Pragmatic and Magnetic

Mike Jaffe

Mike Jaffe

“A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart.” ~ Confucius

This year I heard Lisa Nichols speak in person. If you’re unfamiliar with Lisa, check her out. She is a global speaker and successful businesswoman, who envelopes people in an inspiring life story. In my opinion, she is magnetic. Lisa used a phrase that has stuck with me because it aligns well with what and how I choose to share some of my perspectives and her simple phrase is, “I’m just here to stir your soul.”

In our respective blogs, each of us is privileged to open our minds, to express opinions, and to share whatever we deem relevant or worthy. I try to awaken people not only to their potential but to inspire individuals to see new possibilities and to live their lives at conscious, intentional choice.

Robin Lunney

Robin Lunney

As some of you know, I also host a weekly radio show with the same name as this blog. When I highlight show guests in a post, it is not to promote my show. Honestly, it’s not. I simply share a brief summary of my guest(s) and the program so you can consider whether their story might be of interest to you. I deliberately feature guests who have fascinating life experiences to which you might relate and who have unique information to share.

Chuck Riley resized

Chuck Riley

For your consideration, I invite you to listen to any of the three most recent shows. They feature a 9/11 survivor and motivational speaker, a career professional who hasn’t allowed devastating loss to stifle her healing and positive outlook, and a financial professional who provides foundational advice for people planning for or transitioning into retirement.

Here’s a link to these and other Awakening to Awareness show podcasts. Happy listening!

Wasting, Existing or Thriving

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Have you ever had this opening remark directed at you? It’s a stunning statement yet for some people, it may apply or have applied. It’s certainly not complimentary and it could be a life changer, if accurate and intended. But let’s shift from wasting time and life.

Enter existing. Too often we go through life on autopilot, going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before. That’s okay, and comfortable for some (many?), until you’ve gone through another year without having done anything, without having really lived life. Existing can be synonymous with an endless status quo, idyllic, anchored, indifferent, stale, slogging away.

Simply existing is really kind of sad. Dodo kind of sad. While penguins and ostriches are flightless, penguins can swim and an ostrich can run fast. The dodo simply became extinct when a predator was introduced. While we cannot fly, most of us can do things that are exciting, invigorating, like swimming or running.

Have you watched your kids go off to college, only to realize you missed their childhoods? Time wasted? Sure we have jobs, chores and others things we don’t necessarily enjoy, but a large part of living is focusing on the enjoyable; actively engaging. It has been proven that if you focus on that which makes you miserable, you’re not going to live fully. And many will acknowledge that simply existing can be miserable. Still, if existing is to what you aspire, then who is anyone else to encourage you otherwise?

But if you want to truly live life, to thrive, to enjoy it to the fullest, instead of barely scraping by and only living a life of existence, then you need to find ways to break free from a mundane existence and embrace life. Truly living involves spending time doing things that inspire you. Even if you only sing briefly in the shower, if that’s what you truly love to do, enjoy yourself and live it. You don’t need a recording contract or groupies, simply enjoy the experience.

If you’d like a couple of reminders for how to thrive, here are four:

  1. Learn to be 100% responsible for your life. Admit/own your ‘mistakes’ (aka learning opportunities) and learn from them. Trust that something better will happen because of them and thus, allow you to live both more aware and at choice.
  2. Thriving is important because you are a person of great value. You are worthy of the best life has to offer.
  3. Take chances. We often live our lives too cautiously, concerned about what might go wrong. Be bold. Invite some risk. Quit your job and start your own business (plan it out first!). Ask out that person to whom you’ve been attracted to for some time. What have you got to lose?
  4. And this one might get me in trouble… Turn off the TV. How many hours do you waste (see, we’ve come full circle to waste) in front of that screen? Lessen your attraction (addiction?) to it and find other things to do, things that will stretch or challenge you. Consider actions that will nourish your thriving.

Marketing Your Own Business

                           Craig Duswalt

Craig Duswalt

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” ~ Seth Godin

In early November, I posted about an Ewing Murray Kaufmann Foundation statistic that found in 2011, individuals aged 55 to 64 accounted for nearly 21% of new entrepreneurs in the U.S. Obviously, not all Baby Boomers are quietly drifting to society’s sidelines! On this week’s Awakening to Awareness radio show my guest, Craig Duswalt, made it clear that Encore Entrepreneurs (people approaching or recently retired) are learning how to and launch(ing) new businesses. You can read Craig’s bio and listen to the show podcast via this link.

Creator of the “RockStar System for Success,” Craig shared how he teaches and trains thousands of people to transition from what they have been doing to earn a living (a.k.a., a job or career) into building new businesses. These efforts, not surprisingly, are often aligned with people’s long-held passions.

With a professional background in Marketing, Music, and Advertising, Craig is now a very successful speaker, an author of several books, and a radio show host. He also conducts a twice yearly, 3-day, RockStar Marketing Boot Camp every March and September in Los Angeles. Craig explained how his “system” guides people through structured approaches to plan a new business, develop a brand, write a book, host a radio show and much more through his “RockStar” tools and programs.

Craig also leads a diverse, proactive Mastermind of 120 people who are at various stages of becoming or excelling as entrepreneurs. His Mastermind members range in age from 25-80, yet he acknowledged chronological age as being a non-issue when it comes to reinventing one’s self. Craig himself (at 52) is testimony to “living his dream” and he teaches others how to do the same. His latest (soon to be bestselling) book “Welcome to My Jungle” is due for release in May 2014.

If you are interested in learning more about this inspiring individual, visit Craig’s web site (here). His next RockStar Marketing Boot Camp will be held on March 20-22.

Perhaps you have the desire to explore a new business, even a small venture, for yourself. Could this be a timely learning opportunity?