Three Useful Views

Dr. Eliseo "Cheo" Torres

“Cheo” Torres

       Dale Burch

Dale Burch

     Ken Solin

Ken Solin







“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Guests on the last three Awakening to Awareness radio programs shared their insights and expertise in three different areas… from three qualified perspectives.

Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres is Vice President for Student Affairs and Professor with the University of New Mexico’s College of Education. He is also a globally recognized expert in Curanderismo or Mexican Folk Healing. Cheo teaches and lectures worldwide on this ancient art and practice, one which Western Medicine is gradually accepting and adopting into Integrative Medicine solutions.

Dale Burch is a self-made business success. She is a graduate of the University of Leningrad (USSR) where she studied Russian language. As an entrepreneur, she started, grew, and sold three different businesses. Terminally diagnosed with cancer and soon thereafter divorced, she profoundly altered her life views and ways of living.  23 years post-diagnosis, she is grounded, opinionated, and thriving.

Ken Solin is a dating expert who has written about boomer sex, dating, and relationships for AARP, Huffington Post, Maria Shriver and Boomeron for a decade. He helps boomer men and women create authentic relationships. With 30 million single boomers, Ken shares why boomer women are perfect dates for boomer men; the importance for men to develop emotional dialogue skills; and why it’s critical for boomer men to become comfortable expressing their passions and feelings – not simply their thoughts.

These brief recaps don’t begin to cover the stories each guest shared. If you’re interested in learning more, podcasts can be downloaded and listened to at your convenience here or via iTunes, here.

13 thoughts on “Three Useful Views

    • One need not qualify as a card-carrying member of that generational cohort. You missed that boat by seven years. 🙂 While the show’s target demographic is boomers, I actually have quite a broad listener range. Would love your feedback if you have any.

    • You don’t need to download the show. You can listen live every Tuesday evening or listen to any of the show podcasts at your convenience. Just download them and click play or you don’t even need to download, just select from “Recent Shows” and hit the play button. Stop and start whenever/wherever. They might even help soothe frayed nerves when tiling. 🙂

      And yes to calling in. Toll free in the states: 866.404.6519. Not sure if that translates into toll free, north of the border.

  1. Quite a line up for your listeners and isn’t it remarkable how we can cure ourselves of illness once we decide to change our life path 🙂 and ways of being!!.. Wonderful lady by the sounds of her.. 🙂

    • I try to vary the guests as much as possible while keeping the content focused on what will appeal to/be of value to boomers. And yes!… it is remarkable how our minds and heart can and do heal our bodies. Dale, a delightful woman, is living (and thriving) proof. 🙂

    • Thanks, Bob. I suspect we all know some interesting people. I’d love to have you listen to a show or shows. And please feel free to share feedback. I’m always wanting to weave listeners needs and ideas into the program.

  2. I have learnt a new thing “Curanderismo or Mexican Folk Healing.” I had never heard of that word before today. I’m glad to hear Dale Birch is a cancer survivor. That’s great news. Men rarely express their passions and feelings. Even the ‘non-boomer’ ones! I shall try to listen to a podcast. Thanks for the link!

    • If/when you create an opportunity to listen to one or more of the podcasts, Liz, I’d welcome your feedback. It’s the listening audience who I am trying to reach with guests and their stories/recommendations. Appreciate your kind comment.

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