Thank You


“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” ~ Lewis Carroll

Many of you have read Awakening to Awareness for several years. You have thoughtfully offered your ideas, views and understanding. It has been previously communicated that I value the content on your blogs more than the messages shared herein.

Acknowledging this, I am choosing to express my gratitude in a small way.

Six months ago my first book was published. It reflects much of what has been shared on this blog. In appreciation for reading some of these eclectic messages, I am gifting 30 copies of the book… with a couple of guidelines.

A2A Book Cover

To qualify for a copy (which will be mailed) I invite you to be one of the first 30 to:

  1.  In comments, identify the one blog that most inspires you and briefly tell us why. You may link the blog if you so choose.
  2. Subject blog cannot be mine, yours or any affiliated with you.
  3. And… you cannot cite a blog that has previously been mentioned (hint: read the comments).

There is a purpose here and I hope it’s obvious. It’s to introduce those who follow this blog to others who take considerable time to write posts with genuine meaning and significance, often accompanied by delightful images of their own creation. Via this exercise we open doors and come to appreciate even more of the incredible talent within this community.


Melody Beattie, an author whose insights I admire said,

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

To get the ball rolling, the blog that most inspires me is China Sojourns Photography, a brilliant collection of written wisdom and extraordinary photography by Randy Collis. This ought not surprise many readers as Randy guest authored here with this post in January, 2015.

Thank you! for choosing to add to our collective growth and blogging experience.

66 thoughts on “Thank You

    • I believe many of us value reading posts that couple the heart, travel and photography with – as you share, Ka – inviting words. Thank yoi for introducing us to Alison and Don’s work.

    • Mary’s blog had inexplicably flown under my “reader” radar until you introduced her here, Michael. Your recommendation prompted me to quickly visit her blog and not surprisingly, choose to follow her beautiful messages (and photography!). Here’s to those in our blogging community who share from their hearts. Because of them and their contributions, we are blessed. Thank you for the introduction!

  1. Such a lovely and thoughtful gesture, Eric. Yet as a blogger I have the same problem I did as a teacher. There are special things about every blog and student I encounter. I can’t pick favorites, but I appreciate those who can and the list above.

    • Thank you, Carol. I hear and agree with you that there is an abundance of talented bloggers here. And simply identifying one can be challenging, yet many have. Still, in sharing one gifted blog with us our reading horizons have been expanded. I suspect choosing just one blog was not necessarily an easy process for some (many?) but here we are. 🙂

  2. Hi, Eric. I am so excited to see your book! It is a wonderful thing to feel your writings flowing into a single work. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into your writing. Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Eric, for this beautiful post and the sense of community and inspiration I get from reading your work 🙂 Another blog that inspires me is Seth Godin’s, as he writes succinctly, clearly and constantly challenges the status quo with important ideas.

    • Ah, yes, Mr. Godin. A solid choice, Tim. Seth’s work has both inspired and motivated countless people. I, too, like the manner in which he challenges our ways of thinking, acting and effecting change in our world. Thank you for creating time to add to this growing list of blogging resources, each at our fingertips.

  4. I am grateful to have stumbled upon your site, Eric. You have a gentle, positive manner to your writing and today’s post is another example of your generosity and kindness. Another inspirational blog that comes to mind is David Kanigan’s “Live and Learn.” I’m sorry I don’t know how to provide a link – it is definitely worth checking out 🙂

  5. Hi Eric,

    It is hard to name one blog, which inspires me and you know most of my friends as I know Randall. So I would like to introduce you to guided by a simple wisdom for a happy life…an island of sanity and serenity, where each article dwells on peace and tranquility by looking within. Happy reading 🙂

    • Sandra, the peace-loving introvert. 🙂 A nice choice, Balroop. Simple wisdom, as she shares, can be truly meaningful. Here’s to each of us looking within and embracing all the beauty that is there!

  6. Congratulations on the book Eric!

    And I am grateful for so many blogs/bloggers. or “In The Corner” is inspirational to me for many reasons. Stacey started her blog with her father and telling his stories. After his passing, she returned to blogging during her cancer fight. She is now in round two of her battle. I admire her humor and honesty and strength.

