Dread du jour

3291312140_078c833b7d_m“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important.” ~ Ambrose Redmoon

I went online today to do some research. I figured mainstream news feeds might have the data I sought. What an ugly mistake. For readers unaware, I don’t watch television/cable, nor do I read newspapers or magazines. And my online experience today reaffirmed why I do not.

I quickly scanned several well-known sources and 37 out of 39 articles (yes, I counted) featured stories about doom and gloom. The ‘hit parade’ included headlines screaming about:

  • Ebola
  • terrorism
  • climate change
  • social injustices
  • illegal immigration
  • police brutality
  • political propaganda
  • economic demise
  • inadequate militaries
  • religious superiority
  • murders, deaths,Β out of control crime
  • extremists everything

Not a single positive, feel good or constructive story. Just fear and demise.

2137382661_7f43df918a_mBewildered, I asked myself, “Is this really what we have let ourselves become?” “Have we given in to those who fulminate?” “Are people really buying into the endless dread the media is stoking?”

Fear in any form is an impediment to the free flow of our existence and growth. It limits and restricts our ability to navigate our lives. Fear drains significant emotional energy that otherwise could be available to manifest our inalienable desires and intentions.

308920348_1c265895d9_mFEAR is an acronym in the English language for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Politicians, religious zealots, military decision-makers and greedy corporate leaders use fear simply to advance their agendas and fortunes.

I/you/we don’t have to ingest this daily dosing of fear. We have enough going on in our own lives to keep us challenged, to sustain our wellness, to fuel our dreams, and to fulfill our happiness goals. We’ve got possibilities and opportunities on which to focus and enjoy!

3001987805_14f8beee82_mCertain fears are valid and sometimes, fear can be useful. But not an endless onslaught. If you desire to reclaim some peace, assurance, and hope in your life, you can. For starters, consider these ideas when you feel overwhelmed by fear:

  1. Accept that you will be fearful. If you accept that you will have fear and it is a natural part of life, then you can move on and take action. Not everything needs to be an apocalypse. Fear will always be with us and when we recognize it we can endure it with courage. We will not get rid of fear but accepting it will make it that much easier to take the next positive step.
  2. Manage your sources of fear. When terrible things happen, there isn’t a reason to force yourself to participate. Watching endless repeats of violent newscasts or disasters will increase your fear greatly and for nothing in return other than awful images and worries. It often only makes you feel more helpless.
  3. What could I be doing instead? There is little use driving yourself crazy wondering “what if?” A lot of what you read/hear is fabricated anyway and out of your control. If you are powerless, focus instead on what you can control. Events that you have no influence on are a waste of your time; even though “the voices”Β want you to believe everything.


84 thoughts on “Dread du jour

  1. Hi Eric

    Fear is innate just like many other emotions, virtues and vices. It depends on how we train our consciousness to handle it. Exposure to challenging circumstances and situations is very helpful as they acquaint us with the truth that fear can be conquered when faced, it can be managed with emotional resilience, it can be abdicated if we choose to ignore it but all this consumes one full life!

    Thanks for a very thought provoking post.

    • Indeed it can be all of those ‘things’ you mention, Balroop. If we choose to ignore FEAR, even via incremental steps, we begin a shift away from the IV many people have themselves hooked up to. I’m unclear as to what you mean with “…but all this consumes one full life!” so I am unable to comment on your thinking there. Thank you for your acknowledging the post.

  2. 90% of the reporters CNN/FOX/Hillary Rodham Clinton are just out of graduating and have an axe to grind. (They think that’s news). The rest simply report on what was said on Facebook. All I know is that ISIS are murdering people left, right and centre, and everyone is trying to be nice.

    • Is is not news, Bruce! It’s speculation, fabrication, delusion and ulterior motive driven spew. Humanity seems unfocused on pressing global issues. I guess that’s what vast power, money and greed do… deflect or abdicate.

  3. Great advice, thank you. I agree about the news, I try to find positive stories but it’s very difficult and even the few positive stories someone will turn around to try and make negative! So often I just stay away from it all like you.

