Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

An advocate for the voiceless, I abhor animal abandonment and cruelty. I find Renee’s story inspiring. She has a dream and is taking action to see it happen. And I’m happy to share her message.

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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is the dream of Renee-King Sonnen.

Renee is a singer and songwriter from the Houston/Brazoria County area who met her future husband, Tommy Sonnen, while singing at a nightclub.

Renee and Tommy

She went suburban living to ranch living 6 years ago when they got married. She lives on a 96 acre cattle ranch right on hwy 35, 50 miles southwest of Houston and 30 miles from Bay City/Matagord.

Her husband has been a cattle rancher for 15 years. . It’s beyond my ability to describe! My husband’s great-grandfather supplied almost all of Houston with meat in the early 1900’s – his great-grandfather had a slaughter-house.

When she married him 6 years ago, she had no idea that she would become vegan as a result of the horrors of the sale barn episodes with the calves.

Like Howard Lyman, the cattle rancher turned vegan she had an epiphany that opened…

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11 thoughts on “Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

  1. Thank you Eric for posting this!

    Although I am not on a crusade about factory farming, or diet, I, too, went vegan after seeing the cruel way the animals are treated, from birth to death. I feel better too, with much more energy. I have never been much of a meat eater anyway, so it was not a difficult transition for me.

    • I truly believe that if more humans saw/heard/knew how horribly animals (especially those bred/raised to sate human taste buds) were/are treated, we’d experience a considerable (and needed) shift. Appreciate your thoughtful comment, Debra.

    • However we classify our eating habits/style, Robert, Renee is obviously passionate about her love for them and for her inspired cause. I was compelled to share her story/quest. Thank you for sharing your relative, personal experience.

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