  7. I have to admit that each blog I visit is better than mine and inspiring in many beautiful ways. When I run out of things to say or am facing a writer’s block, my favourite thing to do is to read other’s works as that inspires me to think, gives me new prompts, excites me and makes me want to do so much! 🙂 Yours is a truly inspiring blog as well.
    My blogging journey changed when I read Melissa’s work at her life is very different from mine, but by blogging about the simple things that enrich her life, she enriches mine 🙂

    • What a novel and refreshing blog, Melissa’s. Thank you for sharing it with us, Aishwarya. I concur with your observation and experience that each blog we visit can be even more inspiring than our own. This, in part, is the beauty of our WordPress community. Thank you for your kind acknowledgement of this blog, simply one of many that endeavor to inspire thought and action. Here’s to more mutual enriching of each other. 🙂

      • Oh thank you so much Eric for stopping by hers! Melissa is a wonderful person too, warm and kind. Though the blog talks about her life as a homesteader and I’ve never met one, I connect with the person she is! Her kindness and generosity come across through all her posts 🙂

    • Hi Eric, yes I did receive an email from you. And I have been meaning to thank you for thinking of me.
      However I’ve been in a fix as I will be moving from India to Edinburgh in about 2 months and I wonder if the post will reach me on time if I shared the Indian mailing address. As an alternate, would it be possible to send me an email-copy?

    • Good choice, Rommel. As mentioned in the above reply to Karen’s comment and blog recommendation, not only does she share inspiring message and useful lessons, she has a book that expounds upon these themes!

      I will add for bloggers reading comments that Rommel has been sharing amazing photography from his worldwide journeys for many years. Check out his site at:

  8. How thoughtful, and inspiring Eric. One blog I enjoy in particular is The Seeker’s Dungeon, where he writes about many thoughtful subjects, and gives space much like you to guest bloggers and other’s voices. Giving back, that is what you are so eloquently doing and what he is doing at The Seeker’s Dungeon. Thank you Eric.

  9. What a wonderful treat it has been to find your blog and I look forward to exploring it further as your direction seems very aligned with my values. Congratulations also on the book (I’d love to read it, so let me know what you need from me to have a copy delivered as my delightful summer read). The blog I would recommend is Blessitude at – it is written from the heart with authenticity and courage. I connect with Lorrie’s blog on so many levels, what jumps to mind is the exploration of pain and of healing. Peace, Harlon

    • Thank you, Harlon. It is always encouraging to learn that others are aligned with some of the values I hold high. Thank you, also, for your book congratulations. I’ll forewarn: it’s a light read – 92 pages – so if you are anticipating a work that will carry you through the summer you may want to add to your reading pile. 🙂 And last but certainly not least, I know Lorrie’s work will appeal to those who have yet to ‘find’ her. To your comment, the exploration of pain and healing written from a courageous perspective will inspire many.

  10. Good stuff, Eric! This blog always provides inspiration and it challenges me sometimes, too. If I get selected for the book, I’d like to pay it forward and have you (if you so desire) give it to a young adult who you feel would greatly benefit from it. Wish I’d found your blog and insights when I was in my 20s and so, I’d like for someone else in that age range to have that opportunity now. Keep up the great work!

    • Indeed, Brian, Mark’s journey and devotional writing will inspire those who seek and share in his thoughtful perspectives. And reading words that challenge is (IMHO) helpful and supportive. I appreciate your offer to “pay it forward.” I will do that when and where I come across younger readers who I believe will find some of the book’s messages/considerations useful. Still, a deal is a deal; I will be sending you a copy. Please feel free to do with it what you choose. 🙂

  11. Great idea, Eric! So many excellent blogs introduced here! I’d definitely like to get your book 🙂 It is very difficult to select one favorite, but luckily many of the blogs I like to visit regularly for inspiration have already been mentioned, so it makes the task a tiny bit easier…Val Boyko’s Val always provides inspiration and something to think about, or try out 🙂

    • Appreciate your “idea” kudos, Helen. And a quality choice in Val’s blog. She has been doing this for quite some time. A blogging veteran, the wisdom she shares is time tested and valuable.

      I would be remiss if I did not accord your blog due accolades, too. Few that I read/follow can so delightfully weave an ongoing story around your beautiful photography. I almost feel as thought I know many of your amazing marsh inhabitants. 🙂 Thank you.

  12. Inspiration comes in many forms and the blog that inspires me though I go months without reading any entries and find my way back to it just to read more about this young’s person journey, is the “Watching” this young person develop his insights, his writing and his passion for life over several years inspires me. He has also written a book entitled, “The Sea is Wide” about his experience caring for his grandfather through the end stages of Alzheimer’s.

    • Rundy’s blog is a new one to me. Thank you for the introduction. A self-professed writer since an early age, his work does reflect thoughtful insights from his real world experiences. Here’s to more inspiring writer’s such as he.