    • it is truly easy to rid oneself of these negative influences, at least to the extent that they are presently perpetuated. There are sources ‘out there’ that attempt to focus largely, if not exclusively, on bringing good news to those who choose to receive it. People simply have to do a little digging online. πŸ™‚

  4. Loved your post Eric. The principle of managing the sources of your fear is such a key one. It’s something I try and take very seriously in my own life. That said, I also try and create a balance between not putting my head in the sand and being aware of what is going on. Thanks again for a great post Eric.

    • I agree, Don, that there can (and ought to) be a healthy balance. If we do not maintain some degree of healthy awareness, how can we be positioned to take action and support a worthy cause. Again, here is where conscious choice coupled with awareness can (and does) yield positive outcomes or at least begin to help to redirect.

  5. I’m with you on this Eric. I believe that many, if not most, of our world leaders use fear to propel their agendas. IN propelling and force feeding it they are creating the very thing most people of the world do not want. A fear based existence where all we do is fight our fears and feed the negativity.

    • BINGO, Colleen! Yet there are many who cannot (will not) get this through their media and propaganda engorged minds. I get this and am willing to carry a heavier load so as to help bring clarity to others. Metaphorically, I see it now as a war more than a battle. We’ve got some heavy lifting (persuading) to do. And I’m on board.

  6. I am in total agreement with you Eric.. When we buy into the Fear Factor.. we are also contributing to the negative vibration.. ..
    Many thanks for your thoughts and yes the Media World is going Mad at the moment.. So I detach and keep weeding the garden Lol. πŸ™‚ … ( we also need to weed out our negative thought patterns ) and we may find when we do, how much lighter we then feel, as we free ourselves from Fear..
    Blessings Sue

    • You’ve highlighted a key word, Sue and that is “detach.” It’s doable! In detaching we actually free up time, precious energy and help to restore our grounding while aligning with our values. I love that you choose to detach and instead, weed your garden. πŸ™‚ Once people experience being ‘liberated’ and (once again?) savor freedom, we’ll be back on a all-around healthier track. Thanks for your poignant thoughts.

  7. “If it bleeds, it leads.” My parents, lifelong news junkies, sit transfixed in front of the TV soaking it in with all of the expected side effects. They simply cannot understand my apparent detachment from it all. It’s not, of course, being unaware,it’s keeping it in perspective, I say.

    • So is there a way we can “bleed” mainstream media? Might leeches help? To Sue’s comment above, kudos to you too, Barbara, for detaching. And to Don’s above comment, yes, we do need to remain constructively aware. While she “gets’ what is going on with broadcast and print news, my Mom is right there on the sofa with your parents. Arrggghhhh!

  8. I love your FEAR acronym….had not heard that one before and plan to employ it from here on out! I also don’t watch news, read newspapers, etc. I agree that religions, world leaders, etc. do capitalize on fear just to get their own way. I also totally agree on the need to keep ourselves as much in a positive world as we can.

    However, when reading your post, I couldn’t help but be struck by the last part where you say, “…If you are powerless, focus instead on what you can control. Events that you have no influence on are a waste of your time….” That, in itself, is a positive thing; but…..if everyone thought that way then there would be no people helping sick people, helpless people, no people going up against “bad guys,” etc. Because of the sad fact that not everyone will join us to live in a positive world, I don’t think it’s exactly right to say, ‘well, if you aren’t making a difference then just ignore it.’ Perhaps learning about a situation that is occurring is the impetus needed to propel a person into action and perhaps that very person is the one needed to make the difference. I don’t know if that’s really what you were saying, but that’s how it came off to me anyway. (Hope you don’t mind a little theoretical parrying on here…)

    • Guilty! 😦 I poorly communicated my sentiment and appreciate your playing it back. Simply ignoring that which we feel we can/do not have any control over, doesn’t help. Awareness is key and taking action when/where we feel compelled or can (even minutely) influence a situation is noble. For we who choose to engage, proactively, it’s a selective process and I always encourage people to pick their battles carefully and align whatever resources are at their disposal to right injustice. I much appreciate your parrying. πŸ™‚

  9. I watch very little TV for this very reason Eric. The rumination of the possibilities of what might happen in the news not to mention the unbelievable amount of violence on programming is too much for my brain to handle in a healthy way. Another excellent post.

