggested she find quiet, listen to her inner wisdom, and reflect on:

  • Imagination – This is the imagination of what you desire and what you want to feel. For example, you may want calm instead of stress. Imagine what calm would feel like and your wisdom will guide you to the thoughts, words, and choices that bring calm.

  • Inspiration – You are inspired a lot, but probably ignore it or misname it. The wisdom that comes through inspiration can be accessed through a focus on possibilities. If you want something to happen, ask yourself what you can do to create what you want and the guidance will come. Simply ask, then listen.
  • Intention – We create everything through intention. So intending an experience, relationship, or object is done by thinking about it and feeling it already present. The wisdom of intention will then be verified in the form of possible choices, something you hear someone say, or an opportunity presented to you.

Keep in mind that accessing wisdom is more than just wanting to or hoping to, especially if you have ignored or resisted it. This is a journey of exploring, discovering, and experiencing, one day or one moment at a time. When you are unsure of whom to trust, how to respond, or what you require, the guidance, direction, and knowing you need will be available when you tap into your own wisdom.

26 thoughts on “Tapping Into Your Wisdom

  1. That’s a great confidence booster, Eric, thanks. I think I needed that, especially since now and again I start to rely too much on the wisdom of others and start to forget the wonder/wisdom of self.

    • Always a pleasure, Bruce. I do believe that many of us tend to rely on the wisdom of others, especially those whom we trust. It just takes some conscious redirecting to get back to our own self-knowledge and reliance.

  2. I really enjoyed this post Eric. I believe over the decades I have been able to ‘quiet’ myself enough to listen to my own good advice. I know that was not always the case.

    • That’s one possible equation, Val. 🙂 I chose to highlight these three though I can just as easily invoke: inspiration, illumination, insight, inquiry and introspection along with the four in your comment. Mixing and matching makes use of them individually and times collectively, an interesting alignment. One equation or formula for inviting their (the I’s) guidance that I’m fairly certain of is: Questions + Experiences = Possibilities.

  3. Wise advice. Val’s post last week on the “yearning for peace” caused intentions to arise which paved the way for the 3 lessons that popped up yesterday afternoon.

    The still silent voice guides us without faltering . . . as long as we don’t get in its way.

  4. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for liking a couple of my posts. This post is quite good but I think it misses one essential step – which you articulate in your previous post. Imagination, inspiration, and intention are indeed required to access our accumulated wisdom (even in the younger set). However, without action, it remains interesting but does not lead to solutions, desired change, etc. Your previous post delved into self belief combined with action to break through the inaction cycle. Well written. When you combine the two posts, you really have something people can reflect on and hopefully put into action. Self belief, coming from reflecting on our acquired wisdom, coupled with methods to break through inaction. One caution: often people are unable to access their wisdom due to debilitating self-doubt and fear. One last element is therefore needed: courage. The ability to take action despite self-belief,


    • Thanks for creating time to share your thoughts, Mike. I appreciate your feedback and perspectives. What made the opportunity to share three of the “I” tools with my sister was that her challenge didn’t require action. It was a contemplative matter. In many other cases, I can see where linking to action would be appropriate and encouraged. If you review some of my older posts, you can see some of the messages I’ve shared about self-doubt and fear. It simply wasn’t this post’s objective to integrate a full spectrum. 🙂 And to your mention of courage, in the immediately preceding post, there is brief mention of courage – as a stand alone quality and ‘ingredient.’ Regards to HKG!

  5. Good to meet you on the path, courtesy of JF’s reblog. You do meet interesting and thoughtful people on the WordPress journey. It is absolutely the best thing about the interweb interconnectedness facility – that and being able to find out so much stuff, which of course may distract one from being wise. Thank you for this thoughtful essay.

    • “…which of course may distract one from being wise.” Or add to! 🙂 It (WordPress) is indeed an engaging playground. Thanks for stopping by and adding your kind comment, Tish.

    • iB, I’m sorry to reply only now. Inexplicably, your reblog (for which I am appreciative) ended up in my spam folder. I just got around to reviewing and clearing that folder today. Thanks for sharing the post!

  6. “Over time I have learned that I always knew what was best and right for me. The answers, direction, and solutions were always inside, while I was often looking outside.”

    When we finally understand this, it is so freeing. hugs, pat

  7. This indeed seems to be the answer to getting as much as we can out of this great life we have: imagination, inspiration and intention… It is all we need to get up and get “it” done, whatever it maybe.

    • Randall, I am inclined to add intuition, introspection and inquiry, as three additional tools that help and are needed “…to get up and get “it” done…” What’s just as important as the tools, is your acknowledging this great life we have. Thanks!

  8. I absolutely needed this tonight. Thank you. It is very wise advice and direction, and since I’m “chewing on” soothing right now that has me a little overwhelmed and you’ve just set me on the right path. I DO know.

    • I love when a shared message is timely for and appreciated by another. Thanks for sharing this! Keep in mind that the post was simply a trigger. You chose to focus on what to do with the words… and I am warmed they yielded something favorable for you. 🙂

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