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“Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget that the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Hope
  • To be inspired
  • Discoveries

These were three of the most frequently searched words/terms in 2014, according to Google. Personally, I am encouraged by this news.

Permit me then, if you will, a somewhat disjointed post; one which makes sense to me though it may not be entirely clear to you.

Fresnel Lighting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse

What else might people be searching for beyond these three foci? Could it be around:

  • Forcing breaks or sealing cracks?
  • Being a puppet or pulling the strings?
  • How to act on one’s dreams?
  • Possibilities
  • Swimming with or against tides?
  • Being part of a cure or part of an ongoing disease?
  • How to be more open to exploring?
  • Calling
  • Could it be worse… or better?
  • How to summon strength you already have?
  • If I had wings, where could I fly?
  • Significance
  • What you want people to know about you
  • What lights will guide you home?
  • How to be a greater contributor?

Regardless of what you may be searching for — finding it, being it, and appreciating it, comes easier when you are inspired; whether through self-inspiration or by others. Would you agree?

92646099_cc9d599dee_mThere are countless ways in which to become inspired. You’ve read about them, you’ve practiced them, and you’ve seen others successfully embrace them. If you’re searching for or open to a couple of ideas, here are three on inspiring yourself or others:

  1. Create space. Be clear about your position on changes you believeΒ you or another individual can take. But don’t force the change. Instead, give time and space to stay the same; to consider choices. Allow awareness and self-determination to make clear that impending change can bring about desired results.
  2. Consider non-conformity. Falling in step for the sake of business or social conformity makes hypocrites of most. It requires you to replace the real you with a fake you. Expecting that everyone follows rules made and imposed by others is a ploy that creates conformity, establishes control, and drains inspiration. People aren’t made with cookie cutters. You need to be you!
  3. Tell yourself a different story. The stories we tell ourselves inspire us or bring us to our knees. Invoke your inner story-teller and tell yourself better stories. Tell yourself stories about hope, inspiration, and strength; confidence, competence and compassion. Write and tell a new chapter, a new ending, a new story forward.


68 thoughts on “Search On

  1. Great post Eric! I particularly enjoyed …Expecting that everyone follows rules made and imposed by others is a ploy that creates conformity, establishes control, and drains inspiration. People aren’t made with cookie cutters. You need to be you!
    Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  2. I must say Eric, I don’t look for inspiration as regards any pursuit of happiness or contentedness; I see the pursuit itself as being ultimately pernicious. The problem being, I think, is that we can get too close to acquisitiveness when we go in search of these psychological and emotional qualities, whether that be an egoical garnering of status or a mundane material cupidity. “Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it”. Whilst this may at first seem like a mandate for apathy and a laissez-faire approach, it isn’t of course. As MLK suggests, a generosity of spirit allied to a quiet concern for the well-being of others can be a deeply fulfilling path, and an inspiration to those same others.

    • Thanks for your thought-filled comment, Hariod. As many who ‘follow’ this blog are aware, I intentionally share what I consider simple ideas for consideration. When it comes to inspiration, my preference is to leave its definition, attainment and use, up to individual readers. While I opened the post with a quote about happiness, the message was more about how inspiration can be of varying value to people. Whether one is inspiring another or being self-inspired, inspiration is a tool, a skill, a gift that can play a role in the attainment of happiness. Are we on a similar page?

      • Indeed we are on a similar page, a very similar one dear Eric; though perhaps one could to equal effect substitute the word ‘inspiration’ with ‘faith’? The same caveats I stated before apply, though perhaps the latter designation is less likely to invoke in some the cupidity I referred to. And I too use my blog for simple ideas for others to then unpack, just as I did in my own small way with your words above. The essential point I agreed wholeheartedly agreed with, and which was as encapsulated in MLK’s quote which you cite at the header: β€œThose who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it”.

  3. Great post! I get inspired mostly in the morning… By listening to the silence. But also by listening to stories about discoveries and accomplishments. I like MLK ‘s quote that you provided here… We find happiness by taking care of others. And i would go further and say that it is not really happiness (which depends mostly on personal pleasures) but JOY, which is the satisfactory feeling of being able to help others even if it caused personal pain.

    • Thanks, Noel. I like your reference to Joy. A distinction between happiness and joy may be semantics for some. In the end, to me, the pursuit of and being either (or both) is a good outcome. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m reveling in shedding what I know to be fake about me, even though others stress “they” know them to be true about me. I know. I know. I know. And I’m writing my stories now. I am. I am. I am. Thank you Eric.

  5. Great post, Eric!

    “Be clear about your position on changes you believe you or another individual can take. But don’t force the change. Instead, give time and space to stay the same; to consider choices. Allow awareness and self-determination to make clear that impending change can bring about desired results.”

    This passage is like bread and butter to me. The butter to me is the highest energetic content, at 9 Calories per gram, is this part of the passage: “Give time and space to stay the same; to consider choices.” The bread is “Be clear; Allow awareness and self-determination to make clear that impending change can bring about desired results.” Altogether your words strike me as intuitive, and come as advice born from experience, as well as logic.