  13. This post of yours Eric is a perfect reminder of both the power of the bloggers you touch and the power of the words you write and share with us; you bring us new thoughts and ways of looking at the world. It sometimes surprises me at how far removed I can get from what really matters in life, unknowingly drifting away from who I am or want to be, which is why I’ve admired and read your blog for such a long time. Inspiration is so valuable, and I’m very humbled that you included me in your thanks to the many bloggers out there.

    The quality of sites out there is amazing, as seen by the number of bloggers I know well who have commented above. While I could select any of their blogs, I will bring in add another name: Tina Schell ( as one of the first blogs I followed, great photography & words to enjoy a cup of coffee with. Also, it seems she lives in a life that is very different from mine (S.Carolina) but one I’ve dreamt about (I am a big fan of Pat Conroy who wrote about SC often). There are so many great sites out there…already a dozen more just entered my mind. 🙂 Thank you!

  14. I agree, Randy, that it sometimes surprises many of us as to how far removed we can get from what really matters in life. Fortunately, some (and increasingly more I believe) are becoming more attuned to such awakening and are beginning to embrace the concept of inspiring others… simply by sharing their authentic selves. It’s truly an an easy action!

    Thank you for sharing Tina’s blog with us. I will acknowledge that I was not familiar with her real and warming work. I am now. 🙂 Coming from such an accomplished blogger in this community, your selection carries admired weight. And I easily agree with you; there are dozens more blogs equally worthy of mention and review. Your addition is appreciated.

  15. Congratulations on you book being published, Eric. I am happy reading many of my followers’ blogs. We will be in touch. . . I posted One Lovely Blog Award (nomination) in June, with over a dozen posts I felt were wonderful and help me to ponder a bit. . . Smiles, Robin

  16. So awesome about your book! I am afraid I Can’t list just one inspiring blog because I really find a bit of inspiration in each one I follow. There are so many, and to choose one is impossible for me. I would feel remiss in not mentioning others. If anyone does stop by my blog at any point, check out the blogs I follow. They are all wonderful, including and especially yours here Eric. So glad we met. All my best!

  17. Said smilingly, Cheryl, I get the challenge for some people to select just one. I liken it to a box of exquisite dark chocolates and being invited to have ‘just one.’ That does not sit well with this chocoholic. 🙂 I think others who chose to share one blog may have felt similarly yet in the aggregate, we have accumulated a wonderful list of new/highly recommended bloggers to consider and possibly follow. Thank you for your kind acknowledgment about the book. I’m thrilled to have birthed it. All the best returned to you!

  18. First Congratulations upon your Book Eric.. and there are so many Blogs out there that inspire me, And you have mentioned one of the yourself with Randall’s excellent blog which I followed, and it was your blog that first introduced me to his wonderful photography
    I want to introduce you to another if not already aquainted. And that is to Amy’s Blog Petals Unfolding Here at
    She takes the most amazing photo’s and couples them with her own unique quotes.
    Her words often are what we need to inspire us as we go through our ups and downs in life of which she herself has known many.
    Yet throughout it all she shines a bright Light to all who visit..
    Love and Blessings Eric.
    And wishing you lots of success with your publications
    Sue 🙂

  19. I was writing a blog post today, Eric, and thought of you. (Actually, you made it INTO the post 😉 )
    I haven’t seen you in my in-box and realised that you were probably (hopefully!) on a sabbatical so I decided to come snooping. I missed this post – d’oh! – and have already ordered your book – contest or no. ‘Twould appear I’ve a ton of new blogs to check out! Like many of your readers, I count you as one of my number 1 inspirations (yeah, yeah, I know, this is not meant to be about you!) and I do read so many that inspire me in so many ways I’m having trouble putting one out there. I fell in love with Raye from
    Her artwork is amazing but her words… Oh my. I keep telling her she has to continue writing but, at this time, she says she has said all she needs to. Dammit. So, because of that, I shall share another blogger that I admire. She is funny and introspective and honest. Kristine’s

    How’s your Italiano coming?

    • It is good to have you ‘stop by’ Dale and share some much appreciated words. Yes, my blogging sabbatical continues. Thank you for sharing two bloggers that inspire you. There are so many on WordPress. Italiano has been placed on hold, seemingly indefinitely. Took my Mom to Ireland in September for an amazing ten days. Then lost her, suddenly on 12/30. Life’s been skewed since then. Keeping myself busy (in productive ways) and intentionally distracted via travel and reconnecting with family and friends. Heading to Montreal in May and Portugal in July. It would be nice to return to the blogosphere yet other priorities and activities are front and center – by choice. I hope you are thriving and experiencing life as fully as possible. Sending warm regards!

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