Finding Your Way


“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” ~ Anaïs Nin

First and foremost, Ron Chapman is a full-time, all-time student of life. This allows him to approach any discipline, principle or practice in a search for valuable ideas to incorporate into his life. It also presents continual challenge, an opportunity to shatter old perspectives and ideas which no longer serve well.

An integral part of the role of the student is to seek. And for this Ron has become an adventurer and wanderlust. Who knows what places, events or circumstances may hold for any one of us. Yet we must commit ourselves to such experiences.


From a developmental point of view, Ron values a notion described by the American philosopher Ken Wilber as “transcend and include.” Essentially, this is to incorporate everything new in a way that allows you to elevate your practice in the world, no matter what form it may take.

More important is the need to use knowledge and experience for the benefit of others…to find a way to make a contribution that is larger and provides greater value.

                    Ron Chapman

Ron Chapman

As this week’s guest on the Awakening to Awareness Radio Show, Ron discussed life transitions, what he’s learned from working through his, the concept of ‘metanoia,’ his work in the areas of healing and forgiveness and, the fact that – as boomers – vital years are not waning but beginning.

Ron talked about stepping out of comfort zones and “leaning into” / getting comfortable with discomfort as well as convincing ourselves that doing so can be in our best interests, as well as how this action can better prepare us to create breakthroughs and turn our lives into new directions. We get a sense of how Ron’s work and experience is transformational.


The show’s podcast and Ron’s contact information is linked here.

44 thoughts on “Finding Your Way

  1. Hi Eric really enjoyed this post and the concept of “unlocking” stages in your life. That concept occurred to me about 4 months ago and I feel that I am literally not the same person I was back then. What is even more amazing and exciting is the person that I will be in another 4 months. Anyway keep up the great work.

  2. Sounds interesting Eric. I haven’t listening to the podcast but will do. Just thought I would mention that your recent post about ‘delay’ has been resonating in my thoughts and actions these past few weeks. It is very freeing to give myself the space to ponder rather than rush into things. Thanks Eric 🙂

      • In my work I rarely make suggestions or give advice as I truly believe each of us already has the answers and the fortitude within us to effect desired change. It does take work and sometimes coupled with a healthy dose of courage. But making intentional choices that create life shifts, is within your doing! 🙂 Dig deep with you.

  3. I really enjoy your podcasts, Eric, so thank you for the link and making it easy to find you! I am sure this will be very interesting and I’ll listen in the morning while I spend a nice Saturday at home! Ron has a very inviting smile. 🙂 I bought my first Ken Wilbur book just about a month ago. I find him really quite wonderful and I’m sorry I didn’t discover him years ago! I definitely feel in line with the thinking that boomers are not waning, but beginning! That’s the kind of thinking I want to continue to nurture!

    • Thanks, Debra, I enjoy the shows too. 🙂 I know Ron personally and can vouch for not only his inviting smile but his keen intellect and huge heart. I’m sure he will appreciate learning you are a Ken Wilbur fan. Here’s to you omni-optimistic perspectives and to the kind of thinking you intend to continue nurturing. Bravo!

  4. Love the quote!!

    I think we are preoccupied with keeping the status quo when in fact life remains as anything but.

    As the Buddhists say, the only constant is change. Hence we must learn to not only accept it, but to make the most of it.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful tribute and there was a lot of wisdom imparted here, Eric. I admire those who follow their conscience and those who help to awaken other’s. Thanks for this one!

    • The hat tip and tribute is Ron’s and most deserving, Robin. He’s an amazing human being with beautiful experiences and philosophies to openly share. I was the messenger for this post; the content and thanks are to Ron’s credit.

  6. Great beginning quote, Eric. I like the idea of evolution presented in this. We can become to attached to what is “here and now” and “fixing” the present- when our focus should be beyond this and integrating in a new way.

    • Exactly, Kim. You have captured and played back the essence of what we ought to be focused on, both now and as we consciously progress forward. We who are aware, recognize and value this view. Thank you for highlighting its importance.

  7. Eric I love this………. to use knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. If we all shared a part of our experiences with our youth, the world would be a better place. Lovely post thank you.

    • Thanks, Kath. If you can create time and are inclined, I invite you to listen to the show podcast. Ron shares amazing insights based in his considerable experience, training, and life views. I love your idea about all of us sharing our treasured wisdom with today’s youth. How might we do this on a larger, collective scale (asked rhetorically)? 🙂

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    • Thank you, Marty. I know of few who have completely ‘found their way’ so for most people, the post was intended as both acknowledgment of individual progress and the personal work we still get to experience and appreciate. Grateful for your sharing the message with others.

  9. I´m big into learning new things and the concept of stepping out of one´s comfort zone. Most people after leaving college or high school will never be faced to tackle a new idea, concept etc. I still haven´t found my way, but I keep searching my friend.

  10. Searching is integral to our respective journeys, yes? Kudos for having awareness as to where you are on yours, Ryan, and for your continued searching. All onward, in any zone that enables growth and fulfillment.

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