What Do You Stand For?

I’ve not reblogged one of my own posts. To close out this year I thought I’d share one that you might appreciate. Wishing each of you a new year filled with good health and fulfilling experiences.

Eric Tonningsen's Awakening to Awareness

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” ~ Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Not long ago, I was traveling cross-country (U.S.). As I took a seat in the boarding area, I felt something protruding into my backside. Shifting forward, I realized there was a wallet wedged between the seat and back. I pried it out, looked around to see if anyone noticed and might, perhaps, acknowledge it as theirs. I opened the billfold to see if there was photo identification. And there was. I proceeded to the gate agent to report the find and the agent called for the individual by name. He didn’t come forward.

I soon boarded my flight, wallet in tow. When I arrived at my hotel, I phoned the owner. No answer, so I left a voice message explaining the situation and asked him to call me back. There was close to $700 in cash along with credit cards…

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38 thoughts on “What Do You Stand For?

  1. Ah Eric… Great timing (as usual…) I love that you re-blogged your own post as I had not read it the first time – having only recently found you, relatively speaking.

    This resonates with me big time. I am an authentic person, as was Mick and after seeing just how many people he touched in his short 51 years, I will continue to strive to be authentic. Well, it is in my nature anyway… I would have done exactly as you did and, other than telling your story here, I’m pretty convinced you did not go around telling people just how wonderful you were to do what you did. You did it because it was the right thing to do and nothing else.

    That speaks volumes way more than anyone who vaunts their “goodness”.

    Have a most happy New Year, Eric. May 2015 bring you much happiness! xoxo

      • No, I did not. I sent you an email so you could have mine but I’ve not received anything! I’ll go check my about.me account and see whazzup…

  2. Dear Eric.. I trust you have had a wonderful Christmas.. And as I read this post again.. its a great choice to reblog..
    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year Eric.. May it be filled with abundance of Health and Happiness.. and of course Honesty.. 🙂
    Blessings your way for a Peaceful New Year..
    Sue xox

  3. Excellent article, Eric. Glad you reposted it as it was from before I started following you! I’ve always felt that true integrity is what a person does when no one else is looking! None of this “what I do behind closed doors….” stuff. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year! 🙂

    • In my mind it does, Ina. Possessing and invoking courage augments one’s being in character — a very desirable state for many. Pressing on with can easily become automatic rather than a chore when we align our mind-set with it. Would you agree? 🙂

  4. Eric how lucky was this man. I found a bag on the train in London as the gentleman turned and tried to stop the doors from closing. I waved and pointed that I would return when the trained pulled away. I went back to the station and went up to the stationmaster, he was waiting there. He could not believe I had returned it as he had his passports and thousands of pounds in there. I did not know this at the time, I only wanted to return his wallet, he offered a reward and I declined. BUT a few weeks later I accidentally left my wallet at a bank teller and when I went back to get it I was told a man took it and was going to the police station, he was wearing a trilby hat. I spotted him and ran to catch up. He handed it it over with a smile. Karma, what goes around comes around in my book. Loved this story.

    • It’s not like we’re doing the right thing to be able to boast about it. It’s simply who (some of) we are. I, too, believe in karma but it’s not why I choose integrity. To me, there’s just something that feels good about doing the right thing and when it happens to benefit another, all the better. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story, Kath. It’s a good one.

  5. During a quick shop in a grocery store south of Yosemite National Park – a store I’d never been in before – I heard my name called out over the tannoy! Some kind and honest person had picked up my wallet in the parking lot, guessed rightly that I would be in the grocery store of all the stores in the strip mall and handed it in. I hadn’t even had a chance to panic over losing it! It contained my U.S. and UK driving licenses and U.S. and UK credit cards as well as cash and irreplaceable photos. Imagine my surprise and relief! Thank goodness for people like you Eric.

    • Thanks, Carol, yet I believe our individual and collective gratitude goes to many unseen and unknown people of character who consciously choose to be integrity. We often hear about the darker side of these situations yet I suspect there are a good many who have had losses turned into favorable outcomes — just as shared in your comment. We need more channels through which to communicate and broadcast stories and experiences around kindness and thoughtful gestures/actions. Appreciate your adding to this great thread!

  6. Appreciate your creating time to read and share your thoughtful comment, Elysha. While I like (and practice) the idea of there being no choice but to do the right thing, I believe there is a choice. Some people choose integrity and others do not. This accounts for why we see/read about/experience different outcomes. Thanks for adding to this virtual exchange. 🙂

  7. I know how maybe you and many feel about blogosphere awards… I have nevertheless nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award… I mean it as my appreciation for your courage and inspiration, my admiration for your creativity and wisdom… Please bear with me for this faux pas 🙂

    • Not a faux pas. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful gesture/action. Indeed, I politely decline awards, however, your kind acknowledgment of the blog is very much appreciated. Your words motivate me to continue sharing.

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