Peace and Joy

When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.” ~ George Harrison

Shopping today, I finally acknowledged the background music which was, predictably, Christmas themed. I know it has been playing for weeks yet I simply heard it as premature holiday noise, given my elsewhere focus. I’m unsure what triggered my ‘tuning in’ today but it was an anticipated and welcome shift.

One of my favorite vocalist groups is Pentatonix. Their medleys are amazingly creative and soothing. And since I’m now, officially, in the seasonal spirit, I am sharing one of their holiday harmonies. Their words and thoughts of cherishing, candles glowing, the joy of family, and love that the holiday season brings, are special to many of us. I hope you appreciate the piece.


We’re heading into a bustling time of year; a time when peace can (and does) reign in our hearts and minds. While a bit early, yet with heartfelt warmth, I want to wish each of you a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you choose to celebrate. May your time with family and friends be filled with overflowing joy.


69 thoughts on “Peace and Joy

  1. Happy Season of Joy, Eric. Thanks for introducing me to this musical group, I loved hearing this song this morning. It’s been a long year for our family, and I too am just beginning to feel the magic of Christmas.

    • I like “Happy Season of Joy,” Angeline. Thank you. Glad to have made the musical introduction. Check out their version of Little Drummer Boy; it’s good, too! Here’s to your feeling even more Christmas magic.

  2. Eric, what a meaningful message. It is so nice to see inclusion of all faiths and choices. May the season’s Love and Peace bring you and yours~ joy.
    I loved the A Capella show this group became popular from, “The Singing Bee.” I heard one of their other Christmas songs on the radio recently. I was so pleased they are going strong. Sometimes, ones who win or become close to winning, musical reality shows don’t always find their ‘niche.’

    • Joy. It’s all about the “joy” isn’t it, Robin? 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful wishes. As I suggested in another reply, consider listening to their rendition of Little Drummer Boy. It’s equally good! Warm and joyous Christmas wishes to you and yours.

    • I do hope you have other ways in which to listen to your Christmas favorites, Elizabeth. Thank you for you kind Christmas wishes, I hope your holidays are filled with great peace, warmth and happiness.

  3. I’m very much like you in this respect ~ the Christmas season begins when I hear & acknowledge the beautiful sounds of Christmas, and when hearing the songs of the seasons lifts my spirits and brings a smile to my face 🙂 Wish you a great holiday season of peace & happiness!

    • When the time is right for each of us, we awaken to the season’s joys. I’m actually smiling reading your comment as I know well and appreciate how its music lifts spirits. Thanks for the trigger. 🙂 May holiday warmth and and joy be yours.

  4. Eric loved that music, thanks for sharing I had not heard of this group but will definitely look them up. Christmas to me is all about family. I wish you a very merry christmas and thanks for being such a solid golden light among all the blogs I read. You are always so positive. Thank you.

  5. well I guess I need to update my browser to play the song – so I will let you know how I like the music later. 🙂
    and thanks for the warm holiday wish – even though UNlike you – I am starting to wane in the holiday mood – maybe because we decorated right after Thanksgiving and well, I am not tired of it yet, but wish it felt fresher – even though reading a post like this sent me some joy – so thanks – the candle and then the little deer – just so peaceful – and I am glad I dropped by! 🙂

    • You know, feeling fresher is simply a mind-set. 🙂 Choose to shift your attitude and I’ll bet you can place yourself right back into the holiday spirit. Just like that! Glad you dropped by, too. Thank you.

    • Barbara! It is good to “see” you! Thank you for creating time to stop by share your thoughtful Christmas wishes. Here’s to your season’s wish and for all hearts to find cause to celebrate and give thanks! Be well and happy. 🙂

  6. I must admit that I have never heard this song, but it is so incredibly beautiful. The vocals and harmony is buttery smooth. Sometimes it takes a song that we haven’t heard played over and over again to wake up our sleepy minds and help us arrive in the true spirit of the holiday season. Beautiful offering, Eric, thank you! And may you and your family be blessed with peace, joy, and happiness throughout this holiday season and into the new year.

  7. Hi Eric,
    I am so drawn to the last image you posted. I think I could look at for hours. It is just so moving. I hope you do not mind if I take it to dreamtime with me tonight!
    Thank you for the beautiful post and the aesthetic treat.
    Happy times to you and yours,

    • Isn’t it wonder filled, Amanda?! Of course you can take it; it’s a public domain image with the attribution embedded. I hope it conjures(ed) beautiful dreams. Appreciate your thoughtful comment. And warmest of times to you and yours this festive season. ❤

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