    • Glad to learn there are others of similar mind, Sue. And among all of the demotivating and unconstructive news being flung, I still smile when I see the word “possibilities” (in a positive vein) woven into a thought or conversation. There are always brighter alternatives and more valuable possibilities. πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve heard that acronym for FEAR before and it’s a good one to remember. I know people who constantly report the latest, horrible situation happening in the world but never the uplifting, positive ones. I’ve got enough on my plate keeping my little corner of the world happy and healthy and trying to help out, for good, where I can. Thanks, Eric.

    • Not sure why but your comment ended up in my spam file which I don’t often check. In any case, I have freed it as ‘not spam’ and can now, belatedly, thank you for sharing your positive comment! Appreciate you keeping your little corner of the world happy and healthy. πŸ™‚

  11. Great post Eric!

    The news is what happens when you walk out the door and engage in the world.

    I have lived many years without a television too, although I do have one now. I do not however watch any media, read newspapers or magazines. I’ve gone through periods of my life where I followed politics in an attempt to understand what the big thrill is for those that do. It seems that the political imagination thinks there are two opposing sides and there’s a lot of tension between them as it’s the premise of the game.

    What I see though is that there really is only one side presented palatably to two media generated groups of people. As much as the two sides are presented as representing two opposing sides, what I see is that no matter the politicians names and supposed allegiances, nothing (in the states anyway), seems to change, especially on the big issues.

    The media drives the opposing views because that’s how they earn their living. They must respond to corporate sponsorship who fund the nasty business. So as the news media is busy telling us that man-made climate change caused by too much Co2 from our modern lifestyle, the big corporations are busy selling us all the crap that is causing the destruction of the environment.

    Crazy. I even find it ironic that we call it news.

    One more thought: what good does it do to create fear over things we have absolutely no control over? Who does the fear really serve?

    Okay, off my soap box. Thanks for sharing your insights on such a troubling topic.


    • I appreciate when people take to the soap box, Debra, especially when they articulate in simple, lucid, and understandable words. And I like it even more so when they are (at least in my mind), correct. Every now and then I get on mine and sometimes wonder, after I’ve let it fly, whether I made a compelling case.

      Thank you for creating time to share your thoughtful views. I concur with all of them. The irony in calling it news stopped me in my tracks. I found myself thinking, what ought what they belch be called?

      To your question: Who does the fear really serve? I suspect part of that answer may lie with people who lack compassion, are void of discernment, feed on disinformation, and have little constructive going on in their lives. It must, somehow, be nourishing feebleness. But what do I know?

      All I know is what I need and choose to do about what really matters to me.

      • Hi Eric,

        Yes, after writing that comment, I did wonder if I had not said too much. Sometimes sensitivity and awareness can also bring frustration and sadness for the craziness in the world. But you’re right in that all we can do is make choices for ourselves in response to the madness that keep our lives meaningful and our love alive.

        Thank you!

  12. I could not agree with you more Eric and as a sensitive person, I take in way too much of the negativity. Someone online suggested there be a positive only news station, I think that concept would increase the expectations and intentions of more sources of joy around the world. I do think the onslaught of catastrophe in the media is strategic and unfortunately very effective at manipulating people. Thanks for bringing this issue to light.

    • Two words, Linda: strategic and manipulating. That pretty much sums the design and intent. I do not, however, believe their approach is effective with everyone and that many of us possess saturation points. Endless anything takes a toll on the receiver. My sense (and hope) is that the media and those who provide them with ‘beat them down’ fodder will reach a tipping point. And those who have loyally (and blindly) followed will somehow, some way, become more aware and enlightened. Thank you for adding to this substantive, virtual exchange.

  13. Hi Eric,
    I love that quote on Courage! Incidentally, I shared that same picture of the mouse yesterday on my Facebook wall. I think maybe the intention that I see in it is to nurture what is positive no matter how small. I like your choice of including the image here. It’s also just a neat image bringing the real and imaginal together in a simple and peaceful way.

    One of my favorite books is ‘The Te of Piglet’ by Benjamin Hoff. I first read it at age 15, but recently re-read it along with the Tao of Pooh as I am currently in a Master’s/Doctorate program in Chinese medicine. This book is a classic, in my opinion. This, to me, has been my ‘main path’ in life – being a piglet. I’m not a very big person; my voice does not fill the room; people tend to overlook me. No big deal. I’m not shouting that the sky is falling…

    Specifically the Te of Piglet comes to mind because of the “Eeyore Effect.” Why should being fearful be so popular? Who knows. To the collective neurons of the collective consciousness, “those who fire together, wire together.” Let us continue to share the good, no matter how small. Lovely post.

