Maybe You Know an Expert

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning.” ~ Carl Bard

This is a rare, off-category post. I’m reaching out to the WordPress community (or at least to you who read this blog) with a request. Many of you know that I host a weekly radio show. The program targets and benefits baby boomers, however its audience is not exclusive to that generational cohort.

Each week I host a guest who, as a subject matter expert, can tell stories, share personal and professional wisdom, provide valuable information and facilitate learning to a global listening community. Many guests have authored books about their expertise, speak publicly about their passionate work or contributions, are accomplished high-achievers, have won awards for their work, and are recognized and appreciated as knowledgable resources.

Perhaps you know someone who has an engaging on-air personality, who can confidently communicate, and who is a boomer or a member of the silent generation. If you do and you believe they would be an inspiring guest – I’d welcome the opportunity to further explore the possibility with them. Please feel free to share their contact information with me or you can have them connect back through this post.

Specifically, I am interested in individuals who can enlighten and provoke thought, and are well-versed in:

  • Food/Nutrition/Diet
  • Exercise/Physical Wellness
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Home Based Business
  • Long-term Care/Elder Care/the Sandwich Generation
  • Retirement Real Estate/Relocation/Adult Communities
  • Entertainment (notice I didn’t say “adult” entertainment)
  • Retiring Abroad
  • Volunteering
  • Continuing Education (especially as a teacher/educator)

I feel uncomfortable soliciting my valued WordPress friends yet I sense that many of you know very talented people. Thanks for allowing me to channel this invitation to and through you and in doing so, provide others with an opportunity to share and shine.

22 thoughts on “Maybe You Know an Expert

    • Thanks. Donna. The radio show has actually been “live” since last October. I’m comfortable enough now to broaden the range of guests and figured I’d reach out to people I’ve come to know and enjoy via WordPress. Thanks for comment about the banner photo; it’s one of four that will be featured on my new web site.

  1. Fabulous idea, Eric – hope you find lots of people for your radio program, there are many gems out there from the Baby Boomer lot and those who can contribute to their benefit and blogging community is one place to find them. It’s admirable of you to invite people into your program.

  2. Eric, thanks for Liking my latest post. I just thought of a person who might fit your bill here, and I will contact them and have them reach out to you if it’s something they’d be comfortable with!

  3. It seems you will already have some suggestions – good luck. I would love to be able to listen to your radio show as I fit in with the Baby Boomer group. Thanks for taking time to comment on one of my posts. Cheers!

    • Steven, the show launched last October. It airs weekly on Tuesday evenings. I typically post (briefly) about each week’s show and guest on this blog, with an embedded link to previous podcasts. I shared a direct URL to the show’s web page in the above comment reply. Thanks for suggesting. 🙂

  4. Hi Eric. This is such a great idea. I know some people who fit one or two of your categories. I will sound them out. I wonder if you’ll consider people who are quite knowledgeable in their field. But they may not necessarily have published anything.

    • Yes! Though it would depend on their area of expertise and its relevance to the target audience. Having published simply adds to one’s ‘expert’ credibility but it’s not critically important. Thanks for sounding them out.

  5. No doubt you will find the boomers you are looking for. While I match more than one of the categories, live abroad… I am not a speaker and prefer to communicate by writing. Bon courage et bonne chance! Léa

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