Pragmatic and Magnetic

Mike Jaffe

Mike Jaffe

“A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart.” ~ Confucius

This year I heard Lisa Nichols speak in person. If you’re unfamiliar with Lisa, check her out. She is a global speaker and successful businesswoman, who envelopes people in an inspiring life story. In my opinion, she is magnetic. Lisa used a phrase that has stuck with me because it aligns well with what and how I choose to share some of my perspectives and her simple phrase is, “I’m just here to stir your soul.”

In our respective blogs, each of us is privileged to open our minds, to express opinions, and to share whatever we deem relevant or worthy. I try to awaken people not only to their potential but to inspire individuals to see new possibilities and to live their lives at conscious, intentional choice.

Robin Lunney

Robin Lunney

As some of you know, I also host a weekly radio show with the same name as this blog. When I highlight show guests in a post, it is not to promote my show. Honestly, it’s not. I simply share a brief summary of my guest(s) and the program so you can consider whether their story might be of interest to you. I deliberately feature guests who have fascinating life experiences to which you might relate and who have unique information to share.

Chuck Riley resized

Chuck Riley

For your consideration, I invite you to listen to any of the three most recent shows. They feature a 9/11 survivor and motivational speaker, a career professional who hasn’t allowed devastating loss to stifle her healing and positive outlook, and a financial professional who provides foundational advice for people planning for or transitioning into retirement.

Here’s a link to these and other Awakening to Awareness show podcasts. Happy listening!

18 thoughts on “Pragmatic and Magnetic

  1. I love that phrase, too — to stir your soul. Thank you for the link, I’ll be sure to listen. Life is a story — sad, happy, and most times both — thank you for sharing so many with us. There is little I like better than a good story.

  2. Unfortunately I can not hear the radio broadcasts, but I still follow the blog articles dumneavoastă.
    I like your articles. I have a lot to learn and I thank you for that.
    Have a wonderful day, Eric and only joy! 🙂

    • Thanks, Rommel. I can’t take credit for the site though. The Network that broadcasts my (and many other shows) provides a show page for each show host. The template is there, I simply add the graphics and content.

  3. So many of them have wonderful stories and wisdom to share, Sue. I’m fortunate to have them agree to be ‘on the air.’ All show podcasts can be listened to 24×7 or downloaded to listen to, piecemeal, at one’s convenience. If you have an opportunity to listen to any, I’d love your feedback on that particular guest. 🙂

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