Oxymoron — Waiting for the Karma Truck

Sharing this thoughtful piece with those of you who might appreciate some meaningful words as I continue my blogging sabbatical. Mimi’s beautiful post is worth reading and reflecting upon.

Wishing you love and light. Eric

The night was sleepless and I’m wide awake…and the co-existence of contradictory realities seems to prevail. I am a contradiction in terms – held together by the small inhalations between words. You’d think that living within duality would at least offer up some deep slumber at the end of a day. Ha. […]

via Oxymoron — Waiting for the Karma Truck

11 thoughts on “Oxymoron — Waiting for the Karma Truck

  1. Dear Eric, it’s good to hear that all is well with you. Thank you for sharing a lovely post. It’s always a delight to discover gifted thinkers and writers.

    I also send my deep but very belated thank you for sharing your cogent and powerful book, Awakening to Awareness. It is such an important and refreshing resource for helping one find peace and wisdom in these troubling times. I send my best wishes to you.

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