“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

I thought about titling this post Bigger Fish to Fry but realized the idiom inferred more important matters to address. And in some respects this is true. But I didn’t want readers (you) to think yourselves unimportant in my eyes because you genuinely matter to me.

However, it is time to bid you farewell; to move on. Not long ago I shared a post in which I asked if any of you had been (or perhaps, are) On a Verge. Its premise was simply to honor your intuition when you know there are other opportunities calling. To those possibilities, I have listened and am aware of ‘what’s next’ and why.

Watercolor by Abby Diamond

Watercolor by Abby Diamond

For me, it’s always been about following my heart… helping, healing and sharing. To continue contributing in these and other ways, I am choosing to pair my ‘next set of priorities’ with abundant time, renewed energy and unbridled inspiration.

Many of you know, sustaining a blog and actively interacting with many writers can be time-consuming. And the experience has been thoroughly enjoyable! I’ve acknowledged this once before, but it bears repeating… I have gotten more out of what’s been shared in your posts and comments than with my written offerings.


I’m excited about this next life chapter. I’ve been looking forward to continuing to realign with what really matters to me. And I suspect some of you are leaning in, whispering, what is it you’re going to be doing, Eric? 🙂 Well, I hope this doesn’t disappoint but there’s little noble on the radar screen. There are some nearer-term and some longer-term activities that will receive due attention. Once they’re completed, time will avail to do more — yet to be determined, good things.


For those interested, here is what’s on the forward leaning plate:

  • I will be committing a hefty chunk of time to rehearsing for and competing in the (my now, fourth) Toastmasters International Speech Contest. While still untitled, my speech this year is about compassion creating connections.
  • I will finally, finish and publish my first book which will reflect much of what I have shared in this blog.
  • I will be creating more time to be in and with nature. Solitude rejuvenates and is immensely healing for our mind, body and spirit.
  • I am going to learn to speak/read Italian. This ought not surprise many given my professed fondness for nearly all things Italian.
  • I am going to travel. A lot. 🙂 I keep encouraging my Mom to do whatever she wants while she is of sound mind and body. An advocate for ‘walking our talk,’ I will practice what I encourage others to consider doing.
  • I intend to find a cause or organization that will welcome my time and services – in a volunteer capacity. I have mentored and been in service to others for decades, just not at the level I can now. It’s time for me to augment my contributions.
  • And perhaps most important, I will be spending much more time creating and rekindling connections with people. Live, in-person, connections which for me, are the most authentic and fulfilling.

I may someday return to this amazing WordPress Community; time and passion will tell. Know that I will cherish this mutual adventure and you… many of you more than you will know. I am privileged to have shared our connections.

With appreciation, respect and love,



229 thoughts on “Adieu

    • Thanks for checking in! All is good. I am diligently enjoying the activities I have set out to explore and experience. When there is significant news or developments to share with our WordPress community, I’ll look to craft a newsy post. 🙂

  1. Hey Eric! Wanted to see how you were doing and stumbled across your most recent post about the end of your blog. I must admit I’m sad to see that you won’t be blogging much but at the same time, I am so INCREDIBLY happy to see that you’re going off to do even greater things. It looks like you’re still monitoring your blog for the time being so I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the times you dropped by to offer advice as I’ve always taken your thoughts quite seriously. You had great things to offer. I’m also going to use this opportunity to make a quick plug for a community service organization I’m very passionate about. If you’re looking to join a service organization, I’d highly recommend joining (or starting) a local Kiwanis club! Anyway, good luck with everything you set out to do! And have fun doing it! 🙂

    • I am occasionally checking my blog, Rocky, just to reply to kind comments such as yours! Please pardon my belated thanks. I am warmed by your thoughtful sentiment as it’s been enjoyable watching the personal and academic progress of a future Doogie Howser, MD. 🙂 And… I appreciate you acknowledging my going off to do (your word) greater things.

      Your plug for the Kiwanis is good. I am familiar with the organization and its worthy causes. I volunteered with them when I lived in the Pacific Northwest.

      All the best to you as you journey forward. And consider your own advice… “have fun doing it”!

  2. Hi Eric.. I was thinking on you today as I came across a wonderful comment you left me.. And was wondering how you are doing?, Just want you to know I am sending good wishes your way in all you do.. Love and Blessings.. Sue

  3. Eric! Sending you warm wishes if and when you happen on my comment. I’ve been away from wp as well, to deal with my own real life and foster much needed connections with my own self and peoples. There is an element of hiding I’ve found in blogging (for me anyways) that makes it too easy to avoid fostering real “in person” relationships. I will be first in line for your book, cannot wait.

    • Fostering connections; I love that, Aveline! Yours is an appreciated and encouraging update. I hope you choose to stay this course and that it yields wonderful experiences. Thanks for your kind wishes. Much the same to you!

  4. Eric! You are such a bright light, my friend. I have experienced and benefitted from your sharing. The light of your consciousness has illuminated my own. I’m torn to hear this news, but I am in your corner, my man!! You go for it!! You and I, by the way share a love of all things Italian. I’m in my third year of language class. I wish you all the presence and awareness that you hope to BE your way of living. Thank you for your presence in my life!

    • Please consider the kind sentiments you share as mutual, Bryan. I have been a fan since I found your blog. You are always thoughtful, giving and encouraging — qualities I admire and appreciate. Thank you for creating time to stop by and for inspiring in your illuminating way! Stay well, friend.

  5. Wow, Eric. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we connected here. 2015 was exciting on so many levels, and I agree that reconnecting F2F is fulfilling. A friend swears by Toastmasters. I have yet to attend but with winter approaching there will be no more excuses! I presented in Istanbul in the Spring (which is why I dropped off for a while) on distributed social networking for civil society organizations, a new framework for urban sustainable development that will bring sectors and citizens together in local communities. Sharing more on that soon. Please let me know when your book drops – I’ll be the first in line. Sending a cyberhug as you embark on this new adventure! Chris

    • Chris, it is always good to hear from you. I had wondered where you’d been. Kudos on what I’m sure was a standout presentation in Istanbul. I, too, was in Turkey (briefly) in September. And a warm hug returned. Wishing you continued success and stay well!

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