    Blogging buddy,

    • Your observation aligns well with my intention, Ka. That’s why I choose to close the post with that image. πŸ™‚

      “Those who fire together, wire together” is a wonderful phrase. It sums nicely what I sense many who comment here (and elsewhere) feel and believe. Thank you for adding your delightfully encouraging perspective.

  14. Eric, I am much like you. I refrain from watching televised news and reading newspapers.

    Here in London we get 2 free newspapers daily on the tube (or subway). They are completely free and on the work commute most people will be reading one. I never pick it up. I never have the need to know what is going on through our Media. No doubt when I get to work, somebody will be commenting on some story or other.

    The other day I realised (again) why I don’t watch the news. I happened to stumble upon a BBC story on the problems in Iraq and they were sharing the news of another beheading. I actually became quite upset by this news and found myself feeling exactly how the story was intending to make me feel – angry, defeated and upset. But I quickly realised that I should not be feeling this way and put it out of my mind.

    When I got to work, some of the girls were sharing the story and I saw the ‘required effect’ of that news. They were both angry and were blaming Islam for breeding gruesome killers. My answer to them was that terrorism has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam and that no religion teaches violence but PEOPLE often justify their heinous crimes using their religion.

    I was then told by one girl that she feared for me as I was a likely target for brainwashing…

    Like Jeez, you cannot win sometimes and all this because of something we saw on the news…

    • I’m nodding in agreement and then I find myself shaking my head in astonishment. Sometimes it seems one cannot win. And it may not be a matter of one winning but of others, ignorantly (and sadly) losing.

      Clearly claiming brutal and inhumane actions in the name of religion is not justifiable. But that’s what the media is feeding people. The adage “divide and conquer” seems to be enjoying an economic and political resurgence.

      Good to learn that you, too, have no need to know what is going on through the media. I do believe that we, who presently find ourselves among a minority, are having some success with persuading others to find better things to do with their time and energy.

      Appreciate your thoughtful views!

  15. One of the reasons why I am at peace with not being a member of the news media anymore. We would actually make informal ‘death counts’ for the first block of news in our newscasts on days that were particularly bad. So negative all the time – and fear, as you have mentioned here. There is so much more going on in the world than death and crime and doom! I don’t post those Positive Press articles every week by chance. Fully agree with your sentiments here, my friend. Keep seeking the good in life! Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

    • We’re each finding our own ways to spread positive news and to encourage people to see things as possible and with promise. It may seem like a slog at times, but things worthwhile (in my mind) take a little extra effort. Thanks, Brian, for no longer earning a living via the news media. I suspect, one day, your sons will thank you too. πŸ™‚

  16. Bravo! The media has become doom and gloom. I watch very little television, occasional movie or documentary, no news. Nor do I read newspapers or magazines. If one wallows in fear one does not experience the necessary growth for the journey…ok, that’s just my opinion.

  17. From the comments you have touched us all. I confess I watch a little TV (I prefer PBS TV and NPR for radio) but not too much as it can keep one in a state of apprehension. I like your fear acronym and the way you listed “religious superiority!” Thanks for stopping by to comment on my Walt Whitman writing. And thanks for reminding me that it is not all bad in the world if I look around.

    • You are welcome, JoNell. There is an abundance of good in our world, so much that we do not see or read about. But it’s out there and it’s ongoing! As with many (I suspect), I periodically have to remind myself that what is printed and broadcast is not proportionate or reflective of reality. It’s simply hype and sensationalizing. When I do this, it regrounds and frees me to continue doing what really matters.

    • Indeed, this has been an M.O. for many religions for ages. What’s frustrating and compounding the present proliferation is that other entities, companies, political parties, etc, have found it also serves them. When too many jump on the same bandwagon, somethings got to give! Maybe we’re approaching a tipping point.

  18. Maybe we can start a “Positive Media Channel” where only good news stories of hope, peace and love abide! This is a channel I would gladly tune into! Thanks for a great post.

