A Different Way


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Have you ever caught yourself doing something the same way and then asked yourself: 1) Why am I so predictable? or 2) Why not try this differently?

There are many explanations for our conditioned behavior and/or actions, among them: We think, act and create in certain ways because that is likely how we were taught or told; Maybe it seems a more convenient or efficient manner in which to produce a desired outcome or; There exists the possibility that we’ve simply not given ourselves permission to explore or invoke an alternative.

Here is a personal example. I am a ‘night owl.’ I have been seemingly forever. I get much accomplished when other people are winding down their day or perhaps, even asleep. It’s my productive time.

Not long ago I gave pause and considered, could I be just as effective, more creative, maybe an even better problem solver were I to try being a morning lark? And guess what?

downloadTo those of you who can relate to this – one way or the other – you probably understand the challenge in pulling a 180 here and shifting your lifestyle to the early morning or late night hours. This could be brutal!

Yet not every one of us is this adventurous or willing to introduce subtle (or radical) change into our routine. You may be one of those people who enjoy being a creature of habit or living the status quo. And that’s fine.

However, if the prospect of different (and possibly pleasing or beneficial) results intrigue you, then why not step outside of your certain comfort zone?


Who says you have to plant a kiss squarely? Consider modifying that tried and true recipe. Be open to finding new ways to drive to a regular haven. Act on those crazy ideas you get when showering. Seek a destination that differs from where you always travel.


Three simple suggestions, for your consideration, if you desire different results:

  1. Follow your heart for a change, even if your mind thinks otherwise.
  2. View something boring or monotonous as an opportunity to mix things up.
  3. Be comfortable dispelling or dismissing boundaries. Invite your inner rebel to act, respond, or be different. Shed your old thinking and welcome a new, distinctive mind-set.

Why not?

23 thoughts on “A Different Way

  1. I reckon Eric people usually like comfort and their routines so if there is no pressing need to change, why change at all? But when a pressing need arises I think most will change even ig grumpiness seizes their body and spirit ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree with both of your perspectives, Ina. I just happen to be one of those people who advocates for and invites change simply because it awakens us to (pleasant!) possibilities that we likely would not have a chance to explore were we to stay in our comfortable cocoons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Loved this piece and very true. I often say the simplest way to start changing your life is to just drive a different way home from work for once. Amazing how such a small thing can shift the way you see the world.

  3. It is good to change your routine.. Changing our energy allows for new Energy to circulate .. And it stops us stagnating..I am a great believer in following my heart.. Have a wonderful week Eric..

  4. Love this article, Eric. Yes, sometimes we need to override our brain and give our heart a chance. I just saw a poster that had this quote: The heart should do things without the brain’s permission.
    So, did you change your hours?

    • I love that quote, Angeline. Thank you for adding it to this thread. As for changing my hours, I’m working on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sense I’m going to find a productive blend between the night and the morning hours.

  5. Absolutely! I am also a night owl and have slowly altered my sleep cycles where I am getting up earlier and appreciating this new morning energy. I recently viewed a Matt Kahn video called Energy Upgrade that basically suggests the same concept, make bold new choices and watch your life change.It really does work. I shared the video on my blog because it struck such a nerve ( in a good way!).

    So glad to find your wisdom back here at WP.

    peace, Linda

    • We are never too old. That’s simply a mind-set. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe it doesn’t have to be a permanent change… perhaps a periodic shifting of the lens. Her’s to your thinking more about it, Jonelle.

  6. Why not? That question is a great one I ask myself quite a bit ~ and occasionally, I will find myself agreeing with it and going on a very different path ๐Ÿ™‚ Your example of being a night-owl versus an early bird is interesting, as in my 20s-30s that is exactly what I was and figured I would always be so ~ and then I found the magic of the morning (photography actually pushed me to experience the wonders of dawn…). Breaking a pattern in life can be inspiring, adding a spice to life and soul, and it also has the added power of also affecting the people you interact with. Great post Eric.

    • Thanks, Randy. I think acting on Why Not? can have different outcomes when effected spontaneously versus when pursued after thought/analysis. I like your admission of “occasionally” – that suggests an acceptance and a willingness to be open to new things/ways.

      I love the early morning hours and applaud those who have integrated it into their lifestyle. It’s just that alarm going off in the dark that still challenges me. ๐Ÿ™‚ And… your reference to breaking patterns in life is poignant. That’s much of what this post is about, even though it’s not mentioned. Kudos for nailing its relevancy.

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