What Gets Under Your Skin?

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a differenceย in this world: Those who are afraid to try themselves, and those who are afraid that you will succeed.” ~ Roy Goforth

Rarely, at least with this blog, do I drift into the personal opinion sphere. It’s simply not the focus for this communication vehicle. Yet, as with many (most?) of us, every now and then something rocks us so significantly that we need to release… to engage ourselves and invite others to do so too.

Sometimes it helps to let things go because we cannot influence a desired outcome. Other times, the itch under our skin (and that may be putting it mildly) warrants more than just scratching. If a cause or opportunity is our number one priority, we’d easily invest more of our valuable time and energy into securing a meaningful solution.

But in some ‘lesser’ cases, calls to action are timely and desperately needed.

Yesterday’s post reminded and encouraged me that we can effect positive change. We can initiate or conjoin a ripple. A ripple of hope! So let us consider taking action, in whatever form you are capable and comfortable… to end the strife, the hate, loss of precious life, and the overt acts against humanity in the Middle East.

I believe most of us subscribe to and embrace the concepts of respect, compassion, and dignity. Do not think or believe that you, individually, cannot effect change. Even small change. It’s too easy to be passive or think negatively. Be a ripple!

49 thoughts on “What Gets Under Your Skin?

  1. Yes to ripples of peace and compassion. Great song, but too bad the creators of the video don’t understand that being anti-something doesn’t work for creating peace and unity. Look at the war on drugs, anti-terrorism, fights against cancer. May we be ripples FOR peace, compassion and dignity.

    • While each of us views through different lenses, I don’t believe it was the video creators intent to highlight “anti,” Brad. If you look at who and what they chose to celebrate throughout the clip, it was all people and situations that were positive and uplifting. Some (perhaps many) times, people have to know what they are not enamored with before they can focus and channel their energies toward passions and constructive outcomes. Simply my take. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your positivity!

  2. I liked this blog Eric and am glad you posted it. Some events can seem so overwhelming that we ignore them out of a sense of our own inability to do anything about them. we can all be a ripple for positive things.

    • It can be fairly easy to ‘deconstruct’ overwhelming, if one chooses. Once we get past the seeming obstacle or thinking that we cannot affect an outcome, then the world could really be anyone’s oyster. It’s those limiting beliefs that anchor so many. As always, your insights are valued and appreciated, Kim.

    • In the business world, I believe what you’re referring to Colleen, is opportunity loss. It’s known and recognized. But with issues and concerns of humanity and precious life, there is no time or effort to lose. Or wait until whenever. You are spot on and I thank you for your always poignant perspectives.

  3. A lovely sentiment. One I find it personally difficult to believe. I think one person can have an impact on another individual, but for one person to make a difference to an entire region? Sure, if each of us joins others of the same mind, things can change, but then it’s not just you, is it? I just try not to hate anyone or anything, and make my little corner of the world a little better by being kind and compassionate. I wish my voice would make a difference in Gaza, but I’m not sure I really believe it.

    Still, a wonderful post.

    • In a supportive way (and for your consideration), I would like to challenge you to step around what you find “difficult to believe” and instead, see it as possible! When we limit our beliefs they can anchor us in places that disallows vision, change and possibility. The ripple effect concept is one in which we conjoin other ripples. Even if we start out singularly, on small scales, when the ripples flow repeatedly toward the same destination or desired outcome then definitely, it becomes a “we” rather than just me effort. You can also think of it as the power of positivity. Your choosing to be kind and compassionate in your little corner of the world does contribute. Just imagine what happens when we all take that same attitude! Thank you for adding to the conversation. You are rippling!

  4. Eric your posting inspired me to write the following.

    Sitting in our homes we can consider the enormous world outside our front door and think of ourselves as nothing more that a mere small cog in a wheel forever turning, never knowing we are the ripple in an ocean that can make a difference in someones life.

    Be the ripple of change.

  5. Omg Eric have I got a story for you!! I live in the country and everyday I take a walk outdoors on my lunch break. Well, today, I saw a herd of goats escaping from one of the local preserves; they were all trotting away and marching right towards the street! No one else was around so I immediately ran inside to call the nearby preserve and the response I received was, “Oh no, thank you, gotta go get my goats!!” I was so happy to have been at the right place at the right time to help save the goats and I thought of you and said, this is kinda what Eric’s post meant – you never know when you’ll be given a little opportunity to make a big difference!! ๐Ÿ™‚ High Five!

    • Lovely, Amanda! What a neat experience. Yes, you were at the right place at the right time to have immediate, positive impact. Yet we don’t always need to be ‘right there’ to create change and delightful outcomes. Your words are full of life and excitement, simply knowing that your small action helped. Now the question becomes: Are the goats pleased with the outcome too? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks much for aligning this with the post and sharing!

      • haha, I sure hope the goats are happy to be home! I think what you bring up was my point as well, helping, even in small ways can energize us and then allows us to see other ways we can help right where we are, that we may not have noticed. Thanks for weaving through this one with me Eric. Much Love, Amanda

  6. So glad I found you. I love this post and what it brings to mind for me (and will be reading some of your older posts). I volunteer in my community and sometimes wonder if we’re making a difference. Then I think of the phrase “think globally, act locally” and have to believe we are. Also been listening to Pema Chodron CD lately about practicing bodhicitta; your thoughts here made me think of what I’ve been hearing Pema say. I’ll second being the ripple. Thanks!

  7. First, Geralyn, I like the admission that you’re restless. ๐Ÿ™‚ Being in motion, physically, mentally and emotionally is what fuels our exploration and keeps us thriving! Thank you for choosing to stop by and share your thoughtful comments. Glad, too, that you added the “think globally, act locally” phrase. It is indeed, significant to what you and many others are doing. Pema’s wonderful; she is so inspiring. Good listening choice. Appreciate your seconding being the ripple. Onward we are.

  8. If I totally believe in it, I’ll do it without flinching an eyelid. I always say there must be a million other people supporting the same cause! and that makes a difference

    • That’s such an interesting and inspiring perspective, Liz. “…there must be a million other people supporting the same cause!” If only we had greater awareness that this *is* the case, there’d be no stopping us from initiating and sustaining ripples! Thanks for this valuable comment.

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