An Invitation

Fire Rainbow

“I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact.” ~ Anthony Fauci

I chose this image (source: Pinterest) of a “fire rainbow” to illustrate a rare and wonderful atmospheric phenomenon. I also wanted to contrast the point that beauty demonstrated, is not always rare.

Some of you know that I have been wanting to give more of my time, talents and energy to a meaningful and significant cause — on a volunteer basis. This Spring a beautiful opportunity presented.

This March, 2016 Press Release announced my election to the Board of The Coach Initiative – a ten years young organization that supports nonprofit initiatives worldwide to make a greater positive impact.

An Invitation

More specifically, The Coach Initiative (TCI) offers, on a pro-bono basis, coaching support to exponentially expand the positive global impact of projects that focus on the betterment of the human condition and on uplifting the human spirit.

TCI looks to a future where every not-for-profit organization with the purpose of making a positive impact in the world has the support of an experienced professional coach to enhance their contribution toward safer, healthier, happier, more productive global citizenry and the protection and care of our planet.

An Invitation2

We are moving quickly! And herein lies the invitation:

If you are aware of an established not-for-profit organization that could benefit from what TCI offers (see above link), I would like to learn about that nonprofit from you. Preferably, it would be an organization that you have personal experience with, one that you can vouch for their efforts and meaningful focus. In turn, I will have TCI contact that organization with information on how to apply to its program.

An invitation3

In lieu of often shared points for consideration, following are three quotes that, I believe, remind us of what we are capable of doing. Choices that we make can contribute to the betterment of the human condition.  We simply need to act.

  • “A freely given gift can create a ripple of positive change in a person’s life, their family and their community.” ~ Unknown
  • “You have to throw the stone to get the pool to ripple.” ~ Glenn Tilbrook
  • “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

58 thoughts on “An Invitation

    • Thank you. While my involvement is new, Karen, the program has been delivering positive impact for ten years. Here’s to many more of us casting stones into still waters. Onward ripples!

  1. I’ll keep my eyes open, Eric. I used to do fundraising for non-profit organizations. That was years ago now, and I am a bit out of that particular loop. Still, I will keep my eyes open, Eric. Great article and wonderful initiative!

  2. The Coach Initiative sounds like a perfect match for you, Eric. I believe in the Habitat for Humanity and my church is one of the largest local donors to the program. I have friends who hammer and work for them. I am sure you are looking for smaller organizations who need support. . . Good luck and best wishes, friend. 🙂

    • It is a good match, Robin. I allowed myself considerable time to find the ‘right’ organization with which to align my time and desire to make an impact. Indeed, HfH is a wonderful organization, one that has done amazing work for so many years. The Coach Initiative works with small, medium and large global nonprofits. We presently coach many leadership team members from Vital Voices and Search for Common Ground, among many other partners. I (and we) truly appreciate supportive wishes!

  3. Congratulations, Eric! From the little contact we have had through your site I have no doubt that you will be a wonderful addition to the Board and will provide strong leadership and inspiration 🙂

    • Your thoughtful words are warming, Mary. I am pleased that you have a favorable sense for what I can contribute to the Board. Inspiration is a big part of why I have chosen to contribute to The Coach Initiative. The work they (and countless other nonprofits) do is genuinely needed… and appreciated.

  4. Eric, this is absolutely magnificent. Sending much Light and love for this project. And I love your quotes. I’m actually looking to start a non profit soon on forgiving work. Would this service be available for newly-starting organizations?

    • I know… you know… the energy of TCI, Val. 🙂 Thank you for acknowledging the word we are individually and collectively “getting out.” Many of us are thrilled to be making meaningful contributions.

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  6. Charity a beautiful act of giving, and a great account of good Karma.
    All the best. Great post, great quotes love them all

    I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact.” ~ Anthony Fauci

    thank you for sharing and all the best with this

      • My pleasure, Good luck with The Coach Initiative. I am thinking of doing a post on karma, not that I am an expert – but it is a good topic. Karma means action, a feeling, a thought, a physical action it’s all karma – with a good intention it is a positive bank balance, and if negative a negative bank balance. All to be rewarded or paid for some day. Charity is the best form of good karma as long as the intention behind the act is aligned.

        Love your writing, and nice to have you back – missed you and your

  7. I’ve always admired people who continue to excel, and reach out to help those around them excel as well ~ through your past work and blog, it’s been clear that you have done this throughout your life. This new challenge, which first I need to congratulate with your election to the Board of The Coach Initiative, is very impressive. Even more valuable, is the offer you make in terms of assisting established not-for-profit organization that could benefit from what TCI offers. I will check out the TCI link as there is at least one nonprofit I’ve been working with that could be a great target. Wishing you a great remainder of the week and looking forward to more wise words from you (“You have to throw the stone to get the pool to ripple” is one of my favorite lyrics of Squeeze!).

    • You are kind, Randy, to acknowledge my past work and this blog. Thank you for your congratulatory wishes. I am finding, more, that many within this WordPress community (to your remark) excel and endeavor to help others. Imagine what our world might be were even more of us (you already included) choose to contribute selflessly! Appreciate your willingness to identify the nonprofit you have been working with. Let me know if/how I might be able to facilitate introductions. And while I know Squeeze, I did have to search YouTube for the exact song that had those lyrics. 🙂 To a new, productive week ahead!

      • There is something about communities pulling together and creating a better place ~ from individuals to businesses. I do think that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is going to be a trend that will continue to bring businesses more in-line with societies needs. Yes…I am an optimist 🙂 Wishing you a great week ahead… I’m off to China this morning, and so far the week is off to a good start. Cheers ~

  8. Wow Eric, that is so amazing. Imagine that we are all so important in this awakening to love, loving ourselves, each other, and our planet. I see the opinions of people changing ever so sweetly like the lotus as it begins to blossom from the mud. More and more people are calling for animal rights, human rights, no war, no hunger. I see it. I am well pleased, and I know you will continue, as you have been making a positive impact on our collective world ❤

    I am proud of you, and happy for you.


  9. Congratulations Eric! This is wonderful work indeed. I have worked with a few good non profit organizations over the years. I will put my thinking hat on. All the best!

    • More and more, many of us are choosing to engage in meaningful word, Helen. Thank you for highlighting this. I appreciate your putting your thinking cap on. As shared with Randy (above), if I can help if/when you identify a nonprofit organization, please feel free to let me know.

  10. You know, as I was reading your introduction, I was kind of thinking maybe I could join in when I get out of my job. 😀 Just considering as I always volunteer myself to give back to the countries that have given me so much. As for your request, for now I don’t have anything for you. I’m sure to keep this in mind though.

    • So when are you ‘getting out’ of your job, Rommel? 🙂 If and when you create time to volunteer and give back in an even more traditional sense – and you do in sharing your stories and photos here, I suspect you will be amply experiences and well positioned to make meaningful contributions with whomever or whatever organization you align. Appreciate your keeping the possibility of identifying an organization in mind!

  11. Thank you, Kath. It *is* a good match for me. Time permitting, I will look forward to sharing news of what The Coach Initiative is doing. However, it could be a while as I just last week posted what will likely be my last post for some time. New directions… new opportunities call, several which will require a goodly time commitment from me. So, off I go… 🙂 Wishing you all the best and more, Kath!

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