    • My understanding is that people have actually tried to launch such channels and that the challenge has been in securing financial sponsors to keep the entity operating. That alone says a lot. There are a number of internet based groups that do promote/feed positive news and stories, Karen, but they are not a live, dynamic broadcast that puts news ‘out there’ as many are accustomed. Still, it’s action in an encouraging direction and they do have subscribers that sustain them!

  19. It’s hard to wrestle with FEAR and GUILT . . . but, as you have learned, it’s relatively easy to sidestep them.

    Instead of trying to smash them to smithereens, we can choose to walk around them, just outside their grasp.

    • Indeed, Nancy. As with mountains and other seeming obstacles, they don’t always need to be scaled or bored through. Simply ‘sidestepping” them often works just as well. And with far less effort! Their tentacles are only so long. πŸ™‚

  20. GREAT post, Eric. Like you, I do not watch news, read papers and so on. Maintaining a peaceful existence is healthy for me and is my contribution to a more peaceful way of being for us all. I appreciate this powerful reminder of just how important keeping peace within really is for me. Very timely…thank you. πŸ™‚

    • You are welcome, Carrie. Many of us have expended considerable time and effort to intentionally live less stressful lives. I will not allow fear and related promulgation to interfere with how I live and how I choose to contribute to humankind’s betterment. To your “peace” focus: hear, hear!… in my view, both internally and externally. Thank you, returned.

  21. I too avoid the news where I can. Wouldn’t it be good if there was the News for those who want it and the The Good News for even more people who would want that?

  22. Eric, I am one of those people who do not own a TV set or a radio. I also do not read newspapers. I spent a lot of time at my computer doing my research a get the news by diffusion, so to say. Just like you and many other people I noticed that there is hardly anything positive the media is talking about. As you brilliantly noticed the “news” creates fear and an incredible emotional instability. This is very sad and I hope people simply start looking for beauty and inspiration somewhere else instead of sitting glued to their television sets or computer screens.

    Greetings! – Dominique

    • The current situation is, indeed, sad Dominique. And I believe many of us have already taken conscius flight from the sources of endless negativity. We may well be the latest ‘trendsetters’. πŸ™‚ The more awareness we can share with others about how little value there is is “sitting glued” and helping them to reconsider and possibly redirect their foci, the better off the collective we will be. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  23. Eric I do not watch the news anymore and I can honestly say I don’t miss it at all. thank you for enlightening us on something that we all know happens but we need more feel good stories and that is why I am rarely negative on my site. i feel we have enough of it going around already. kath.

    • Here’s to more feel good stories, Kath. To one of my ealrier posts about “the ripple effect,” even our individual action(s) can and will cumulatively yield positive change. Good outcomes take time to manifest. πŸ™‚

  24. This great post pretty much expresses what I feel too. The fear mongering has gone far overboard. I watch news only occasionally, much rather use that time for a nice walk in the nature. I think we need enriching activities…that bring positivity into our lives.

    • Perhaps we can arrange for a gagle of like-minded bloggers to visit the beautiful sanctuary from which so many of your peaceful images originate. πŸ™‚ Ever thought of being a nature tour guide? Revel in and savor the life that you are living, Helen. When you openly share pieces of it on WordPress, you bring hope and optimism to those who read your posts. Thank you!

  25. High Five, Eric!
    I don’t watch television. I do watch movies though. And I stayed away from reading/watching news a long time ago. I actually question why people do. Too much worry, too much negative aura. I can never stand it. When a bad news gets to me, it gets too me hard. I get depressed. I start thinking about the world. So I always stay away.

    • High-five accepted and appreciated. Thanks, Rommel. You are not the only on who is “hit hard” with negative news. Many of us feel similarly. Good simply to deflect it and turn into/toward people, places and events that matter to you. And then share it with us on WordPress, as you freely and kindly do! Your comment and perspectives are heard and appreciated.

  26. Great title, Eric: “Dread du jour”

    It is very true that there is always something to be fearful of but I have taken steps to avoid most of the fear mongering.

    I watch a few minutes of my local news for the weather. If there is something I NEED to know it will scroll across the bottom of the TV screen. To watch the never-ending news about a murder or shooting or corruption, it will enhance the crime/danger each time it is viewed.

    I watch only cheerful shows because it has been shown that to watch a dark, depressed show will encourage depression. If my husband wants to watch the news he can go in another room where I do not hear or see it.