    Thank you for accepting my quirky reply,

  6. Hard to get my mind around that #, that we have searched trillions of times on Google.
    And to find what you have been searching for is the greatest thing in life.
    Thank you for sharing these 3 points on inspiration.
    As always, a great post! πŸ™‚

    • Comforting isn’t it, Carl, that even in a world as perplexing as ours is, that people are searching for news and ideas around the three keywords referenced? To me, said searching is inspiring!

  7. Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

    Unnecessary ballast drags us down faster than a bloated anchor no matter how much wind fills our sails. We travel best when we travel light. If we get mired in muck, we can β€œclear the decks” ~> tossing the extraneous overboard.

    And speaking of avoiding cookie cutter conformity ~> I just whipped up a batch of Scottish Shortbread . . . no cookie cutters required. πŸ˜›

  8. Hi Eric,
    While inspiration may be necessary to live and be successful, it is not required for pursuing happiness, which lies within, which gives an impetus to inspiration. Have you noticed that some people are born happy and nothing can shake them out of that state…they are also known for their optimism.

  9. I too am encouraged by the most frequently used search terms! And I think the three are closely connected. Your advice is excellent, as usual, and I particularly like the last one, telling a different story. I think that really works.

    • Even better (in my mind, Tiny) is when telling a different story aligns us and others even more closely with our authentic selves and how being that genuine person can benefit others, many fold. Here’s to even more encouraging and inspiring each other!

  10. WOW!!!

    I find it inspiring to know that those were the three most searched terms in Google in 2014

    And no doubt, some of them would have been redirected to Awakening to Awareness!!


  11. “Search On…” I loved that video, shows that amid all the trivial sound-bites and clips that are generated and loved by many, pale in relevancy when facing the heroic (simple and complex) that we see in every day life by great people (most non-famous). And it is this spirit of ‘searching on’ where we can find those few things that contribute and define lives. Beautiful post Eric…it is encouraging.

    • Wonderfully stated/shared, Randy. When we pause to consider the significance of what it was that people searched versus (as you posit) what mainstream media proffers, there seem to be many who are actively seeking ‘what really matters’ in our lives and world. Here’s to each of them! Appreciate your contribution here.

  12. See, that’s what I’m struggling with right now….how to be my real self and not conform to expectations, but still serve to make others happy. How do I rewrite my story and not write out those who need me? If I can’t change my life, I guess I start with changing as many moments as I can.

    • Who or what is to say that in being your “real self” that you cannot/will not make others happy? We have to write our own, authentic stories. If in living them we are blessed to be there for those who “need” us, then a beautiful win-win is created. It’s not necessarily about changing one’s life, but being true to who you really are. That’s when our gifts and giving spirit flows freely and we become available to help others — perhaps not in ways that you have but in new, equally meaningful ways. Rather than viewing the matter as a struggle, perhaps consider it an opportunity waiting to unfold, even it it’s unclear or uncertain how you will play within it. πŸ™‚ I don’t mean for this to sound a bit woo-woo (as some might hear it). It is doable change, if you choose.

  13. I love this post, Eric! Hope . . . to be inspired . . . discoveries! I, too, am encouraged by this list of top Google searches. Such powerful forces to be certain! And the list of ideas you have created is very inspiring to me. I love the word “possibilities.” πŸ™‚ Growing and contributing are two forces that keep us alive. Your posts inspire me to grow and to contribute. Thank you for sharing!

    • And in return, I am encouraged by your acknowledging growth and contributing. Anything is a possibility, especially when viewed and considered within the sphere of hope, being inspired, and discovery! We’re on the same page. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your energy and positive perspectives and comment.

  14. It’s encouraging that two of the most common searches were fro ‘hope’ and ‘inspiration’. More and more people are searching for a reason to life beyond their everyday concerns.
    We need to see the world through open eyes but turn inwards to find the real truth, beauty and inspiration to free ourselves of limits.
    Great post Eric, stimulating ideas πŸ™‚

  15. To your comment, Robert, it *is* some some of our self-limiting beliefs that deter us from being open to possibilities and being further inspired. Hope, when coupled with belief, can yield amazing insights and promise. Thanks for adding to this encouraging thread!

  16. Eric I think once you realise that feeling happy, inspired loved etc etc what ever we are seeking… it comes and goes just like the tide. We are never held in that one moment for too long. I now see those days that challenge me as just passing me by and if I am not inspired I only have to take a walk outside. The quickest way to feeling happy is to make someone else happy.

    • A walk outside, communing with nature, does it every time (for me), Kath. And you are so right… making someone else happy makes us feel happy. Thanks for sharing your always grounded and warming perspectives. πŸ™‚

  17. I love it!!! I especially like your second tip. That is perfectly said. Thanks again, Eric. It has been great rediscovering some inspiration and wisdom from your blog. πŸ™‚

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