Flow of the New Year

Flow of the New Year-1

This WordPress community overflows with talented bloggers. We are fortunate to learn from and appreciate one another via our virtual ‘works.’ Truth be acknowledged, some of us have our favorites.

To welcome 2015 I invited Randy Collis to guest author on this blog. His philosophies and photography have mesmerized many, as evidenced in his stunning posts at China Sojourns Photography. In my opinion, his posts are equal parts wisdom, beauty and inspiration. Following are his welcome words. Thank you, Randy.

The New Year ~ these three words bring inspiration and even desperation for many. A New Year can mean an opportunity to re-set life or to continue an upwards trajectory.

It is exciting as it is terrifying, planning a path of success for 2015.  New decisions to be made; decisions that twist stomachs and souls like nothing else as the fear of failure and consequences await.

Flow of the New Year-2

The more we dwell on resolutions, the more we get lost in the minutiae and over time, the hope the New Year brings turns to fear.

As resolutions are broken comes the harsh sting of disappointment with a slice of depression. We are thrown off the path we had imagined.

Resolutions tend to be rigid, doomed for failure. Instead, focus on a couple of concepts that will bring happiness: creativity and flow.

Flow of the New Year-3

Creativity exists everywhere. A simple walk around a neighborhood, along a stream or in the woods, and a mind can not help but open up with new thoughts.

To create something new within family, within work or within writing – photography – music or art, gives the mind something to savor.  Every day, nature creates a new palette for us to explore.

With creativity, it becomes possible to flow. Instead of bouncing around between the relentless din of technology and screams of customers, suppliers and colleagues ~ step away and flow like water.

Flow of the New Year-4

Reflect on Daoist philosophy: where “water has no desire other than to be itself.” Water is in harmony with stress and pressure; using it to flow where it needs to go…

  • Try to pick water up, control and squeeze it, and it will elude.
  • If water remains still, it becomes stagnate ~ to flow is its nature.
  • When it flows it becomes pure ~ and when we flow, our spirit and life tends to flourish.

Therefore, never fret about the proper path to take. Instead, get lost in nature and get lost in yourself.  Allow the creative flow to wash away the pressure of trying to ‘find the right path’.

Flow of the New Year-5

As for which path to take, it is human nature to second-guess and wonder about decisions made. Personally, I’ve been intrigued by “what if?” questions.

What if I would have done this or that…where would I be today?

Would I still be happy?

Could I have gone down a dark road instead?

In another time and another place, different situations would leave no doubt I would have flowed down a different path.

Flow of the New Year-6

I am intrigued by the idea of multiple universes, so I imagine that there is another me “out there” in a very different situation than I am now ~ perhaps not any better or worse (for who is to judge), just very different.

Differences in the inevitable wild rides between highs and lows that define life, but still pursuing the goal of happiness.

This thought excites me, makes me think of the potential of tomorrow and to create a better “me” today.

Flow of the New Year-7

Finding that creative flow pushes aside petty jealousies or anger at perceived slights that do nothing but steal away pieces of life.

Keep it simple and take it slow.

There is an inside joke I have with a few friends (business partners) in China, and that is the similarity of my life with Forest Gump.  I listen.  I trust.  I try to live life well, and somehow through ‘non-action’ (flowing) create a situation where ahead of me are paths, no matter which direction they head, each can lead me to happiness.

And then I just flow along with life; creating and watching as decisions make themselves.

Flow of the New Year-8

98 thoughts on “Flow of the New Year

  1. I am a most firm believer in going with the flow. Why fight the current? Allow the movement to take you on whatever possibilities are in front of you!

    This post touches me, nay, hits me, right at my core.

    • Thanks Dale ~ sometimes I think people fight the current just for something to do 🙂 Getting in flow slows things down enough to grab at those rare opportunities that may fly.

      • You may be right on that one! Or they believe that they are supposed to otherwise they pass for “too flower-childy”!
        Yes, definitely getting in flow is the way to go!

  2. Reminds me of the book “Stand Like Mountain Flow Like Water” by Brian Luke Seaward. Every year I choose a word or phrase for the year. I post it around my home where I will continually view it to remind me of my intention. My phrase for 2015 is “Let it go …. Let it flow!”

  3. Great post, yes moving like water. The goal for me is to listen to my intuition and move, sometimes becoming stuck, and that is okay as well for there might be a message in that space as well. Happy New Year!

    • That is such a great point, becoming stuck and working through an issue can bring great things too ~ experience and failure certainly have taught me well 🙂 Thank you and Happy New Year!