    Remember, the networks get paid for the number of viewers who watch those looped news shows by the sponsors and I have not gotten a dime yet so let them peddle there fear elsewhere.

    I’ll have my own brand of Peace du jour.

    • You know, Jackie, I believe most people understand that networks only survive because of their advertisers (the same is true form most business) yet that information (dare I call it knowledge) fails to enter into their decision making when they watch or read mainstream media. I guess some of us are just on a different wavelength.

      Thank you for sharing the term/your own brand of “Peace du jour.” I find that inspiring!

    • I have subscribed to dailygood.com for quite a while. It feeds my need for positive stories. πŸ™‚ There are other good news providers ‘out there’ as well. So glad you appreciated this post, JoAnne. Thank you.

    • It’s quite simle to not ‘feed the fears.’ And more and more of us are awakening to this awareness. πŸ™‚ Hope abounds and your reblog of the post is thoughtful. Here’s to our enlightening and encouraging others!

      • Frankie, thank you for choosing to share the post with your readers. I’m unsure the words “eloquent” and “perfection” can be attributed to my writing. My appreciation bows to your kindness.

        And woo hoo!! to your having hit post #100. Here’s to your next 100; may they be as substantive and compelling as your first 100. πŸ™‚

  27. Great piece Eric! Loved it! and of course, every word is so absolutely true. As a nation of sheeple, who are just too afraid of making our own decisions, as the ‘in case’ factor has become a HUGE part of our lives, ‘what if’….has made a home in our heads and brought it’s best friend called ‘fear’ with!

    I want to go to Africa, OH But ‘What if I contract Ebola?’ (I’M TERRIFIED NOW!} so immediately I’ll change my mind due to the ‘ just in case’ factor, go somewhere else, but………….wait………’on the news, there was a story about a possibe typhoon hitting that Country, or ‘PERHAPS’ coming close’…..oh dear, that’s off the charts (Typhoon never hit or came close……..ooopss, mistake by media whose job it seems is to terrify the hell out of everyone, till we sit at home, go nowhere and continue to watch the news, which sends us to doctors who give us ‘chill pills’ because we can’t cope with situations that either have never happened, or are happening millions of miles away from us, or ‘may’ have a light chance of happening – and hardly EVER affect us.

    …and so we have a nation of dumbed down neurotic, terrified people, who are so afraid, they don’t even shop anymore, it’s don’t online, ‘in case’ they get robbed’!

    Thanks media, you’ve stuffed our lives up. OR…WAKE UP people, Fear is a useless word that has no base or grounds to believe in!

    I’d rather skid sideways into my grave, having done everything possible that most would gasp at, screaming ‘what a ride’! than quietly, and safely pass away, having never lived at all, with my neatly folded handkerchief in the palm of my hand! Hell no!

    • Thank you for creating time to share your poignant views, Deborah. You are right in that our fears (and those that MM fans) rarely come to fruition. Life goes on, despite what we’re led to believe is catastrophic and in the example of Ebola, readily contagious. Your call to “WAKE UP people” is both timely and necessary. Let’s hope more do!

  28. Wow, does this need somehow to seep into our collective bloodstreams!
    Big obstacle: only bad news sells newspapers. (And television, and youtubes, etc etc etc.)
    I’ve been advocating this kind of bad-news moratorium for years now, only to feel like ancient Greek Cassandra. She prophesied accurately, you remember, but the curse placed upon her was that no one would believe her. With any luck, you’ll escape Cassandra’s curse, and your message will be heard loud and clear.

  29. I increasingly believe that the “big obstacle” can be overcome. People are awakening to the fact that they’re being intravenously fed crap. And more are tiring of it. We do have saturation points and I suspect MM doesn’t think they’re pressing up against said threshold. I sense this view, in abundance, within this sizable and aware blogging community. To borrow from your (kind) bloodstream reference, the bad news is seeping into septic collection and new found opportunities and possibilities are being reawakened. This is a conscious shift, not just wishful thinking.

    I’ve not previously been aligned with Cassandra. I’ll proudly wear her on my sleeve. I don’t believe I need luck (though thanks for your wishing same); perseverance will carry the message and the day.

    Thanks much for your comment. I appreciate it.

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