Contributions on Two Fronts


“Simply being with other people who are also seekers and who are involved in the same quest you are is very meaningful.” ~ Dan Wakefield

The two most recent segments of the Awakening to Awareness Radio Show featured guests who are committed to contributing to community and on a broader scale, society.

Executive Coach, Tony Mayo, recently authored, “The Courage to Be in Community.” His book served as the underlying focus for our interview/conversation. Tony shared his distinctions between courage and bravery, and authenticity versus genuineness. We talked about the significance in communities of five “Cs”: courage, connection, choice, compassion and conversation. And we explored relationships, acting from the heart, vulnerability and “costumes” – all in the context of community.

Tony’s book addresses two overarching issues: How do we balance the universal human needs of authenticity and acceptance in our personal lives? and, How might we foster communities where others have the courage to be truly themselves with us? Tony’s one unifying purpose: to promote workplaces of humanity and prosperity where people can be productive and satisfied.

When journalist and cancer survivor Ysabel Duron turned the camera on herself, she launched an encore career that shines a spotlight on cancer for Latino communities throughout the United States. In September 2003 she founded Latinas Contra Cancer (LCC), an organization committed to educating, supporting, and providing essential services to low-income Spanish speakers suffering from the disease.

In 2013, at the age of 66, Ysabel was named the Purpose Prize winner for her extraordinary contributions in encore (aged 60+) careers. is at the vanguard of a large and growing movement of individuals in their encore years, helping to solve many of the toughest problems facing our nation and the world. Immersed in her work and cause, Ysabel explains her utter clarity about greater purpose in life.

Full bios for Mayo and Duron, along with show podcasts, can be accessed and downloaded via this link. Consider listening and being enlightened.

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