  4. Creativity and flow. Yes. Wonderful resolutions. More and more in my life, I am able to take notice when things seem to be flowing along quite well.

    Last year I was able to create magic in my life, so I’ve resolved to create more magic in 2015. Beautiful photos! Photography makes my heart sing.

    • That is the best, when flowing well (or being in the zone as Eric has mentioned before), everything is more efficient, magical. Photos sing for me too ~ nothing quite like mixing them with words (or letting them speak for themselves). Cheers!

  5. First, thank you Eric for sharing such beautiful work with your readers. Your combination of wisdom, beauty, and inspiration are three perfect words to attribute to Randy’s gift 😉

    To Randy, you have a special gift in being able to meld together images, words, and philosophies into a cohesive entity that just becomes one with the soul. Words cannot do it justice. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, and my 2015 bring many moments of flow and creativity into your life 🙂

  6. Hi Randy
    Wonderful photography and a loving amalgamation of ideas and words! Creativity flows naturally through this post. Thanks for sharing…a befitting start to the New Year.
    The words of this post resonate so well with me as I have always welcomed the flow of life at its pace and felt at ease, all the anxieties and disappointments flow with it, faster.
    Wishing you another year of bliss and peace, Eric.

  7. Thanks Eric for the opportunity to write on your blog ~ an honor and great way to begin a New Year. Here is to future successes and most important, happiness in 2015. Wish you the best!

  8. Eric thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. I like to go with the flow too. I have only recently discovered the wonderful world, words and images of Randall and I would have to say he has one of the most inspiring bloggers EVER.

  9. Lovely thought provoking post with fantastic photos. This time of year terrifies me. I no longer wish to look into the future, instead I prefer to enjoy today.
    New Year Resolutions remind me, ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’.

    • New Year resolutions do have this feeling of “not again” so it is kind of nice to step away from them and just see the day for what it is. Cheers to a great year!

  10. Remarkable post, Eric… I love Dalo’s blog too and I truly like the ending result here. A great reading and marvelous photographs ⭐
    All the very best to you. Aquileana 😀

    • Ha, ha ~ Rommel you humble me greatly with such kind words…really thank you very much. Words such as these inspire me, and they make me want to inspire others. These great connections we create in the WP community are pretty powerful. Cheers to your successes in ’15 and look forward to learning more from you as time moves forward…

  11. Eric reading your post resonates so much as we traveled to a friend’s funeral on Dec 31st. He , just days older than I, succumbed to cancer. As this new year dawns, perhaps more than usual, I am struck by the want and desire to live every day with as much joy in my heart as possible. Going with the flow rather than ruminating about details will be my aim.

  12. How inspiring to read your lovely, magical words and visuals… And good to meet you too… Here’s to choosing our very best experiences in 2015 to make our human and divine self smile with deep joy… Barbara

  13. Thanks for sharing, Dalo.

    When we go with the flow, the path unfolds before us . . . revealing possibilities. As we move through life, our essential nature, like the wateriness of water, does not change.

    What changes is our capacity to share that essential nature with the world.

    • I agree, Mary-Ann, plenty to contemplate in Randy’s words. For your consideration, perhaps you need not define flow’s direction… simply allowing it and being open to what it yields and where it takes you. 🙂

      • Indeed it does, Mary-Ann. This is where ‘the rubber can meet the road,’ enabling us to let go of the reins and believe in ourselves while appreciating what is revealed. I recognize this is not a space in which everyone can become comfortable. Still, there are those who have chosen to live their lives in this manner and can/do attest to its amazingness. 🙂

  14. “Water is in harmony with stress and pressure; using it to flow where it needs to go…”
    Love it, Randall. Loved this glimpse into the way you travel through possibilities and encourage our creativity.


  15. Wonderful companionship, Eric! I’m happy I found this post I had missed. I’m always inspired by Randy’s thoughts and mesmerizing images. I loved the analogy between water and our paths in life. When we float with the current we allow ourselves to be taken to life’s possibilities, without the resistance our minds might otherwise put up.

    • Thanks, Tiny. I had been admiring/following Randy’s blog for some time. I like what he says and shoots (photographically) so it was logical for me to invite him to share his talents with others here. There seem to be many bloggers who relate to and appreciate being in flow… and its inherent benefits. Wise people!

  16. Sublime! What a wonderful way of expressing creative flow. It is my 2015 mantra ‘creativity I flow like water’ following the current is so much fun. Thank you again, I was mesmerize with the words of wisdom and the photos. Love and Light! Diane 😉

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